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Scare-born Infection - infected Invisi Billy

Invisi Billy debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 3 webisode "Unearthed Day", which premiered on April 20, 2012. He is voiced by Evan Smith in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 3


Scare-born Infection - infected Gory
Invisi Billy attends the pro-recycle fashion show in the creepateria. Unearthed Day The gingerbread boy, a vampire boy, and Invisi Billy talk about the recent incident of vandalism at Monster High. I Know What You Did Last Fright Invisi Billy has lunch in the creepateria. A Perfect Match Toralei passes by Invisi Billy when taking off with Ghoulia's scooter. The Need for Speed During a cootie infestation, Simon Clops corners Invisi Billy and passes the cooties on to him. Invisi Billy, in turn, targets Gory Fangtell, whom he gets close to by turning invisible. Scare-born Infection Invisi Billy attends the Boo Year's Eve party in the catacombs, where he hangs with Scarah Screams. Boo Year's Eve
Fright Dance - blushing Rochelle
When Mr. Where holds an audition for a lead dancer in the screamatorium, Invisi Billy helps out keeping the place presentable. But when he takes note of Rochelle's distress over not being good enough, he puts his job aside to help her out. While Rochelle dances, he assists her invisibly to make her movement more graceful and light. It gains Rochelle the role of lead dancer. Fright Dance Invisi Billy hangs out in the creepateria. I Scream, You Scream Scarah and Invisi Billy talk at her locker. Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers Invisi Billy is impressed by Sloman Mortavitch's debate skills. Flowers for Slow Moe Scarah-Voyant

TV specials

In need of Scarah Screams's mind-reading powers, the shadows capture Invisi Billy and threaten to hurt him if Scarah doesn't cooperate. Invisi Billy begs her to help him, so Scarah complies. 13 Wishes

Volume 4


As a member of the Disappearing Club, Invisi Billy gladly teaches Catty Noir how to disappear so she can avoid her overzealous fans. In Plain Fright


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