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Volume 1, Episode 24: A revoltage assignment leaves the ghouls caring for Gargoyle eggs as if they were their own. Will the ghouls and their eggs crack under the pressure?


Mr. Hackington hands the class a week-long assignment to take care of an egg in groups of two. If an egg has so much as a crack by the end of the week, the responsible students fail. Draculaura is partnered with Heath Burns and against his wishes decides to give the egg a makeover. Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile are partnered up as well, and Cleo has Deuce petrify the egg to toughen it up. Deuce guarantees the effect will be gone after a week. A third couple is formed by Lagoona Blue and Gillington "Gil" Webber, whom Hackington advises to switch partners because "everyone knows sea monsters are bad parents". Both Lagoona and Gil are offended, and Gil tells the teacher that that's an old fisherman's tale. Hackington just shrugs and goes on preparing the class for the assignment. Lagoona declares that they'll prove him wrong.

Later by the pool, Lagoona is rubbing ointment onto the egg while Gil emerges from the pool with a wad of seaweed to make a nest. Lagoona also gets her frogs involved; if they prove to have the right temperature, she uses them as egg-safekeepers by shoving the eggs in their mouths.

One week later, Mr. Hackington checks the students' eggs. Draculaura's and Heath's has had a makeover so that it looks like her. It's whole, but Heath is embarrassed, and Hackington is confused. Hackington doesn't bother Cleo and Deuce, as Cleo is preoccupied with angrily banging a hammer on their egg, which is still all stone.

Hackington then comes to Lagoona and Gil. The egg looks alright, but when he turns it over, he spots a crack and gleefully tells them that they failed the test. Lagoona takes the egg in her hands, wondering sadly how this could've happened. Suddenly, the egg starts to hatch. The teacher grabs his laboratory assistant by the arm, demanding to know where the eggs came from. He replies that they're from the gargoyle nest at the top of the library, just as a little winged thing pops out of the egg. Almost immediately, it flies out of Lagoona's hand and onto the teacher's face. Gil notes to Lagoona that their egg was the only one that ended up hatching.


  1. Mr. Hackington
  2. Laboratory assistant
  3. Lagoona Blue
  4. Gillington Webber
  5. Draculaura
  6. Heath Burns
  7. Cleo de Nile
  8. Deuce Gorgon
  9. Iris Clops
  10. Ghoulia Yelps
  11. Scarah Screams
  12. Frogs
  13. Frankie Stein



  • The title of the webisode is a play on the phrase "Catch Me if You Can".


  • It is established that Deuce can petrify inanimate objects. 
  • It's a little odd that Hackington, a teacher at the only school in the world where every type of monster and even humans are welcome, can get away with spewing racial prejudice.


  • Gil has a pink Monster High emblem on his jacket which his model usually does not sport. The only other times he wears it are in "Miss Infearmation" and "Ghosts with Dirty Faces".
  • Draculaura should not know what she looks like when she usually has no physical reflection being a vampire.


  • This webisode is one of two that ties into the Classroom release of Lagoona Blue, whose subject is Mad Science. The doll comes with a gargoyle egg. The other webisode related to the doll is "Freedom Fight", which featured the frog in a jar that also comes with the doll.
  • This is one of the rare cartoon entries to feature Hackington's assistant. He won't show up in the series until Volume 3's "Flowers for Slow Moe".