Haylee is a student of Merston High and obliged personal lackey until the third book of Bekka Madden, the main antagonist of the Monster High novels. She is also a book-only character and 2010-introduced daughter.



Haylee is a shy girl in the first three books from being a servant for Bekka Madden but comes out of her shell in the fourth book


Haylee is a short girl with caramel-colored hair and bangs. She wears tortoiseshell glasses and bubblegum-pink lip gloss.





Superficially, Haylee's main friend is Bekka Madden, but she only hangs out with her because in eighth grade she was tricked into signing an indentured servant contract that didn't expire until the end of high school. Haylee's main task is making notes about everything that Bekka does, either for direct use or as material for Bekka's cell phone novel: "Bek and Better Than Ever". In Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way, Haylee is convinced by Melody Carver to cut ties with Bekka.


Haylee ends up dating Heath Burns. Having a crush on him since book 1, Monster High.


Monster High

Haylee, as Bekka Madden's closest friend, is charged with putting together documents on the new female students, so that Bekka knows whom to keep away from Brett Redding. The main new girl this year is Melody Carver, a pretty girl straight from Beverly Hills. Bekka opts to befriend her quickly for mutual benefit, and Haylee so too befriends Melody, despite initially unnerving Melody by the way she keeps track of whatever Bekka says and does.

Over the course of a week, Haylee becomes one of Melody's few friends, helping her keep a grip on her rivalry with Cleo de Nile and romantic interest in Jackson Jekyll. A few days later, the three girls agree to help Brett with his film, for which he also enlists the help of Jackson and Heath Burns. Haylee and Heath have been interested in each other for some time, yet they are still playing it as close friends. The two are happy each other, but Brett asks Jackson and Heath away to help him collect branches for a tripod for the camera. When the boys are gone, Bekka warns her friends that Brett has lied and that he simply intends to scare them in a moment so he'll have some recordings of genuinely frightened people. Bekka does ask they play along for Brett's sake, but didn't want her friends to be actually scared. Haylee acts as requested when Brett jumps out the woodwork, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a plastic machete. As per Bekka's story, he eventually stops and reveals it was all for the movie. Heath shows up too with the camera and he and Haylee flirt once more. Monster High

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