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Monster High - WeStopHate

Emily-Anne Rigal: "Hi, Monster High fans! My name is Emily-Anne Rigal and I'm 18 years old, and I started a website a few years ago called WeStopHate is a non-profit, grass-roots organization, which is dedicated to inspiring and educating about tween-esteem. What is tween-esteem? It's self-esteem in tweens. We believe that those who are happy with themselves are a lot less likely to put others down. The reason I founded WeStopHate is because, growing up, I was picked on for the way I looked. And my bullying experience at school got so bad that I was eventually forced to switch schools. But gradually, as I made new, real friends, my self-esteem increased and the more I came to accept myself, the happier I became. And therefore I'm so excited that we're partnering with Monster High. Monster High will help further spread the message to younger girls that accepting and celebrating our imperfections can bring an end to self-hate. Each of the Monster High characters has fun, freaky flaws that they celebrate, because it is our imperfections and individuality that make us each perfectly imperfect, just the way we are. But as a teen myself, I know that positive self-confidence may not develop overnight, and that's okay! We each hold the power to shape our self-esteem. So WeStopHate and Monster High will be spending the next few months, leading up to the first day of school, working together to empower ghouls with the tools they need to feel freaky fabulous. I'm so looking forward to sharing what I've learned along the way with you and you just might see a new student lurking the halls of Monster High too."


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