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Gloom Beach is a beach that the Monster High student body enjoy going to. At Gloom Beach, the North Beach is a popular holiday resort, whilst the South Beach is used exclusively as a fearleading camp, which is headed by Scary Murphy. Gloom Beach isn't actually a beach as such, as it is a lakefront rather than a seafront. Gloom Beach also provides underwater camping facilities.


So far the webisodes where the girls mention it are in Scream Building, Fear-A-Mid Power, Gloomsday, Fatal Error, and Screech to the Beach. In Fatal Error, the girls are chosen as the "Wild Card" pick to attend Gloom Beach Fear Camp and in Screech to the Beach they arrive at Gloom Beach to find out they were assigned a gross, broken-down room.

The girls continue to stay at Gloom Beach for the episodes Witch Trials, Don't Cheer the Reaper and Road to Monster Mashionals, the last of which sees them winning the Spirit Staff at the Fear Camp's Fearleading competition. Both the North and South beaches are seen briefly in each episode.


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