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Gingerbread boy in "Home Ick"
Home Ick - final frosting

The "gingerbread boy" is a 2012-introduced and fiction-only character. He is a small living gingerbread man, created by Frankie Stein with the aid of Jackson Jekyll to be their Home Ick finals project. The project was a success, if with the downside that gingerbread boy's favorite food in the world is himself. He currently attends Monster High.


He is voiced by Audu Paden.



Home Ick - happy assignment

The gingerbread boy is a happy cookie, but he has a sweet tooth. Finding himself a particular delicious treat, he's not above sneaking a bite out of his own arm. He appears to be unable to feel pain.


He is a large gingerbread man, that has white frosting to form his mouth, nose, eye's, and eyebrows. There is red frosting that forms a bow tie and two buttons. He also has a purple frosting outline that forms a form of vest. 

Classic Monster

The gingerbread boy is based on the 1875 USAmerican version of a well-known fairy tale about food that runs away. The fairy tale has a large amount of differently composed protagonists, though the most well-known is the USAmerican gingerbread man, whose version of the fairy tale is appropriately called The Gingerbread Man.

In the story, an old woman creates the gingerbread man with the intent to eat it with her husband. To her surprise, the gingerbread man comes to life and runs away. The woman and her husband give chase, but he escapes them and many others. Eventually, he is eaten by a fox who outsmarts him.



Being a simulacrum, the gingerbread boy doesn't really have family. The closest come Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll, who created him. Compared to the relation Frankie has with HooDude, the gingerbread boy's relation with her seems to be much better.


The gingerbread boy is seen talking with Invisi Billy and an ex-Belfry Prep student in "I Know What You Did Last Fright".


The gingerbread boy was one of the candidates of the speeddating session with Abbey Bominable in "A Perfect Match". Since Abbey had no date by the time he was longer in line, she likely rejected him.


Volume 3

In "No Place Like Nome", the gingerbread boy walks around in the halls of Monster High.

In "Home Ick" Frankie and Jackson create the gingerbread boy.

In "I Know What You Did Last Fright" the gingerbread boy talks with some other students.

In "A Perfect Match" The gingerbread boy was one of the many candidates of Abbey's speed dating but was likely rejected.


  • It is thus far unexplained where the gingerbread boy lives, or gets the money from to pay for his classes.
  • There is in fact, an error with him. How can he be in No Place Like Nome when he was created in Home Ick which did not come first?
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