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Heath Burns debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Substitute Creature", which premiered on May 10, 2010. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Cam Clarke in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 1


Substitute Creature - laughing at Lou.jpg

Heath's Trigular Calcometry 101 class is hosted by a substitute teacher, Lou Zarr, who does not get along with the class. A conflict with Deuce leaves him petrified, upon which Heath and the other students consider the class dismissed. Substitute Creature

Heath and his friends organize a double-surprise party for Frankie and Draculaura, who are respectively having their Sweet 16 (days) and Sweet 1600. As part of the organization, Heath and the others have to reject invitations by both Frankie and Draculaura for a single-surprise party for the other. While not fun, the double-surprise party makes it all worth it. Party Planners

The Hot Boy - two clowns.jpg

Draculaura has developed a crush on Heath and is ready to talk to him, but Cleo has made sure her makeup is terrible-looking. Heath digs the look, though, and returns Draculaura's interest. The Hot Boy

Heath spends his day at school unaffected by the chaos Frankie creates. Bad Scare Day

An eyeball fight breaks out during Biteology and Heath participates. Freedom Fight

Heath votes for Clawdeen as the new Scream Queen following a text campaign promising a school carnival if she wins. Rumor Run Wild

Fur Will Fly - horror pit bottom.jpg

Heath mocks Clawdeen's running abilities and challenges her to a match, unaware that the moon is full tonight. The loser has to clean the Pit of Horror. Clawdeen accepts the challenge and, predictably, wins. When Heath later fulfills his cleaning duty, he is attacked by a monster. Fur Will Fly

Heath partners up with Draculaura to take care of an egg for a whole week as an assignment for Mr. Hackington's class. To Heath's disapproval, Draculaura's idea of "taking care" is "makeover". Hatch Me If You Can

Heath hits on Frankie when she acts as wingman to Ghoulia Yelps. Noticing her friend in trouble, Ghoulia advises Frankie to get Heath to sit under the fire sprinkler, which Heath promptly activates to the amusement of many. Date of the Dead

TV specials

Heath Burns hits on Frankie Stein during her third day at Monster High, making her decidely uncomfortable. When he refuses to back off, Deuce turns him into a statue and drags him off. Even in this state, Heath still tells Frankie to call him. Two days later, Heath attends the Justin Biter concert Frankie arranged and dances with Draculaura. New Ghoul @ School

Volume 2


Scream Building - unwanted flirt.jpg

Heath pesters Draculaura to go to the Spirit Rally with him, but she rejects him. Deuce pulls Heath away before Draculaura has to bother with him again. Scream Building

Heath tries again to get Draculaura to go to the Spirit Rally with him and succeeds this time. Why We Fright

When Draculaura's hemophobia causes the loss of a casketball match, Heath mocks her for it. This draws the attention of Clawd Wolf, who intimidates Heath to drop his and Draculaura's date to the Spirit Rally. Fear-A-Mid Power

Clawd explains that "Heath was being Heath" to justify taking Draculaura to the Spirit Rally. Beast Friends

Heath is one of the people approached for a FrightTube view by the Fear Squad. Falling Spirits

Heath is among the onlookers rooting for the Fear Squad to get their one million hits on FrightTube. Though he acts aloof, he is the only onlooker moved to tears when it seems the Fear Squad didn't make it in time. Fatal Error

As many students do, Heath goes to spend his Spring Break at Gloom Beach. During the ride, Heath tries to impress some girls by playing guitar. His sound is so awful that Slo Mo breaks the instrument to end the noise. Screech to the Beach

Heath plays a game of catch with Deuce and Slo Mo. Don't Cheer the Reaper

Heath roots for his friends at the Gloom Beach competition. Road to Monster Mashionals

Friday the 13th claims many victims, among which Heath, who gets trampled over. Frightday the 13th

Heath has lunch with Deuce and agrees to invite Jackson to join them. Fear Pressure

He advises Gil to lie to his parents about Lagoona. Desperate Hours

Hyde and Shriek

The webisode opens with Abbey Bominable, the new student, walking down the hall, dropping snowflakes wherever she goes. Heath Burns attempts to flirt with her, but she "coldly" shrugs him off, freezing him solid in the process. Back-to-Ghoul

Heath Burns then appears, calling Abbey "Baby" again before quickly correcting himself and introducing himself to her. He then kneels down and takes her hand, which he exclaims is cold, before stating "But I know how to warm your heart" and kissing Abbey's hand. His lips then freeze, fall off and shatters to the floor and he shuffles away, exclaiming "Glacial Facial". Abbey says that Heath is like a "hailstone that thinks it is iceberg", which confuses Frankie. Abominable Impression

The ghouls then tease Frankie a little about her crush on Holt. Draculaura notices that Jackson is at the Maul and the ghouls urge Frankie to "shock some sense into him" about standing her up at Cleo's party. Jackson tells Frankie that he remembered he was going to the party and he was outside and got nervous because Frankie was there and then he blacked out. Frankie then tells about the party and about Holt and asks if he knew him which he says no (and Heath gets super hyper about it). Hyde Your Heart

Spectra Vondergeist is taking pictures of Deuce and Cleo, Draculaura and Clawd, and Heath Burns. Ghostly Gossip

Here Comes Treble Monster Mashionals Part 1

While the ghouls are performing, Nefera attempts her idols and charms, to which all are blocked by the ghoul's friends. The first sends a magic spell at the ghouls, but Abbey freezes it in mid-air. The second turns out the stage lights, only for Heath to provide light with his flames long enough for Ghoulia to turn the lights back on. The third summons a royal guard who throws a disk at the Fearleaders, but Clawd catches it before it reaches them. The fourth summons a shadow-like monster that flies toward the stage, but Operetta shatters the idol with her voice causing the monster to vanish. Monster Mashionals Part 2

TV specials

TBA Fright On!

Volume 3


Manny and Heath are putting their teams together for a game of dodgeskull, but refuse to allow any zombies to participate because they are too slow to catch or dodge the ball. Ghoulia, who had specifically come to the gym to see her friends Slo Mo and Don of the Dead play, takes offense at the way they make their points through insults. She challenges the not-zombies to a match against a full zombie team in order to prove the latter's worth. Manny takes her up on her challenge and goes even further, declaring that the outcome of the match will decide who, between him and Ghoulia, will be the dodgeskull captain for the rest of their high school years. Ghoulia accepts without hesitation.

Lagoona and Frankie pull Ghoulia aside, arguing with her that she did the right thing to stand up for her pals but that there is no way the zombies are going to win. At that moment, Manny turns up the ventilation system as part of another insult to the zombies, which gives Ghoulia an idea.

When the match commences, Ghoulia's team is allowed the first throw and Ghoulia takes it, sending the ball bouncing on the floor away from Manny's team. Her opponents laugh at first, but then Frankie turns up the ventilation system to maximum and Lagoona removes the seal of a pipe. The ball is sucked into the system, hauled upwards and then shot down onto Manny's team with great force. As per Ghoulia's calculations, every member of the opposing team gets knocked down by the ball, ensuring the zombies their victory and permanent captainship over dodgeskull at Monster High. Dodgeskull

Her name is Spectra Vondergeist and she's one of the many fish swimming in a sea of trouble. She thought her shift would be easy, but easy's never around when a man is involved. Heath Burns, the local trouble on the double, stepped into her office that night, begging for help. It seemed that someone was trying to set him up and bring down the blame on him for something he had no part in.

The case was forehead-deep in mystery goop. One statue was taken from the hallways, with only a few scorch marks left to point at the perpetrator. Heath had been a smart kid to seek aid with Spectra and this was a case only her sixth sense for scoops could get to the bottom of. With long, lone years of experience, she went down the list of witnesses efficiently.

Finding many with a pale bone yet to pick with the burning bother, Spectra invited them all to the office of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, the dame who would decide on Heath's fate. Her audience was reluctant, but Spectra was no quitter, but a deliverer. With a face cast in steel, she interrogated those present on their grudges against Heath, proving that each of them was just a likely to have done away with the statue.

Feeding the tension, Spectra waited for the bubble to burst when Bloodgood received a phone call. Something about statue cleaners, blowtorches and Monday. When the Headless Headmistress was ready to acknowledge the rest of the room again, she gave everyone permission to leave. Spectra left the room content, secure in the knowledge that justice always got the lion's share while she was around. Ghosts with Dirty Faces

Unlife to Live

Gory is campaigning to be elected for one function or another and is handing out flyers, many of which end up on the ground. Venus picks some of them up and puts them in the appropriate trashcan. She tries to convince Manny to be as considerate with his trash, but he considers it too much trouble. When she tries to encourage Heath to recycle, he refuses. Venus user her pollen persuasion powers to change his tune, but she understands he's only one among billions she needs to convince to take care of the environment. Unearthed Day

Frankie and the other ghouls receive detention from Mr. Rotter, but aren't given a reason why. Instead, Mr. Rotter interrogates them one by one, expecting them to confess something. Cleo goes first, which she confesses that she used an idol to cut in front of everyone in the lunch line, but it cursed her pizza, bringing it to life. That wasn't the confession he was hoping for.

Then, Frankie confesses about a perfume induced sneeze caused her to accidentally shock students in the hallway, but that wasn't what Mr. Rotter wanted to hear either. Lagoona admitted to her crime of passion due to the frogs almost being dissected, and Clawdeen admits that her brother ate her homework. Heath confesses to burning several items, and Draculaura's confession is so full of mixed information that Mr. Rotter, frustrated, dismisses her.

Finally giving in, he admits that he believes that one of them stole his glasses, but in reality, they were on his head the entire time. As he dismisses the students, he yells about someone stealing his pen, but Clawdeen points out it was still in his pocket. As Mr. Rotter sits down in the interrogation chair, the cursed pizza activates it and shocks him. Creepfast Club

Heath's passing a flirt to Scarah while walking through the hallways, unaware when he accidentally drops his notebook. Hoodude picks it up and runs after Heath to give it back, much to the latter's horror. Indeed, Hoodude trips over another student's tail and falls down the stairs, causing Heath to do so as well. Once they've recovered, Heath explains that as a voodoo doll, Hoodude should not touch other people's stuff, since whatever happens to him while he holds them happens to the person who owns the item. Hoodoo That Voodoo That You Do

Mr. Hackington showcases a powerful device of science to his class, but before he can show what the device does, he's called away by Headless Headmistress Bloodgood because of a dragon fire. Before leaving, Mr. Hackington says that he'll be back in five minutes and that if anyone touches the device, the whole class gets detention. Like always, Heath gets into trouble when he's bored, so he pokes around with the device until he turns it on, thereby shrinking the whole class.

Frankie tells everybody that Mr. Hackington is coming back to the class in four minutes and if he sees them like that, he is going to freak. Abbey says that there must be a reversal button on the machine, but Lagoona says it is too far to jump across. Heath thinks that he can fly the paper airplane, but the excitement gets to him and he burns the paper airplane. With one minute left Abbey uses a lab baster (with help from Clawd and Heath) and her ability, to make an ice bridge. Before they could use the device, a spider blocked their way, so Frankie had an idea where they would use Draculaura's fearleading skills to get to the ladder on the right setting.

Mr. Hackington returns and gives everybody detention. The ghouls are trying to find out how Mr. Hackington knows they played with the machine when the now-giant spider says that it wasn't him, thus revealing how Mr. Hackington found out their not-so-small secret. Honey, I Shrunk the Ghouls

HooDude VooDoo

Scarah is fetched, but because Hoodude's mind is not as coherent as most, she can't reach further than his sense of sadness and tells Clawdeen and Frankie they'll have to go inside Hoodude's mind. They enlist Ghoulia for this, who prepares a machine that'll get them inside Hoodude's head. Scarah gives them a quick tour before they reach the memory center, where they learn that Hoodude's sad because he tried to run for Student Disembodied President, but was made fun of by Heath Burns. Scarah explains that they need to boost his self-esteem and takes the others to Hoodude's emotion center, where she repairs the torn self-appreciation cable.

The trio returns to their own minds and find that Hoodude's depression is all gone. Hoodude thanks Scarah as he practically dances out of the laboratory. The girls watch him go, wondering if he really is better now. Hoodude runs into Heath in the hallway and tells him that he can't hurt him anymore. To make a point, Hoodude hugs himself, driving several needles on him deeper into his body, which is felt by Heath. As Hoodude kisses himself, oblivious to Heath's pain, Scarah suggests that they might need to make a few more tweaks. Undo the Voodoo

Best Ghoulfriend Aba-Kiss Me Deadly Bean Scare, Done That

The Dance of the Dead is next Friday and Draculaura, Abbey, Cleo, Clawdeen, and Frankie are full of excitement about it. During their conversation, it comes up that Abbey won't go to the dance because no boy asked her to be her date. The girls are flabbergasted, but before they can react properly, Heath approaches. He requests their attention, and specifically Abbey's, for a juggling act. He does well for about two seconds, after which he fails to catch all balls and two even land on his hand. Abbey's amused, but Draculaura sends him away. The girls suggest that Abbey tries speed dating to find herself a date for the dance, to which Abbey agrees.

The girls arrange everything for Abbey, and soon a long line of boys has formed for a chance to be her date. Cleo spots Heath in the line and gets the others to remove him, as none of them believe that he is not trying to pull a prank. Abbey, meanwhile, is rejecting one candidate after the other. With the line growing smaller, Heath returns and burns the clothes of the last candidate, which has him running off to extinguish the flames and the others distracted. Heath sneaks past to Abbey. He has just enough time to ask her to pick him before Abbey's friends send him away. Dejectedly, Heath makes his way to the door but trips, making Abbey laugh. As such, she accepts him as her date.

At the Dance of the Dead, Abbey and Heath are dancing when Cleo approaches them with a drink for Abbey. She asks Abbey why, of all her options, she picked Heath to be her date. Abbey answers that Heath makes her laugh. As if on cue, Heath fiery dance triggers the sprinklers, soaking him. Abbey gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder, accidentally freezing him. A Perfect Match

The Need for Speed

Rochelle sits out in the halls with a clipboard. Heath, Manny, and Slo Mo walk out of the headmistress's office boasting about how well they think they did on interviewing for the positions of Hall Monitor. Excitedly, Heath speculates that they will be great officers. Rochelle overhears them and interrupts, disagreeing with them. She explains that the job is to keep the halls clear of any trouble and cannot be used as an abuse of power. The trio shrugs her off, leaving to practice their "cop walk". Slo Mo treds along at a slow pace, but Heath and Manny pull him out of the scene. Rochelle shakes her head in disapproval, commenting how they do not care for the school genuinely. Bloodgood calls on the next applicant.

Rochelle catches Frankie, Jackson, and Lagoona reviving a dead creature. She tells them that it is not allowed. Frankie, Jackson and Lagoona beg Rochelle to let it slide, but Rochelle rejects the request. She hands them the passes and warns them not to commit such an act again. Rochelle is alone in the hallway later on and admits that it does not feel good to be giving passes to her friends and believes that the job of a safety officer is probably not the job for her.

She returns to the Headmistress's office and is about to return the badge, when suddenly, the ghouls yell, "Surprise!" and yellow balloons fall. The headmistress congratulates Rochelle on passing her test and she promotes her to the head of her new safety team, which consists of Heath, Manny, and Slo Mo. Heath announces, "Deputy Burns, reporting for duty!". His hair ignites when he tries to salute, thus causing his sleeve to catch fire. Manny then grabs a book and tries to put out the fire. Rochelle, shocked, questions how she'll protect the school from the safety team. The Halls Have Eyes

All the guys and ghouls of Monster high are frightfully ready for a night of celebration, everybody seems to have a plan for the new year. Everyone except Frankie.

Frankie is sitting on her own worrying about her non-existent plans when suddenly her bolts go slightly array with only four seconds left till midnight and she freezes everybody in time. Getting up she sees Heath entering the room apparently exiting the bathroom and asks Frankie "What is going on?" Frankie immediately tells Heath not to touch anything and Heath falls into two pots, ending up with one on his head and the other on his right hand.

Frankie then walks over to her friends marveling that they are so excited for the upcoming year. She wishes that she was too and sparks on Clawdeen who bursts into life and claims how excited she is about launching her own clothing line and quickly falls back into submission. Frankie then zaps Cleo who announces 'her word of 2013' then finally Frankie moves onto Ghoulia who moans and Frankie translates "Of course you're gonna cure Skulliosis" and giggles. She then angrily glares at Heath and asks what he is doing. Heath declares that he is building a fort out of zombies and creates an imaginary finger gun and pretends to shoot some 'frozen' friends.

Frankie then walks around describing what other monsters will be doing including Operetta, Venus and Robecca. However, Frankie still feels upset that she has no plans and Heath cheers her up by saying that the idea of 2013 means that there are so many surprises waiting for her. Frankie suddenly feels much better and wonders how Heath suddenly became so smart and Heath tells her that is was a secret. Finally, Frankie is ready for the new year and reverses the freezing by feeling so happy. The students count down from three and all shout Happy boo year! Heath salutes and promptly falls over as Spectra catches a picture of him falling. Boo Year's Eve

Defending Your Lagoona

Hackington's class has to do presentations on their most precious possession in unlife. Skelita is very nervous about her presentation, but Frankie's encouragement helps her get started. Skelita's object of choice is her necklace, a gift from her grandmother, to her and has been in their family for ten generations, starting with the day that Bonempak, the Jefe de Brujeria, wanted to give her daughter the perfect gift. At this point in the presentation, Heath Burns complains it is going to be sappy, so Frankie shocks him to get him quiet again.

Skelita is interrupted, this time by Manny Taur. He gripes that the story is boring, but Heath shuts him up because he wants to hear the end of it.

Skelita resumes, elaborating that her grandmother was in tears over the loss of the necklace. However, she recalled Bonempak's intent for the necklace, which was for it to be a symbol of familial love. That love could not be stolen. Realizing this, the bond between Skelita's grandmother and great-grandmother made the necklace magically come back. And years later, Skelita's grandmother let go of it on her own so Skelita could have it. As this marks the end of the presentation, the class cheers because of the great story. Heath and Manny both even ask for another one, which makes Skelita chuckle. Scare-itage

A group of five students is at work in the metal shop to create a commemorative for Clawd's amazing performance during the latest casketball match. The ball used in the game is to be the final touch to the commemorative. Reminiscing about the match, Heath takes the ball and throws it. Manny catches it and scolds Heath for being careless with an irreplaceable item. Deuce and Jackson each suggest they should hold on to it, which causes a fight between the four who is to get the honor. The ball becomes lost during the fight, bouncing right through a window and into a well.

The group follows after the ball in order to get it back. However, it has rolled down far into the well, ending up falling through some bars covering a deep hole. Manny suggests he breaks the bars open, Jackson believes math can help them get the ball, and Heath wants to melt the bars away. As they are on the brink of another fight, Jinafire tells them to cut it out and relates an event from her youth. Jinafire, growing up in a household with seven brothers, is no stranger to competition. One day, she and her brothers were tasked with capturing an evil creature. Where her brothers failed by using brute force, Jinafire succeeded by coming up with a plan to draw the creature into a trap.

The boys are curious where Jinafire is going with her story, so she proceeds with her plan to get the ball back. Using a hairpin, she cuts down a stalactite, which falls down into a nearby stream and redirects the water into the hole. The ball comes floating up right to the group. Jinafire reiterates that force isn't all that, but she is interrupted by a monster coming up along with the ball. She breathes fire at it, noting that force still is useful sometimes and that she'll hold on to the ball. Her fellow students don't object. Tough As Scales

The students are initially skeptical about their need to be there for the tree, until Venus reminds them that the tree symbolizes their history. Spectra remembers the great stories she wrote under the tree, Manny notes he lost five soccer balls to the tree's branches, Ghoulia thinks back on all the times she studied under the tree, and Draculaura and Clawd recall how the tree was part of their first date. As the students share their individual experiences with the tree, his roots plunge back into the soil and leaves sprout from his branches. With no doubt that the tree has been revitalized, the students celebrate. Tree of Unlife

Scarah is willing to help and at first, Cleo gets through the recipe perfectly, but then a pretty vampire girl and Heath Burns walk by. Heath's thoughts turn to the girl, noting she's so hot she needs liquid nitrogen if she's to cool off. Scarah picks up on Heath's thoughts and sends Cleo and instruction to add a gallon of liquid nitrogen. Cleo does doubt that liquid nitrogen is an ingredient to a boofflé, but has no choice but to follow Scarah's instructions. I Scream, You Scream

Frankie's Joltin' Juice Fierce Crush Flowers for Slow Moe Ready, Wheeling and Able Creature of the Year Party Undead Student Disembodied President Clawbacks Field of Screams Angry Ghouls The Stich-uation Scarah-Voyant

Special webisodes

TBA Super Fan

Slo Mo and Don watch as Ghoulia prepares her bow, upon which Cleo takes off Ghoulia's glasses to make her look prettier. As a result, Ghoulia misses the target and accidentally hits Hoodude, whose pain is transmitted to Heath. Zom-Beach Party

In the gym at school, Abbey has created a course and car made of ice for Frankie to practice with. This session goes decently until Heath Burns stops by and involuntarily melts the setup. Department of Monster Vehicles

The boys in the corridor, waiting in line to be the first bake sale customers, try to fight the creature, but even Deuce's gorgon stare doesn't stop it. Almost all of them are subsequently eaten by the cookie dough monster, but when it's Heath's turn to become a snack, the monster's weakness is found: heat. Heath quickly bakes the monster to death, after which all his friends and Mr. Hackington emerge alive from the cookie spill. Frankie spots the nail polish bit that caused all the trouble, revealing that Cleo is to blame. When Headless Headmistress Bloodgood arrives and orders the mess to be cleaned up, everyone agrees that to be Cleo's job. Cleo takes solace in the fact that at least the cookie spill contains chocolate chips. Cookie Creeper

TV specials

Ghoulia finds out that Heath Burns is her perfect match, and Clawd decides to give Draculaura a box of the items that reminded her how she fell in love with him, but she finds out that Valentine transferred to Monster High, and starts spending time with him.

Ghoulia, realizing that her computer was literally bugged, tries to tell Heath she's not compatible with him, is interrupted when he tells her that after Valentine fell into the pit, all the girls who were crazy about him moved on, so he breaks up with her. The movie ends with Clawd and Draculaura driving away from the school in Draculaura's new car, and splashing mud on Valentine and Toralei. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Heath was sitting on a ramp over a pool of piranhas. Some time later, the ramp bent and he fell into the pool. Escape From Skull Shores

After the theme song, Heath and Manny go into the course in replace of Deuce and Gil. Clawd and Rocco are basically neck and neck during the course, determined to win for their school. Rocco and Gary then notice Heath and Manny and are somewhat distraught, only before Rocco declare that they might as well finish off Monster High who, according to him, 'plays like a bunch of girls' (this statement, oddly enough, saddens the completely masked player behind them). After going through yet another course, Gary then pulls out a red cloak from almost nowhere, obviously causing Manny to become infuriated and skate furiously after it, thus ramming straight into Heath and the both of them are out. One of the Granite City players, the masked one, is startled and trips over them, and is left behind by the team, who yet again, cheats; this time more discreetly. Whilst neck and neck with Clawd, one of Rocco's skates mechanically remove a wheel from Clawd's and the last member of the MH SKRM Team falls to the ground right before crossing the finish line, thus allowing Granite City to win the game.

Fast forward to a few days, in which the students of MH are all distraught about the loss whilst Venus, like always, is encouraging her fellow classmates to get motivated in saving the Earth. Luckily, she manages to somewhat spread the word to Frankie and Clawdeen. Abbey is confused as to why everyone is so upset about the game, but Clawdeen tells her it's bigger than she knows. Toralei is then, apparently, the only one happy about how the Gargoyles of all monsters won. Clawdeen confronts her about how she could turn her back on her school, but Toralei is her usual cocky self, rubbing the victory in the ghouls' faces. Abbey, frustrated, freezes the werecat's phone and tells her to watch herself, but of course, Toralei could care less as she leaves them.

The ghouls first matchup is against the all zombie school, the worst in the league. Frankie gets very nervous and short circuits, thus causing the team to a false start and be disqualified. Clawd confronts Draculaura and instead of offering help demands that she stop playing, or else he will break up with her. Draculaura refuses to abandon her friends. Then Manny and Heath videotape the fiasco and mock them.

Rochelle Goyle announces that she transferred from Granite City to Monster High. She takes Frankie's spot on the team. The ghouls enter a round robin tournament and eventually make their way up the leader board until they qualify for the final match between Granite City. Instilling the school with pride, the ghouls are now wildly popular and even gained the respect of Manny and Heath, who even volunteer to be the team's new cheerleaders. During practice, Clawd fears that his intense training won’t be enough to defeat Granite City. Robecca tells Clawd every team has a weakness; he just has to look for it. Clawd notices that Toralei is spying on the team's practice, so hints that they need to play up the discord.

The movie ends with a roll call of the new co-ed team: Clawd, Operetta, Manny Taur, Gil Webber, Lagoona Blue, Heath Burns, Rochelle Goyle, and Robecca Steam. Friday Night Frights

Originally, Halloween was a way for humans and monsters to celebrate their friendship.

Armed with this new knowledge, the four return above ground, finding their friends gathered outside around a mildly gruesome pumpkin display—another attack by the humans. Heath takes it lightly, believing the humans to be out of ideas, and picks up a pumpkin. This activates a mechanism that has all the students outside the target of a rain of pumpkins. Abbey moves in to protect Heath, which he is initially grateful for until Manny mocks him for being saved by a girl. The worst victim of the pumpkin rain is, once more, Cleo. Bloodgood announces an emergency meeting in the auditorium, where she advises the students to not go outside without human disguise until Halloween is over. Frankie protests and holds a speech about being proud of who you are and that she has discovered that Halloween used to be a holiday to celebrate monsters.

Abbey learns from Lagoona that what is bothering Heath is that his male ego got hurt because he needed a girl's help, which Abbey finds stupid. The two meet up with Frankie and Deuce in the hallway and witness a number of students giving each other strange signals. Thanks to Heath's idiocy, they learn that there's a meeting in the courtyard later where the students will discuss their plans to get back at the humans. The four decide to spy on the event and learn that Cleo is the instigator. After her speech and Jackson's transformation to Holt (as Jackson, being a human, isn't allowed to partake in the revenge), the group goes into the catacombs to get to New Salem High to vandalize it like what had been done to Monster High. Frankie and her friends follow them. On the way, Holt runs off in front of the group, thinking they are too slow. When finally the group reaches New Salem High, they find a huge Skullette drawn onto the school's front side. As they are wondering what to do to top that kind of vandalism, the New Salem Police arrive to investigate the damage. The students run and, as per the Halloween Warning video's advice, hide themselves in a variety of clever ways.

Eventually, everyone makes their way in front of a certain house, where they discuss whether Holt could be responsible for the graffiti and how to get back to the catacombs. Before they can move, the door opens. A boy, Chad, invites them in for the party, thinking they are humans in Halloween costumes. The Monster High students conclude that the police won't be looking for them at the party, so they accept the invitation. Inside, most wish to use the opportunity to still exact revenge, while others decide to just enjoy the party. Frankie meets a human named Clair, who takes a special interest in the new arrivals. All in all, the monsters handle themselves well at the party until three more guests arrive: the two boys that trashed Monster High and their 'boss', Lilith Van Hellscream. Coming from a family of famed monster hunters, Lilith immediately suspects that some of the guests are monsters and is proven right when Heath's clumsiness reveals them. A fight between monsters and humans is prevented by Chad and Clair, who point out that there is no proof they have to be afraid of monsters. Just then, a siren is heard outside and everyone rushes out the door to see the police arrest Holt. When Lilith points out that there are more 'evil monsters' present, the rest of the Monster High students run, leaving Holt behind for the time being to be incarcerated for the vandalism to New Salem.

Back at Monster High, all the students that went to New Salem have detention.

At the end of the movie, at the DJ stand, Holt tries to flirt with Clair, but she takes of his headphones because she's more interested in Jackson. Clair kisses Jackson causing him to faint. Abbey makes an ice sculpture, which Heath thinks look great. However, as Abbey turns away, the sculpture topples and threatens to crush her. Heath melts it with a fireball, saving Abbey. Feeling his ego restored, Heath accepts an invitation to dance from Abbey. Ghouls Rule

At Monster High, Clawd Wolf (who becomes mega jealous of Draculaura, being in the most romantic city in the whole world without him - thanks to Heath Burns) seeks help from C.A. Cupid, and misunderstands her advice. He flies to Scaris with Deuce Gorgon (who misses Cleo a lot) and Heath, even when he told him not to go.

Clawd, Deuce and Heath wander the streets of Scaris (passing by Ghoulia without noticing her) looking for the ghouls. Clawd smells Clawdeen's scent and follows them into the catacombs. Using their powers, they rescue the ghouls and Garrott. Clawdeen announces a desire to 'beat Moanatella at her own game.' Skelita and Jinafire show up, having sensed that something bad was going to happen, and give Clawdeen her old design book back. The rest of the ghouls get to work designing a full fashion line of clothing, while Moanatella sets up her own fashion show across town.

Despite having lots of help, the ghouls aren't going to get finished it time, so Clawd reveals that it's a full moon, which causes Clawdeen to work double-time. At last, the show is finished, so they gather it up to take it to the fashion show. Ghoulia (who has bought a car with the money she's earned!) offers to help them get to the show.

They crash Moanatella's show and show off Clawdeen's real fashion line. The people love it and cheer Clawdeen, causing Moanatella to vanish forever because no one is paying attention to her. Skelita and Jinafire express a desire to transfer to Monster High, while Garrott tells Rochelle that he will stay in Scaris. The movie ends with the Monster High group posing at the fashion show. Scaris: City of Frights

From Fear to Eternity

Volume 4


It is the final hours before the Scare-itage Art Show and the art students must finish their contributions beforehand. The biggest obstacle the students face, as they quickly discover, is their inspiration model: Heath Burns. Not only is it difficult for Heath to sit still on any given day, but today he has a cold. The consequences of this become known to the class when, at only a few minutes in, Heath sneezes and sets off the sprinkler system. The art pieces all get soaked and everyone needs to start over.

A little later, everything's getting nicely along. Robecca shares her thoughts with Draculaura on the latter's painting, which shows that it is mainly a picture of her (and Draculaura then tells her Robecca it's in there but she's just expressing "other" models, and says "Besides, the toga sells it!") which Heath takes as an opening for him to come over and give his opinion on what a great model he is. Skelita tells him that art is serious business. Speaking dismissively of art itself, Heath returns to his seat, where another sneeze escapes him. This time, all the art pieces get burned. Weary and wary, the art students begin their work anew. As before, it doesn't take long before Heath shows signs of having to sneeze again, but this time Abbey freezes him before he can do harm.

All art pieces get finished in time, much to the relief and pride of their creators. The Board of Deaducation comes by to declare one the winner, which has everyone holding their breath in hopes their work get picked. The choice is unexpected: Heath Burns, as frozen in place, gets the blue ribbon. The art students take it in stride and leave, forgetting that Heath still needs to be freed. Eye of the Boo-holder

Volume 5


TBA I Casta Spell On You Sayonara Draculaura

Volume 6


TBA Freak Du Chic Act 1 Freak Du Chic Act 2 Freak Du Chic Act 3 From Fear to There Part 1


  • Heath's model was modified into and reused for the Perfect Guy.


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