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Monster High and Kind Campaign Partnership

Lauren Parsekian: "I'm Lauren, and that's Molly. On September 1st, 2009, we packed a minivan with our cameras and our mothers and embarked on an over 10,000 miles-long journey across the country with the hope of establishing a national school program for girls."

Lauren Parsekian: "Raise your hands if you've ever been negatively affected by something that another girl has said or done to you."

Lauren Parsekian: "The mission of the Kind Campaign is to create an awareness and to start a dialogue about the very serious effects of girl-against-girl crime. Kind Campaign and Monster High have partnered to spread the message that it's cool to be kind as they both embrace and celebrate our differences. It's a perfect fit because we're basically telling the same story."

Linda Daugherty: "We may not all be beautiful. We may not all be smart. We may not all be talented. But we can all be kind."


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