Ghoulia creates a freaky-fab app that understands the student bodies' inner thoughts and emotions.


Lagoona visits Ghoulia in the Mad Science lab, where she is programming a new app for the iCoffin on her laptop. The app, called Inner Monster, features a customizable avatar which is meant to show students the fastest route through the school to their next class. She shows Lagoona the app's A.I, which has been set with its intelligence at maximum to keep it logical. The two decide to tell everyone about the app. As they head off, Ghoulia swats a fly away, unaware that it hits the keyboard and resets the app's emotional intelligence to maximum instead.

Ghoulia heads to the corridors with a stopwatch to see how well the app works, but is confused when she sees everyone playing with their phones instead of going to class. She approaches Twyla and sees her actually having a conversation about feeling embarrassed with her Inner Monster, which seems to feel the same. Other monsters are also talking to their Inner Monster, and seem happy that they're listening to their problems.

Ghoulia returns to her laptop and sees what has happened to the app's settings. She is about to delete it, but Lagoona, Twyla and the other monsters rush in and stop her. They tell her that while Inner Monster doesn't direct them to class like Ghoulia intended, they love that it gives them someone who really understands their feelings. Ghoulia consults her own Inner Monster app, which talks back to her in zombie, and she decides this new version is just fine.


  1. Ghoulia Yelps
  2. Lagoona Blue
  3. Twyla
  4. Manny Taur
  5. Heath Burns
  6. Frankie Stein
  7. Brocko
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