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Hybrids in Monster High.

Hybrids are a type of monster in monster high. A hybrid monster is usually the child of two different kinds monsters. For example Avea Trotter, who's mother is a harpy and who's father is centaur causing, Avea to be a hybrid of those two kinds of monsters. There are also Fright-Mares, who are also hybrids but they were created rather then born.  
Avea Trotter™

Avea Trotter is, part centaur, part harpy.


Hybrids, come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what their two parents are, as the hybrid child will pick up traits from both monster parents. Of course fright-mares on the other hand always have a centaur like lower body, and are very small.   

Monster High 

In Monster High we are first introduced to hybrids in "Freaky Fusion", were we are introduced to four hybrids. Avea Trotter harpy/centaur, Sirena Von Boo ghost/mermaid, Bonita Femur Skeleton/moth, and Neighthan Rot unicorn/zombie. In freaky fusion, we find out the hybrids have been to a lot of schools as they never found one accepting of them. Causing them to be rude at first but they explain how hard it's been for them and they help the newly formed fusions. Now they feel accepted at Monster High, It being like home to them. In Freaky Fusion after an accident four new hybrids are created by fusion: Lagoonafire, Clawvenus, Dracubecca and Cleolei.

Thou early on before "Freaky Fusion", Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde was introduced and he's a human/descendant of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde/fire elemental hybrid. But it was never directly stated that he was a hybrid, as Jackson and Holt act as their own person rather than other hybrids that don't transform from one monster to another. Other hybrids in terms of appearance reflect their two different monster parents, and in most cases also have their parents abilities as well.

It's most likely since Jackson/Holt are related to Jekyll and Hyde it caused them to be able to shapeshift from human to monster, making them different from other hybrids.

Since Lagoona's mom is a sea nymph, Lagoona Blue is also a sea nymph, but her father is a water monster making her a hybrid but it's never said that she's a hybrid.

Later the fright-mares are introduced, unlike previous hybrids, fright-mares are created not born. They are created when a dream from a certain monster collides with a nightmare. Fright-mares are also very small compared to other hybrids and other monsters in general.


Hybrids have certain abilities that depends on the abilities their parents have, for example Neighthan has healing powers from his unicorn mother. Sirena Von Boo has both ghost abilities and mermaid abilities. 

  • Dream Bending Tactic: Fright-Mares can change the dreams of monsters that they are crossed with. Causing the monster to have good dreams.   

Known Hybrids



  • In concept art there are concepts of a spider werewolf hybrid, a werecat water monster, a gargoyle vampire, a centaur mummy, and a yeti skeleton hybrid.   
  • Spookenkhamun could also be considered a hybrid as he's a mummy and a ghost, but he wasn't born a hybrid.
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