In an effort to blend in at Monster High and be just a normal ghoul, Catty Noir joins The Disappearing Club with Twyla and Invisi Billy.


The Disappearing Club holds a meeting, which is easy for its members to organize since they're only two in numbers: Invisi Billy and Twyla. Surprising the both of them greatly, another student enters the room: Catty Noir. They assume she's there to join their club and welcome her, but Catty assures them she'll be out as soon as the horde of fans stalking her has left. This disappoints Invisi Billy and Twyla, but upon understanding she walked into a club meeting and that the club is centered around disappearing, Catty voices interest in joining to learn to avoid her more zealous fans.

Unfortunately, word quickly spreads that Catty has joined the Disappearing Club and all her fans promptly decide to join to . Invisi Billy and Twyla try to make the best of it at first, but the new members are not only blatantly uninterested in disappearing or the club but also hostile towards them. Nonetheless, they stay with Catty as she gives in to her fans' demands for attention and autographs.

Afterwards, Catty apologizes to Invisi Billy and Twyla and promises that she'll quit so her fans won't bother them anymore. The duo doesn't blame her for the days' events, though, and wishes to help. Even though Catty can't physically disappear like the two of them, there are other ways to hide. They teach her the basics of hiding in plain sight and the next day, her fans find the club room empty. Enraged that Catty isn't there, they all quit and storm off. It is then that Catty reveals herself, stepping away from in front of her own poster. Her fellow club members congratulate her on her achievement.


  1. Invisi Billy
  2. Twyla
  3. Catty Noir
  4. Heath Burns
  5. Eyera
  6. Toralei Stripe
  7. Meowlody
  8. Purrsephone
  9. Manny Taur
  10. Quill Talyntino
  11. Gilda Goldstag
  12. Scarah Screams



  • Interesting that Toralei falls for Catty's disguise, considering she herself did exactly the same thing in "Ghouls Rule" to fool the police.


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