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Howleen Wolf debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 2 TV special "Fright On!", which premiered on October 31, 2011. She is voiced by America Young in the English version of the cartoon and by Lara Jill Miller in some webisodes.

Volume 2

TV specials

In "Fright On!", At school later on, the student body gets caught in the excitement of an announcement, for which they are asked to gather in the vampitheater. As the students speculate about the nature of the announcement, Draculaura and Clawdeen spot Howleen, Clawdeen's younger sister, looking for a place to sit. Clawdeen invites her over, but Howleen tells her she isn't going to sit with her big sister. Just then, Clawdeen notices that Howleen is using her old backpack and gets angry that Howleen again has been stealing stuff from her.

The biggest victim of this is Howleen, whom due to Van Hellscream's scheming gets beat up in the bathroom by three older vampires. Since Howleen refuses to let Clawdeen stand up for her, Romulus advises Howleen to take matters into her own hand.

Howleen gets revenge on the vampires by launching pieces of garlic into the hallway they claimed as their territory, but is caught doing so by Hackington. She is sent to Van Hellscream, whom she is mildly surprised to not find angry. When he calls her special and asks her to be the leader of a new cultural group, Were Pride, her shield drops completely and she accepts the job without question.

Howleen becomes the much-respected leader of Were Pride, and Gory and Bram try to get a distraught Draculaura to join Vampowerment.

Though Clawd broke up with Draculaura, the rumor that the werewolves have harmed her infuriates him and he demands Romulus to tell him what happened. Romulus denies involvement and points out that, if anything, Clawd should be worried about what has happened to his little sister. Clawdeen joins him then, revealing that she went to talk with the vampires and that they swear they haven't harmed Howleen. With Frankie also missing and Bloodgood's statue gone, Clawdeen figures that Frankie was right and that Van Hellscream is behind all the disappearances. She and Clawd decide to first find their friends and family using their superior olfactory abilities. This leads them to the catacombs, where they get Operetta to be their guide. The captives have freed themselves meanwhile and are making their way outside when they are attacked by scargoyles. With combined strength, they manage to hold the creatures off just until Clawd, Clawdeen, and Operetta find them.

Right before the fight can commence in the gym, Howleen and Draculaura burst in to tell both sides to stop. The werewolves and vampires are surprised to see their kin well and free, so Bloodgood and Frankie explain Van Hellscream's plan and why Monster High is such a threat to him. Realizing they've been manipulated for awful goals, the vampires and werewolves agree to peace and the entire student body gets together to quickly put up a party to leave a good impression with the Skullastic Superintendents. The plan succeeds, and after they've left, the students and Bloodgood confront and corner Van Hellscream and Crabgrass. Van Hellscream threatens to use one of his many potions and charms against the monsters, but Deuce beats him to it, petrifying both him and Crabgrass. Following this little interruption, the party continues.

Volume 3


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Special webisodes

TBA Super Fan

TV specials

In "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?", During Draculaura's birthday party/valentines day party Howleen is shot by one of Cupids arrows, and she falles in love with Eyera.

In "Escape From Skull Shores", She is mentioned as the wolf family have plans for spring break. And makes a cameo at Monster High.

In "Friday Night Frights", She makes a few cameo's but she doesn't do anything note worthy.

In "Ghouls Rule", Meanwhile, Abbey learns from Lagoona that what is bothering Heath is that his male ego got hurt because he needed a girl's help, which Abbey finds stupid. The two meet up with Frankie and Deuce in the hallway and witness a number of students giving each other strange signals. Thanks to Heath's idiocy, they learn that there's a meeting in the courtyard later where the students will discuss their plans to get back at the humans. The four decide to spy on the event and learn that Cleo is the instigator. After her speech and Jackson's transformation to Holt (as Jackson, being a human, isn't allowed to partake in the revenge), the group goes into the catacombs to get to New Salem High to vandalize it like what had been done to Monster High. Frankie and her friends follow them. On the way, Holt runs off in front of the group, thinking they are too slow. When finally the group reaches New Salem High, they find a huge Skullette drawn onto the school's front side. As they are wondering what to do to top that kind of vandalism, the New Salem Police arrive to investigate the damage. The students run and, as per the Halloween Warning video's advice, hide themselves in a variety of clever ways.

Eventually, everyone makes their way in front of a certain house, where they discuss whether Holt could be responsible for the graffiti and how to get back to the catacombs. Before they can move, the door opens. A boy, Chad, invites them in for the party, thinking they are humans in Halloween costumes. The Monster High students conclude that the police won't be looking for them at the party, so they accept the invitation. Inside, most wish to use the opportunity to still exact revenge, while others decide to just enjoy the party. Frankie meets a human named Clair, who takes a special interest in the new arrivals. All in all, the monsters handle themselves well at the party until three more guests arrive: the two boys that trashed Monster High and their 'boss', Lilith Van Hellscream. Coming from a family of famed monster hunters, Lilith immediately suspects that some of the guests are monsters and is proven right when Heath's clumsiness reveals them. A fight between monsters and humans is prevented by Chad and Clair, who point out that there is no proof they have to be afraid of monsters. Just then, a siren is heard outside and everyone rushes out the door to see the police arrest Holt. When Lilith points out that there are more 'evil monsters' present, the rest of the Monster High students run, leaving Holt behind for the time being to be incarcerated for the vandalism to New Salem.

Back at Monster High, all the students that went to New Salem have detention.

In "Scaris: City of Frights",

In "13 Wishes", A thousand years later to the present, Monster High welcomes back the students for the new scaremester. Everyone talks about the upcoming events for the year such as the upcoming occultation (eclipse) while expressing what they wished for to happen. One Howleen Wolf, however, plans to take more action as so far as to arrange her name in lights while her shadow friend, Twyla, protests against it. Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, Draculaura and Ghoulia Yelps spots Howleen and attempts to stop her, however they were too late and are later punished to clean the school attic by Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. Howleen apologizes as they clean while Clawdeen tries to understand her little sister’s reason, but is dismissed by Howleen very quickly. As she moves away and cleans more of the attic, Howleen eventually finds the lantern and releases Gigi. The pink genie introduces herself and explains Howleen is her new finder and therefore is granted thirteen wishes. Howleen uses her first wish to wish the ghouls and herself out of detention. As Gigi grants the wish, they disappear in flash of light and unintentionally frees Whisp. The shadow genie sees the opportunity of another eclipse and follows the ghouls unseen.

The ghouls later arrive at the Maul to fang out as Gigi elaborates of Howleen’s twelve remaining wishes and warns her there is a ‘dark side’ to using them. However seeing Howleen too excited about using her wishes, Clawdeen advises Howleen to take Gigi’s words seriously. Howleen, however, takes it defensively and runs off with the lantern while annoyed of her sister. Later back at Monster High, Draculaura helps Abbey Bominable run against Slo-Mo for Student Disembodied President while Frankie shows Gigi around Monster High. Despite the argument earlier, Howleen took the advise to heart and uses some of her wishes to help her friends: Lagoona turns from ‘Saltwater’ to ‘Freshwater’ for Gil Webber ’s parents to like her, Clawd Wolf along with Heath Burns and Manny Taur get casted on the show ‘Die trying’ and Abbey becomes the new disembodied president. But before Howleen could congratulate herself, Gory Fangtell torments her in the bathroom and leaves her crying alone. Watching from afar, Whisp uses this opportunity to take advantage of Howleen to wish for things more for herself. She summons Gigi, who is alarmed by Whisp and warns Howleen about the wishes. However, Whisp reminds her about the rules and Howleen uses her next wish to become popular.

While enjoying her new wish of popularity, Howleen offers to wish the same for Twyla. Twyla politely turns her down, not comfortable with all he attention. Howleen then leaves her behind and continues being chastised by Cleo De Nile. Frankie then talks with Gigi about her life in the lantern and discovers that she’s lonely and will leave Monster High after the last wish is granted. Not wanting her new friend to leave, Frankie vows to help change Gigi’s life. As the days pass on around Monster High, some of the side-effects of the wishes begin to take effect around the school and causing problems such as Lagoona becoming obsessed with being freshwater, the obstacles of Die Trying become very dangerous and Abbey's ideas as president are not taken well by the school. Twyla then confides to tell Frankie and Gigi that Howleen was beginning to not act like herself and she senses something within the shadows. Frankie asks if Gigi knows anything, but Gigi sadly tells that she cannot say anything due to the Lantern’s magic. Frankie and Twyla then try to find out on their own what was wrong with Howleen, but get dismissed thanks to Whisp's influence. Cleo then appears and irks Howleen enough to wish for Cleo to be turned into a nobody. Clawdeen later sees how Howleen dismisses her friends and finally confronts her of what she was doing. Howleen listens and is about to help after summoning Gigi but is disheartened when she hears Clawdeen doesn’t think she’s mature enough. She then uses her next wish to make Clawdeen disappear into the lantern, leaving her shadow behind and giving Whisp more power.​​​​​

Gigi realizes they are right before leading the ghouls away to the attic to explains everything about Whisp and how Clawdeen got banished to the lantern. She also warns them of Whisp’s plan to use the eclipse and one of Howleen’s wishes to gain all the power to banish everyone and replace them with shadow versions to rule the world. Wanting to save their friends, Frankie and the others help devised a plan to help Clawdeen with the use of an exit to get out of the lantern. They later find Howleen and Shadow Clawdeen in the bathroom and confront her to purposely be wished to the lantern to find Clawdeen, unknowingly leaving their shadow versions behind. Gigi then leaves Howleen alone, alerting her of how many wishes remains.

Meanwhile in Monster High, Twyla is watching from the shadows of any way to help Howleen while reluctantly helping Cleo regain her popularity and Deuce Gorgon’s love. The shadow ghouls then make their move into help Howleen take over the school by replacing Bloodgood with herself as Headmistress and banishing Abbey and Cleo to the lantern, who then join the other ghouls to finding the mirror pieces. The monsters prepare for an eclipse party where Whisp is setting up for Howleen to use her next wish to grant all power to the shadow genie. Twyla follows Howleen and sees that Whisp is the one controlling her. After finding twelve piece, the ghouls find Whisp’s room and realize she has the last piece. After nearly losing the exit orb, Frankie gets it back and returns to Monster High with the other ghouls on magic carpets in time for the eclipse. Whisp tries to influence Howleen to make the wish, but Twyla steals the last mirror shard and assembles the mirror to break the spell. Howleen awakes in time and rejoins her ghouls without making the wish, cause Whisp to fail once again as the eclipse ends. The ghouls rejoin Howleen, grateful that she is alright. Howleen is grateful her friends never gave up on her as Gigi assures its safe for Howleen to use her last two wishes. Howleen uses the first one to undo all of her previous wishes, much to the delight of Monster High. Gigi is joined by a defeated Whisp, explaining the last wish will send them both back into the lantern. The monsters are reluctant to let Gigi go and plead for her to stay. Gigi expresses she would love to, but cannot as long as she’s bound to the lantern. Howleen then suggests another way as she explains to Whisp she understood her plight before making her last wish for Gigi's freedom and for Whisp to become what she always wanted to be: a real genie. Gigi happily grants the wish, freeing herself and allowing Whisp to become the new genie of the lantern. Whisp leaves with the lantern and falls down into the deep end pool where it will be found again someday.

A party is then held later then night to celebrate the eclipse, featuring a concert performed by Catty Noir . Gil is relieved to have Lagoona back to her real self and not what his parents wanted her to be. Cleo is happy to have Deuce and her popularity back while inviting to share with Howleen and Twyla. Clawd, Manny and Heath almost win on ‘Die Trying’, though have somewhat a traumatic experience. Frankie closes the story with the moral: Everyone has something they wish for, but they might not turn out what you really want.

In "Frights, Camera, Action!", In the USA, the Vampire Majesty movies have caused a conflict among the female students at Monster High about which of the male love interests is hotter: Alucard or Edweird, with Toralei and Howleen leading the opposing sides of the argument. Frankie, Abbey, Lagoona, and even Clawd, Gil, and Deuce stay out of it, but become worried as the argument escalates as more students side with Toralei or Howleen. The situation is getting vicious, so Operetta organizes a Cute Court for the students to decide on who is the bigger hunk. Twyla, who is explicitly not interested in either, is chosen as judge, Manny gets to be the bailiff, and Ghoulia is the court clerk. After a long debate, Twyla asks Ghoulia for a scientific advice. It is then that Ghoulia makes a huge discovery: Alucard and Edweird are played by the very same actor! Twyla dismisses the case and the students end the fight. However, Ghoulia is not done yet comparing people, now that she has solved one thing this way. Taking the photo of Elissabat that Draculaura sent her and a poster depicting Veronica Von Vamp, Ghoulia realizes that the two girls are the same person.

Volume 4


TV specials

In "Freaky Fusion", Howleen makes a few cameos but she doesn't do anything note worthy.

Volume 5


In "Haunted", Howleen makes a few cameos but she doesn't do anything note worthy.

Volume 6




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