The Monster Exchange series consists of four characters who participate in a student exchange program, either from or to Monster High. Two of them - Draculaura and Lagoona Blue - leave USAmerican soil, while the other two - Marisol Coxi and Lorna McNessie - come to attend the unique high school. The assortment consists of Lagoona, Draculaura, Marisol Coxi, and Lorna McNessie. The wave was released in Early November of 2014.


Monster Exchange was filed for trademark on June 17, 2014.




It was announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 that the line will be promoted with a series of webisodes.


  • Monster Exchange replaced the long-running 'Signature' series, which fell under the assortment number N2851. As such, it was ambitiously planned ahead for three waves, which were documented in internal store listings. In the end, with doll sales suffering and the eventual 2016 reboot, the schedule was drastically adjusted. Wave 1, as described above, came out as per initial intent. Wave 2, which was to consist of three new characters and a "Fan Vote Doll", was split up and rebranded. The new characters were released under the name Brand-Boo Students, while the voted-for doll, Finnegan Wake, came out as a lone 'Signature' doll. Wave 3, featuring Clawdeen Wolf, Meowlody, a leshey from Russia, and a lightning bird from South Africa, was cancelled.


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