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The Gory Gazette, also known as The Monster High Gory Gazette, is the school newspaper of Monster High. It was introduced with the launch of the Monster High Tumblr account on January 13, 2012. In fact, for its first year of existence, the Gory Gazette was the Tumblr account, serving as a fourth wall-breaking part of Monster High fiction. Though the Tumblr account still is the main outlet for the Gory Gazette, since the release of the Power Ghouls dolls it is no longer the exclusive outlet.

Both Draculaura and Ghoulia Yelps are known to write for the Gory Gazette. Draculaura is a regular reporter, and Ghoulia reports on Nekrocon and Comic-Con for the newspaper. The editor of the Gory Gazette was revealed to be Spectra Vondergeist



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