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Quotation1.png Be natural. Be yourself! And you'll be spot-on! Quotation2.png
Lagoona Blue to Frankie Stein in "New Ghoul @ School"

Lagoona Blue is a 2010/2016-introduced and all-around character. She and her younger siblings, (Kelpie, Dewey, Squirt, Tad and Ebbie), are an unusual kind of sea monster, as they are the offspring of a sea monster and an ocean nymph. Lagoona is a student at Monster High, having come all the way from the Great Scarrier Reef to expand her horizons. And she's done so admirably. If there is one person in the entire school who could befriend anyone, it's Lagoona. She is patient, kind, and considerate, but does not sugarcoat her message or allows anyone to walk over her. Which, along with her considerable skill, is why she's been chosen as the captain of the Swim Team. The one exception to her no-nonsense attitude is her boyfriend, Gillington "Gil" Webber. She gives him leeway beyond her standards despite the harm it does her because she is aware that his home situation is far from ideal. She is not happy with the situation, but she knows she would also not be happy without him.


Lagoona was originally voiced in English by Laura Bailey. Starting "Great Scarrier Reef", she is voiced by Larissa Gallagher.

In the anime adaptation, she is voiced by Aina Kusuda.

In the music video for the "Fright Song", there are several character analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew. "Lagoon Girl" is portrayed by Avril Wu.



Lagoona grew up in the Great Scarrier Reef as the oldest daughter of a sea monster (possibly the Gill-Man from Creature From The Black Lagoon) and an ocean nymph Lagoona Blue's 'School's Out' diary, 10/12 in a warm and supportive network of extended family. She was an aquadancer until the age of twelve Great Scarrier Reef: The Junior Novel and a top performer in her age range along with her then-close friend Kala Mer'ri. Kala's family situation was not as rosy as Lagoona's and unbeknownst to Lagoona her happiness made Kala resent her and eventually sabotage an important performance that left Lagoona with a life-long case of chorophobia. Kala is one of the reasons that in her teens Lagoona sought a high school somewhere else. Great Scarrier Reef Another reason was an earnest desire to learn more about the world outside the Great Scarrier Reef. To this end, she attended an open day at Monster High and was convinced by the then-captain of the swim team to take the plunge. Exchange Students Integration Day

As fate would have it, one of Lagoona's earliest accomplishments at Monster High was becoming the new captain of the swim team, presumably when her predecessor graduated. Why We Fright She's done an excellent job leading Swim Team Shatters Records with Lagoona at the Helm and putting the team in the spotlight. Lagoona Fishes for Aspiring Synchro Swimmers Around the time of her promotion, she also became close friends with the fear squad, who would have her back as often as she'd have theirs. Fatal Error As well, she met and entered a relation with Gillington "Gil" Webber, a river monster and fellow swimmer. Blue Lagoona This would prove one of the worst trials of her young life, because sea monsters and river monsters have an age-old tradition of not getting along and Gil's parents hate her. Gil's been cautious in navigating the dilemma, which regularly unbalances Lagoona, to the point she once magically became a river monster in hopes of ending the hurt once and for all. Lagoona Blue's 13 Wishes diary Although Gil's been doing better as a boyfriend, Gloom and Bloom, Part 2 the trouble with his family remains far from over. Looks Gil-ty

On a lighter note, intervention by Posea Reef guided Lagoona back to the Great Scarrier Reef to confront the past. After years, Lagoona finally learned what brought on Kala's hatred and managed to restore their friendship. It didn't solve her stage fright, but made her come to terms with it. Great Scarrier Reef


If there is one person in the entire school who could befriend anyone, it's good ol' Lagoona. She has a very friendly and laid-back personality; even her clothes reflect her easygoing nature. She is patient and considerate but does not sugarcoat her message or allows anyone to walk over her. She is rarely outright mean, but she is passionate about friendship and will defend her friends fiercely. This, along with her considerable skill, is why she's been chosen as the Swim Team captain.

The one exception to her no-nonsense attitude is her boyfriend, Gillington "Gil" Webber. She gives him leeway beyond her standards despite the harm it does her because she is aware that his home situation is far from ideal. She is not happy with the situation, but she knows she would also not be happy without him. Even though Gil's parents don't want him around Lagoona, since she's from the seas and he's a fresh water manster.

Lagoona is also an environmentalist; trash and pollution in the ocean anger her, and she shows sympathy to many aquatic elements, including fish, frogs, and all water creatures. She loves helping water creatures and wishes for the ocean to be clean.


Lagoona has pale blue scales that cover her entire body, as well as webbed hands and fins protruding from her lower arms and legs. She has long blond curly hair that’s streaked blue due to the chlorine in the school’s pool, as well as freckles that dot her face and green eyes. In the Generation 2 reboot, she’s restyled with blue-teal or teal-blue eyes, which means a bluish-green to greenish-blue. Lagoona wears tomboyish clothes such as a deep pink, fish-scaled tank top, black and light blue shorts with fishnet attachments and jackets with mid-quartered sleeves and fish-styled hoodies. She wears a baggy sweatshirt with the number “13” on it by the time of the reboot. Also, in the reboot, she has paler lips. Lagoona’s hair is sometimes in a braid, a ponytail, or a Mohawk.


She has the abilities of any typical sea creature, or any water creature. Her hair turns blue when she's underwater, at least that is what is said in the earlier releases.

  • Breathing Underwater: Lagoona can breathe underwater anywhere, salt or freshwater.
  • Amphibian Abilities: Lagoona has the ability to breath both air and water, from her amphibian heritage, having both lungs and gills. This amphibian power is adapted from her father, where her mother is mostly fish. Due to this, she does not need a water helmet.
  • Super-Speed: Shown in "Welcome To Monster High ", Lagoona has the ability to move (or, at least skate as shown in Friday Night Frights) at high speeds.


  • Talking to Underwater Creatures: Lagoona can talk to underwater creatures. This is displayed in many webisodes when she talks to 3-eyed frogs.
  • Swimming: She can swim easily in the water and does not even need to practice, for she is just naturally good at it. In fact, she's actually the captain of the Monster High swim team.



Lagoona's father "doesn't really live on land. For sure, he's got a little beach house where Lagoona Blue lives. It's got a killer dock that goes out over the water." Holt Hyde's 'Basic' diary, August 1st According to her School's Out diary, her mother is an ocean nymph who "still lives in the same scary sweet little grotto as she did when dad met and married her. Being a nymph means that mom can leave the water and hang out on land as long as she doesn't travel too far from her grotto otherwise she gets really weak". Lagoona Blue's 'School's Out' diary, 10/12 Before the exchange to Scaremerica, Lagoona's family was extremely supportive of her and her passions, and were overall a happy family. Her father Wade Blue and siblings Kelpie, Dewey, Squirt, and Tadpole Blue appear in the Monster High Diaries book Lagoona Blue and the Big Sea Scarecation, and the TV special Great Scarrier Reef.

In the Monster High book series, Lagoona's parents live in Australia, but she lives with her uncle (unnamed) and her aunt Coral in Salem. Lagoona had moved to Salem as a foreign exchange student from "down under".

In "Parent-Creature Conference" the ghouls tell Slo Mo that he is supposed to be posing as Lagoona's Great-Aunt Lantic; this relative may or may not really exist. In her 'Basic' diary, Lagoona mentions having a few cousins 'living up north'.


Although Lagoona is one of the kindest students at Monster High and thought highly of by many, Lagoona's student file outside of the fear squad her strongest connections are exclusively with fellow water-type monsters, such as Gillington "Gil" Webber, her swim team mate and boyfriend, and Sirena Von Boo, another swim team mate, and Kala Mer'ri, a childhood friend.

Lagoona's involvement with the fear squad started as several loose friendships that came together when the team was revived by Cleo de Nile, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Ghoulia Yelps as team assistant. Lagoona herself actually was invited for the new fear squad, but she had to decline on account of having just prior been voted captain of the swim team. Why We Fright Until the fear squad's first success by getting to go to the Gloom Beach competition, Lagoona was their one supporter, Fatal Error and even thereafter remained something akin to an honorary member. One notable action of hers, possibly remembering her own treatment at the hands of Kala, was take a stand for the fear squad against Toralei Stripe's ridicule. She made herself another of the werecat's enemies this way, when before Toralei had no intent to target her. HooDoo You Like?

Kala is Lagoona's childhood friend and aquadance partner from when they were about twelve years old. The two had a good relation, though not good enough for Kala to entrust Lagoona with an important secret, namely that she is the daughter of the kraken that was believed to terrorize the Great Scarrier Reef. Rather, his reputation was a mixture of prejudice and the Mer'ris' chosen coping strategy. For Kala, keeping people in the dark about her identity was the only way she knew how to live a semi-normal life and it hurt her tremendously to be near Lagoona, who at the time was a better dancer, who would join in on saying bad things about the kraken, and who could openly enjoy the support of her immediate and extended family. Great Scarrier Reef: The Junior Novel To even things out, she sabotaged Lagoona's first major aquadance performance, ensuring Lagoona would never dare dance on stage again. Lagoona fled to Monster High some years later, finding peace in the all-accepting climate at the school, but was forced back due to circumstances beyond her control. After unintentionally upstaging Kala again, Lagoona had to fight through a dangerous confrontation to finally get the truth out of her former partner. The promise that Monster High could give Kala the same welcome as it had done Lagoona helped in calming her down enough to talk things out. Apologies were exchanged and their friendship restored. Great Scarrier Reef

Sirena became a close friend of Lagoona after the former transferred to Monster High. Knowing little of either her heritages, Lagoona helped get her acquainted with sea culture. Happy Howlidays The two also spent a lot of time together in the days leading up to Lagoona's leave for the exchange program. A negative to that was that, in trying to look out for Lagoona, Sirena worsened Lagoona's fear of leaving Gil with the newly arrived lake monster Lorna McNessie. A positive was that Sirena supported Lagoona in her investigation, which resulted in them finding out that Gil and Lorna are strictly friends and that Lorna already is with a boy named Finn. Looks Gil-ty


Profile art - Neptuna.jpg

Lagoona's pet is a piranha named Neptuna and who is carried around in a fishbowl purse secretly. Lagoona Blue's 'Basic' diary She is feisty and enjoys nipping other monsters when they least expect it. Lagoona Blue's 'Basic' diary


Aside from one time eyeing Archer like half the female student body, The Stich-uation Lagoona's heart is steadfastly with Gil. Lagoona fell for him first, drawing romantic images of the two of them in her clawculus book and daydreaming out their scenarios. Gil positively took note of this and borrowed the book to write an invitation to a date in it while Lagoona was out of it. She accepted, which was the start of their relation. Blue Lagoona

What with Lagoona being a saltwater monster and Gil a freshwater monster, two species with a history of not getting along, Hatch Me If You Can their romance has been a troubled one with most of the damage hitting Lagoona. Specifically, modern-day freshwater monsters are the ones looking down on saltwater monsters, causing Gil's parents to disapprove of Lagoona and Gil to be reluctant to meet Lagoona's family. Gil kept these views a secret from Lagoona until she forced it out. Road to Monster Mashionals Gil's initial solution was to keep his relation hidden from his parents and to lie to Lagoona, but Toralei forced out the truth in retaliation for Lagoona's defense of the fear squad. HooDoo You Like? Lagoona gave him an ultimatum: either he'd stand up for them, or he should forget about her. In the end, Gil chose her. Desperate Hours In return, his parents enrolled him in a different school to keep the two apart, leaving Lagoona unconsolable. Back-to-Ghoul However, Gil proved resilient to this method and eventually his parents allowed him to go back to Monster High. Fright On!

The next incident came when Lagoona invited Gil and several of her friends to spend spring break in the Great Scarrier Reef. Gil, being his parents's son still, was reluctant to spend time in the ocean and meet Lagoona's family. It put even more strain on their relation, but circumstances that jeopardized his friends left Gil with no other choice than to singlehandedly swim all the way from Skull Shores to the Great Scarrier Reef and get help from Lagoona's parents. To her delight, it got him over his own prejudice. Escape from Skull Shores Any nagging from Gil's parents didn't reach Lagoona for a long time, but inevitably flared up again. Gil's father threatened to find a job outside of the Boonited States of Scaremerica and have the whole family come along to remove Lagoona out of his son's life. Afraid to lose him, Lagoona offered to become his friend instead if it meant they could keep seeing each other, but Gil declined. Lagoona Blue's 13 Wishes diary Lagoona's sorrow drew the attention of Howleen Wolf, who asked Gigi Grant to "make Gil's parents like Lagoona". The wish was fulfilled by turning Lagoona into their ideal daughter-in-law, starting with her becoming a freshwater monster. It worked well enough at first, but Gil grew displeased with how un-Lagoona-like Lagoona had become and the wish was undone shortly after. 13 Wishes



  • Her birthday is June 10th, making her a Gemini.