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Manny Taur debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 2 webisode "Falling Spirits", which premiered on March 24, 2011. He is voiced by Audu Paden in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 2


Manny is one of the people approached for a FrightTube view by the Fear Squad. Falling Spirits

Manny walks around at school. HooDoo You Like?

Miss Infearmation Daydream of the Dead

Manny Taur charging through the corridor is chasing after a small red devil-like student, saying that he hates the color red. The devil hides behind Frankie, and she holds out her arms to try and block Manny. As he gets closer, however, Abbey grabs hold of Manny and effortlessly tosses him over her shoulder, telling him that horseplay is not allowed in school, and that the rule also applies to bulls, before throwing him into the wall. Frankie thanks Abbey for saving her, and Abbey tells her "Do not mention it", before the two leave together. Abominable Impression

TV specials

TBA Fright On!

Volume 3


Manny and Heath are putting their teams together for a game of dodgeskull, but refuse to allow any zombies to participate because they are too slow to catch or dodge the ball. Ghoulia, who had specifically come to the gym to see her friends Slo Mo and Don of the Dead play, takes offense at the way they make their points through insults. She challenges the not-zombies to a match against a full zombie team in order to prove the latter's worth. Manny takes her up on her challenge and goes even further, declaring that the outcome of the match will decide who, between him and Ghoulia, will be the dodgeskull captain for the rest of their high school years. Ghoulia accepts without hesitation.

Manny turns up the ventilation system as part of another insult to the zombies, which gives Ghoulia an idea.

When the match commences, Ghoulia's team is allowed the first throw and Ghoulia takes it, sending the ball bouncing on the floor away from Manny's team. Her opponents laugh at first, but then Frankie turns up the ventilation system to maximum and Lagoona removes the seal of a pipe. The ball is sucked into the system, hauled upwards and then shot down onto Manny's team with great force. As per Ghoulia's calculations, every member of the opposing team gets knocked down by the ball, ensuring the zombies their victory and permanent captainship over dodgeskull at Monster High. Dodgeskull

Ghosts with Dirty Faces The Nine Lives of Toralei Unearthed Day Creepfast Club Undo the Voodoo Best Ghoulfriend Bean Scare, Done That The Need for Speed Hiss-toria No Ghouls Allowed

Rochelle sits out in the halls with a clipboard. Heath, Manny, and Slo Mo walk out of the headmistress's office boasting about how well they think they did on interviewing for the positions of Hall Monitor. Excitedly, Heath speculates that they will be great officers. Rochelle overhears them and interrupts, disagreeing with them. She explains that the job is to keep the halls clear of any trouble and cannot be used as an abuse of power. The trio shrugs her off, leaving to practice their "cop walk". Slo Mo treds along at a slow pace, but Heath and Manny pull him out of the scene. Rochelle shakes her head in disapproval, commenting how they do not care for the school genuinely. Bloodgood calls on the next applicant.

The headmistress congratulates Rochelle on passing her test and she promotes her to the head of her new safety team, which consists of Heath, Manny, and Slo Mo. Heath announces, "Deputy Burns, reporting for duty!". His hair ignites when he tries to salute, thus causing his sleeve to catch fire. Manny then grabs a book and tries to put out the fire. Rochelle, shocked, questions how she'll protect the school from the safety team. The Halls Have Eyes

Scare-born Infection

All the guys and ghouls of Monster high are frightfully ready for a night of celebration, everybody seems to have a plan for the new year. Everyone except Frankie.

Frankie is sitting on her own worrying about her non-existent plans when suddenly her bolts go slightly array with only four seconds left till midnight and she freezes everybody in time. Getting up she sees Heath entering the room apparently exiting the bathroom and asks Frankie "What is going on?" Frankie immediately tells Heath not to touch anything and Heath falls into two pots, ending up with one on his head and the other on his right hand.

Frankie then walks over to her friends marveling that they are so excited for the upcoming year. She wishes that she was too and sparks on Clawdeen who bursts into life and claims how excited she is about launching her own clothing line and quickly falls back into submission. Frankie then zaps Cleo who announces 'her word of 2013' then finally Frankie moves onto Ghoulia who moans and Frankie translates "Of course you're gonna cure Skulliosis" and giggles. She then angrily glares at Heath and asks what he is doing. Heath declares that he is building a fort out of zombies and creates an imaginary finger gun and pretends to shoot some 'frozen' friends.

Frankie then walks around describing what other monsters will be doing including Operetta, Venus and Robecca. However, Frankie still feels upset that she has no plans and Heath cheers her up by saying that the idea of 2013 means that there are so many surprises waiting for her. Frankie suddenly feels much better and wonders how Heath suddenly became so smart and Heath tells her that is was a secret. Finally, Frankie is ready for the new year and reverses the freezing by feeling so happy. The students count down from three and all shout Happy boo year! Heath salutes and promptly falls over as Spectra catches a picture of him falling. Boo Year's Eve

Defending Your Lagoona

Skelita follows the necklace's origins up with a story about her grandmother when she was little. She and her mother were traveling by carriage through the desert when they were robbed and the necklace taken away. Again Skelita is interrupted, this time by Manny Taur. He gripes that the story is boring, but Heath shuts him up because he wants to hear the end of it.

Skelita resumes, elaborating that her grandmother was in tears over the loss. However, she recalled Bonempak's intent for the necklace, which was for it to be a symbol of familial love. That love could not be stolen. Realizing this, the bond between Skelita's grandmother and great-grandmother made the necklace magically come back. And years later, Skelita's grandmother let go of it on her own so Skelita could have it. As this marks the end of the presentation, the class cheers because of the great story. Heath and Manny both even ask for another one, which makes Skelita chuckle. Scare-itage

A group of five students is at work in the metal shop to create a commemorative for Clawd's amazing performance during the latest casketball match. The ball used in the game is to be the final touch to the commemorative. Reminiscing about the match, Heath takes the ball and throws it. Manny catches it and scolds Heath for being careless with an irreplaceable item. Deuce and Jackson each suggest they should hold on to it, which causes a fight between the four who is to get the honor. The ball becomes lost during the fight, bouncing right through a window and into a well.

The group follows after the ball in order to get it back. However, it has rolled down far into the well, ending up falling through some bars covering a deep hole. Manny suggests he breaks the bars open, Jackson believes math can help them get the ball, and Heath wants to melt the bars away. As they are on the brink of another fight, Jinafire tells them to cut it out and relates an event from her youth. Jinafire, growing up in a household with seven brothers, is no stranger to competition. One day, she and her brothers were tasked with capturing an evil creature. Where her brothers failed by using brute force, Jinafire succeeded by coming up with a plan to draw the creature into a trap.

The boys are curious where Jinafire is going with her story, so she proceeds with her plan to get the ball back. Using a hairpin, she cuts down a stalactite, which falls down into a nearby stream and redirects the water into the hole. The ball comes floating up right to the group. Jinafire reiterates that force isn't all that, but she is interrupted by a monster coming up along with the ball. She breathes fire at it, noting that force still is useful sometimes and that she'll hold on to the ball. Her fellow students don't object. Tough As Scales

The students are initially skeptical about their need to be there for the tree, until Venus reminds them that the tree symbolizes their history. Spectra remembers the great stories she wrote under the tree, Manny notes he lost five soccer balls to the tree's branches, Ghoulia thinks back on all the times she studied under the tree, and Draculaura and Clawd recall how the tree was part of their first date. As the students share their individual experiences with the tree, his roots plunge back into the soil and leaves sprout from his branches. With no doubt that the tree has been revitalized, the students celebrate. Tree of Unlife

Fierce Crush Flowers for Slow Moe Ready, Wheeling and Able Student Disembodied President Clawbacks

Inside the maze, the group discusses which route to take when Heath offers a round of popcorn. He picks a corncob and roasts it with his hair, but the popcorn carries the flames over to map Frankie's holding. With no map, not only is it unlikely the group will beat the current record, it is also uncertain they'll ever get out of the maze at all. The situation starts looking better when they find Manny Taur also walking around in the maze. Because he is a minotaur, his fellow students assume he can get them out of the maze easily and go after him. However, the werecats, who have followed the group to prevent them from breaking their record, throw corn on the path, causing a flock of crows to gather to eat the corn and block the path. Luckily for the group, Manny's footprints are still visible and they can still follow him.

Elsewhere, the werecats unleash three demonic canines to hunt the group with, which has just caught up with Manny. Manny is crying to himself and, when asked why, confesses that he is the only one in his whole family who cannot find his way out of a maze. Also, he's terrified of the creatures lurking in the maze. Just then, the canines catch up with the group and Manny runs for his life right though the corn walls out of the maze. The group quickly takes the path he cleared and leave the maze, setting a new record of twenty-nine minutes. While the group has their picture taken, the canines within the maze turn on the werecats. Field of Screams

Angry Ghouls Playing the Boos

Special webisodes

TBA Super Fan We Stop Hate ‎Games Ghouls Play

TV specials

TBA Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love? Escape From Skull Shores Friday Night Frights

Abbey moves in to protect Heath, which he is initially grateful for until Manny mocks him for being saved by a girl. The worst victim of the pumpkin rain is, once more, Cleo. Bloodgood announces an emergency meeting in the auditorium, where she advises the students to not go outside without human disguise until Halloween is over. Frankie protests and holds a speech about being proud of who you are and that she has discovered that Halloween used to be a holiday to celebrate monsters.

As all this is going on, Draculaura and Clawdeen get stuck with their own problem as Clawdeen skipped out on a double date, as she's prone to do. Draculaura realizes Clawdeen has never been on a date and resolves to get her to go on one, one way or another. Meanwhile, Abbey learns from Lagoona that what is bothering Heath is that his male ego got hurt because he needed a girl's help, which Abbey finds stupid. The two meet up with Frankie and Deuce in the hallway and witness a number of students giving each other strange signals. Thanks to Heath's idiocy, they learn that there's a meeting in the courtyard later where the students will discuss their plans to get back at the humans. The four decide to spy on the event and learn that Cleo is the instigator. After her speech and Jackson's transformation to Holt (as Jackson, being a human, isn't allowed to partake in the revenge), the group goes into the catacombs to get to New Salem High to vandalize it like what had been done to Monster High. Frankie and her friends follow them. On the way, Holt runs off in front of the group, thinking they are too slow. When finally the group reaches New Salem High, they find a huge Skullette drawn onto the school's front side. As they are wondering what to do to top that kind of vandalism, the New Salem Police arrive to investigate the damage. The students run and, as per the Halloween Warning video's advice, hide themselves in a variety of clever ways.

Eventually, everyone makes their way in front of a certain house, where they discuss whether Holt could be responsible for the graffiti and how to get back to the catacombs. Before they can move, the door opens. A boy, Chad, invites them in for the party, thinking they are humans in Halloween costumes. The Monster High students conclude that the police won't be looking for them at the party, so they accept the invitation. Inside, most wish to use the opportunity to still exact revenge, while others decide to just enjoy the party. Frankie meets a human named Clair, who takes a special interest in the new arrivals. All in all, the monsters handle themselves well at the party until three more guests arrive: the two boys that trashed Monster High and their 'boss', Lilith Van Hellscream. Coming from a family of famed monster hunters, Lilith immediately suspects that some of the guests are monsters and is proven right when Heath's clumsiness reveals them. A fight between monsters and humans is prevented by Chad and Clair, who point out that there is no proof they have to be afraid of monsters. Just then, a siren is heard outside and everyone rushes out the door to see the police arrest Holt. When Lilith points out that there are more 'evil monsters' present, the rest of the Monster High students run, leaving Holt behind for the time being to be incarcerated for the vandalism to New Salem.

Back at Monster High, all the students that went to New Salem have detention. Ghouls Rule

Clawd Wolf along with Heath Burns and Manny Taur get casted on the show ‘Die Trying’ and Abbey becomes the new disembodied president.

The obstacles of Die Trying becoming very dangerous and Abbey's ideas as president not being taken well by the school.

Howleen uses the first one to undo all of her previous wishes, much to the delight of Monster High.

Clawd, Manny and Heath almost win on ‘Die Trying’, though have somewhat a traumatic experience. 13 Wishes

Frights, Camera, Action!

When the argument between Toralei and Howleen becomes too much for the school, Manny assumes the position of court bailiff for Cute Court to settle the matter. Once it is settled, he adjourns the court with a resounding bellow. Manny is Iris's date to the movie premiere of the latest Vampire Majesty entry. Welcome to Hauntlywood

Volume 4


Manny cheers at the innovative routine of the temporary Fear Squad. Scream Spirit

Special webisodes

Manny welcomes Catrine DeMew and another student to Monster High. We are Monster High

Volume 5


TBA Casta Vote I Casta Spell On You Gloom and Bloom, Part 1 Gloom and Bloom, Part 2 Sayonara Draculaura

Volume 6


The students are playing and running around in Decomposition Class. Mr Rotter comes in and stops it, yelling that it's decomposition class, not "Greet Social, in which to 'party down'". He tells them that he has no idea how lucky they are to go to a school like Monster High, and Frankie tells him that they do appreciate going to Monster High. Rotter tells them all enough, and that they have to write essays on why they think they belong at Monster High, puts a smoke bomb down, and comes back to remind that they he doesn't give A's. Clawdeen says she guesses they better get writing. Frankie then says she thinks she has a better idea. When they pose for the camera, Lorna McNessie does a photobomb. Frankie gives why she belongs at Monster High, then all the other ghouls give why they belong at Monster High, but when it comes to Gory Fangtell, she says she's welcomed enough though she's been a "teensy bit mean", which Cleo corrects her on. Next up is Kjersti Trollson, who says she belongs because here, she gets noticed. Next is Quill Talyntino, who says she collects shiny things. She says she belongs at Monster High, because when she thought people were going to laugh, they didn't. Next up is Rider, who says he belongs because people get him. He says if he sets his mind to it, he can do anything, and Finnegan says this while spinning around in his wheelchair crazily. Frankie is then up, saying "we" belong at Monster High because every monster is welcome, freaky flaws and all. Mr Rotter at the end gives A's to everyone after watching that heartfelt, warm video. Decomposition Class

Freak Du Chic Act 1 Freak Du Chic Act 3


  • Manny's Flash model features a tail, but his CGI model doesn't.


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