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Iris Clops debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Talon Show", which premiered on May 5, 2010. She is voiced by Kate Higgins in the English version of the cartoon ("Fear the Book") and by Paula Rhodes in other appearances.

Volume 1


Party Planners - surprise
Iris attends Monster High's 1361st Annual Charity Talon Show, where she is a spectator to a great performance by Cleo and an even greater by Clawdeen. Talon Show

Iris's Trigular Calcometry 101 class is hosted by a substitute teacher, Lou Zarr, who does not get along with the class. A conflict with Deuce leaves him petrified, upon which Iris and the other students consider the class dismissed. Substitute Creature

Iris and her friends organize a double-surprise party for Frankie and Draculaura, who are respectively having their Sweet 16 (days) and Sweet 1600. As part of the organization, Iris and the others have to reject invitations by both Frankie and Draculaura for a single-surprise party for the other. While not fun, the double-surprise party makes it all worth it. Party Planners

Rumor Run Wild - Iris on poster
There is a school production of Hamlet running, which Iris attends. Clawditions

An eyeball fight breaks out during Biteology and Iris participates. Freedom Fight Iris possibly won the previous year's Scream Queen election. She votes for Clawdeen as the new Scream Queen following a text campaign promising a school carnival if she wins. Rumor Run Wild When Cleo de Nile overuses her mind-control idol, Iris is one of her victims. Idol Threat

Iris takes care of an egg for a whole week as an assignment for Mr. Hackington's class. Hatch Me If You Can

As a former backgrounder, Iris also does nothing in particular in the webisodes "Blue Lagoona", "Copy Canine", "The Hot Boy", "Photo Finish", "Bad Zituation", "Horrorscope", and "Date of the Dead".

TV specials

TBA New Ghoul @ School

Volume 2


Scream Building - WE QUIT
The captain of the Fear Squad, Cleo de Nile, treats her team dreadfully to push them to their best. The team does not take kindly to this and, led by Toralei, all but Frankie desert the Fear Squad while laughing at Cleo's expense. Scream Building

When Frankie tries to recruit new members for the Fear Squad, Iris makes sure to run away fast. Why We Fright Iris attends a swim match, a debate, and a casketball game. Fear-A-Mid Power Iris attends the Spirit Rally. Varsity Boos Iris is one of the people approached for a FrightTube view by the Fear Squad. Falling Spirits

Iris is among the onlookers rooting for the Fear Squad to get their one million hits on FrightTube. Fatal Error

As many students do, Iris goes to spend her Spring Break at Gloom Beach. Screech to the Beach

Iris relaxes at the beach. Don't Cheer the Reaper By day, Iris relaxes some more at the beach and by night, she roots for her friends at the Gloom Beach competition. Road to Monster Mashionals

A crowd of students, among whom Iris, welcomes the Fear Squad back from Gloom Beach. Queen of the Scammed Friday the 13th claims many victims and Iris runs to not be one of them. Frightday the 13th

Iris has lunch. Fear Pressure

She waits in line for Cleo to sign her copy of the fearbook. Fear the Book

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As a former backgrounder, Iris also does nothing in particular in the webisodes "Gloomsday" and "HooDoo You Like?".

Special webisodes

TBA Kind: The Shockumentary

TV specials

TBA Fright On!

Volume 3


TBA Uncommon Cold Hickmayleeun Unlife to Live Undo the Voodoo Best Ghoulfriend Aba-Kiss Me Deadly Bean Scare, Done That A Perfect Match Hiss-toria The Need for Speed Boo Year's Eve The Ghoulest Season Tree of Unlife I Scream, You Scream Frankie's Joltin' Juice Tortoise and The Scare Flowers for Slow Moe Ready, Wheeling and Able Creature of the Year Party Undead Student Disembodied President Clawbacks Angry Ghouls The Stich-uation Scarah-Voyant

Special webisodes

TBA Zom-Beach Party We Stop Hate

TV specials

Iris is Manny's date to the movie premiere of the latest Vampire Majesty entry. Welcome to Hauntlywood

Volume 4


TBA I Only Have Eye for You (webisode) So You Think You Can Date Inner Monster 2.0

Volume 5


TBA Casta Vote

Volume 6


TBA Decomposition Class Freak Du Chic Act 1 Freak Du Chic Act 2 Freak Du Chic Act 3


  • Iris started out as a backgrounder when she debuted early on in the cartoon. Her model used to sometimes come with a glitch that made most of her hair disappear and since Volume 2 she also has a purple variant walking around.
  • The green cyclopes that appear in "Desperate Hours" and "Monster Mashionals Part 1" may use Iris's model, but aren't her.


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