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Lou Zarr is a 2010-introduced and fiction-only character. He is a human and a teacher at Monster High. His main class is Dragonometry, but he also hosts Trigular Calcometry instead of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood at times. Zarr is the only human teacher at Monster High with no ties to the monster world other than his job and it shows in the way he treats the students. He expects uniformity and respect, even though the former is impossible in an all-monster school and the latter difficult if the former is enforced. Zarr is not quick to learn from his mistakes.


He is voiced by Troy Baker in English.



Lou Zarr is a stiff and humourless man who occasionally teaches Trigular Calcometry at Monster High. He demands respect from his students, but both his uncompromising attitude and name, which sounds like "loser", only bring about mockery. His methods of education aren't much better: Lou Zarr's lessons are so boring that his way of teaching even puts himself to sleep.

It may be he is not very fond of monsters or teenagers, as he has referred to his students as, "little freaks".


He has light skin, large ears, and a large nose that points downwards, and is bald with only three hairs on his head. He wears a light pink suit with pens in the breast pocket, with a white button up shirt, large brown glasses, and has on a blue and bronze striped tie.  



Lou Zarr takes over Trigular Calcometry 101 from Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. His demeaning attitude towards the students and intent to do the whole book don't earn him any friends. When Deuce Gorgon enters the classroom late, Lou Zarr insists that he take off his sunglasses. Deuce complies and thus petrifies Zarr. While the other students dismiss themselves, Deuce stays behind a little longer to inform Mr. Zarr that the effect wears off after a few hours... usually. Substitute Creature

Lou Zarr hosts Trigular Calcometry 101, Frankie Stein's very first class. It makes her worry she won't survive school. In fact, Zarr's lesson is so boring he makes himself fall asleep mid-calculation. When a little later the school bell rings, the students leave swiftly, except for Ghoulia Yelps. She stays to finish Mr. Zarr's calculations; Zarr only waking up in confusion after she has completed the task. New Ghoul @ School


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