Before leaving for her scaremester at Monster High, Marisol Coxi shares the furrrocious highlights of her village with her cousin Abbey Bominable.


Ghoulia, Cleo, Frankie and Clawdeen are checking out Marisol's live introduction video to get to know her better, before she starts frequenting Monster High. During the chat, Abbey shows up to get Marisol to the train and make her company during the trip. Since it's Marisol's last day in Monster Picchu, she asks Abbey if she can show her around her village before they go. Abbey accepts it, but only if it's for a little while. After showing her around, Marisol tells Abbey she needs to surf on the Amazonian River. She then proceeds to show her ginea pigs and gives her a 'Mari Makeover', but, when Abbey insists they have go and catch the train, Marisol tells her she can't leave Monster Picchu without visiting the jungle, Again, Abbey accepts it but only if it is the last activity. Like previously, Marisol pushes Abbey into a bunch of other activities, running from SpiderMonkeys, playing soccer and trying the local gastronomy. Finally, when Abbey and Marisol head to the train, Marisol asks Abbey to admit that she actually liked the trip to which Abbey replies that she really liked it.

Back at Monster High, while Clawdeen is commenting on Marisol's platforms, Frankie aproches the ghouls to ask if they've seen Abbey, for she hasn't been able to find her for a week. Marisol shows her a video of Abbey in Monster Picchu, declaring that she had so much fun she decided to stay an extra week.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Clawdeen Wolf
  3. Cleo de Nile
  4. Ghoulia Yelps
  5. Marisol Coxi
  6. Abbey Bominable
  7. Gabi
  8. Angelito
  9. Piggy Pantalones



  • Marisol Coxi, The Guinea Pigs; Gabi, Angelito and Piggy Pantalones make their cartoon debuts.
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