Michael Shore works as Mattel's Vice President of Worldwide Consumer insights.

Work at Mattel

Since starting at Mattel, over 15 years ago, he has had responsibility for investigating kids’, parents’ and adults’ attitudes towards toys and play across all categories including dolls, action figures, vehicles, board games, digital (Web/video/PC games), plush, sports, craft activities, construction, and infant/preschool products.

During his tenure, Michael established the Imagination Center, an in-house research facility where Mattel employees involved in the development of new toys and products can interact with kids on a daily basis.

Michael’s specific areas of research interest have included play behavior, new play platforms, and technologies as well as surfacing key emotional benefits associated with play.

Personal and Professional Life

Prior to joining Mattel, Michael worked as an Insight Consultant specializing in children’s trends and development. His clients included Kellogg’s, Electronic Arts, Activision, advertising agencies, in addition to television and film studios.

Over the years, Michael’s research on toys and play has extended throughout the world including Europe, Latin America, and Asia. He has presented at multiple conferences and Universities including USC, Loyola, and Otis Parsons School of Design. He has earned degrees in Clinical and Organizational Psychology.


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