Harriet Wolf is the mother of Clawdeen Wolf, Howleen Wolf, Clawd Wolf, Weredith Wolf, Barker Wolf, Pawla Wolf, Clawdia Wolf and several other cubs. She first appeared in the original Monster High book series, and has recently appeared in the TV special Welcome to Monster High.


Harriet Wolf is voiced by Sara Cravens.



As the mother of several children, Harriet is no stranger to the child care and mentoring skills expected of a boarding school instructor. While she is supportive of her students, she goes out of her way to discourage Clawdeen from harmlessly exploring her interest in fashion design during figure drawing.

In the book series, she helps run an inn owned by the Wolf Family. In Welcome to Monster High, she and her family move into Dracula's mansion and help convert it into Monster High. She then becomes the school's art teacher.


She is a werewolf with brown fur, pale yellow eyes, and short brown hair. She has on a grey sweater with the end of the sleeves being a lime green color. She has long pink nails, wears a gold watch, and a silver wing. She also has on grey pants, and a blue and pale green scarf on.



In the book series and the majority of webisodes and movies, Harriet's family consists of her husband Clawrk and several children, including Clawdeen, Clawd, Howleen and Clawdia. She also has several grandparents from four generations, and some brothers and sisters of her own.

In Welcome to Monster High, her family consists of just Clawdeen and several nameless mostly-feral wolf boys of the same age. It is unknown at this time if other family members such as Clawd, Howleen and Clawdia will appear at a later time.

In the book series, Harriet's children consists of a large group of children who only exist in the book series, and all have names with the suffixes Claw and Howl in them. Harriet's children consist of Clawd, whose nickname and human spelling is Claude, Howlmilton being the second oldest and going by the human nickname "Rocks", then consisting of a set of triplets whose names are given as Howldon (Don), Howie whose name is renamed Howlston, and Howleen, whose human name is Leena. Her youngest offspring's name is Clawnor whose nickname is Connor at the tender age of 13, while her middle child is a daughter named Clawdeen, who goes by Claudine as a human.


In the book series, Harriet is happily married to her husband Clawrk.

In Welcome to Monster High, she seems to have a romantic interest in Dracula.

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