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One of the goons in "Ghouls Rule"
Ghouls Rule - Goons and Heath party

The goons are 2012-introduced and cartoon-only characters. They are humans and students at New Salem High. The goons are a male set of twins that value their physical strength and are notorious bullies of those who don't live up to their ideal. Both of them are deeply loyal to Lilith Van Hellscream, the resident monster hunter-in-training, and will do whatever she orders them to do.


In English, Goon #1 and Goon #2 are respectively voiced by Ira Singerman and Cameron Clarke.



Ghouls Rule - Goons distracted from Jackson

The goons are identical twins in appearance, fashion, and personality. They are first and foremost average-day bullies. They are strong and eager for a fight at any time, but they are not too bright. They are proud members of the wrestling team and apparently despise the chess club. They regularly target new students for an introductory bullying session - a fate that almost befell Jackson Jekyll.

Lilith provides a mind to their muscles, putting their skills to better use than mere bullying. She also has a profound influence on their moral reasoning: her judgement is their judgement.

Despite acting tough around others, at least one of them is camera-shy.


The twins are blue-eyed, blond-haired, muscular students that dress in what probably are New Salem High's school jackets. These are green with white sleeves and orange trims. Otherwise, they wear simple white shirts and grey jeans.



The goons are each other's twin brothers.


Lilith Van Hellscream is a friend-like acquaintance of them, though it is not known how often they hang out with her.

Following their acceptance on monsters, they appeared to be in good spirits with Heath Burns, who allowed them to roast marshmallows over his hair.


Ghouls Rule - Lilith entrance

In "Ghouls Rule", the goons were the ones who vandalized Monster High twice and their own school twice plus one attempt, all five times on orders of Lilith. The attacks on Monster High were meant to provoke the monsters, while the attacks on their own school were meant to make the monsters look bad.

When Lilith came to regret her actions and chose to help the monsters instead of hunt them, the goons followed her lead. They faked being monsters themselves to distract the police and save Holt Hyde from the trick-or-treatment. Later, they were among the humans who took a stand against the police's wish to arrest all of the Monster High student body.

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