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The Kind Campaign is a USAmerican project to end girl-on-girl cruelty that was founded by Molly Thompson and Lauren Parsekian, themselves victims of female bullying. The project was launched in February of 2009 and has since enjoyed success nationwide. In 2010, the Kind Campaign was interviewed on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest". The marketing team of Monster High heard of the project on that occasion and talks of a partnership were soon initiated.

On May 17, 2011, Monster High posted a video about their partnership with the Kind Campaign. Over the next months, the social media accounts of Monster High began incorporating links to Kind Campaign websites and accounts until on September 28, 2011 the Kind Campaign itself commented on the partnership and revealed a webisode featuring monsterfied versions of the founders would air soon. This would be "Kind: The Shockumentary", which aired on October 3, 2011. As well, Monster High sponsored the Kind Campaign on a new tour during Anti-Bullying month, featuring three Mother/Daughter Finding Kind Screenings hosted in Los Angeles, Seattle and Atlanta.

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