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Gillington "Gil" Webber is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. He is a river monster and a student at Monster High. Gil comes from a traditional household in which women are expected to take care of the men in their life. Gil does not necessarily share this belief, but lacks the means and motivation to openly disagree. The cost of this usually is for his girlfriend, Lagoona Blue, who not only is not the kind to pamper anyone, but also a sea monster, a species river monsters look down on. Gil is slowly unlearning his parents' prejudices thanks to Lagoona's efforts. While he is kind and cares deeply for his girlfriend, Gil has a cowardly streak and is often too scared to properly stand up for himself and his relationship, which puts strain on him and Lagoona. In extremely high-stakes situations, however, Gil can generally be counted on to intervene. He is based on the characteristics from The Creature Of The Black Lagoon.


His first speaking appearance is in the webisode "Blue Lagoona". Gil was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal for Volumes 1 and 2. Then, starting with Volume 3, he is voiced by Evan Smith.

In the Hebrew version, he's voiced by Liron Lev.



Gil is laid-back and sensitive. Out of all of the jocks, Gil seems to be the most considerate, as seen when he tried to help Frankie Stein hook up Slo Mo and Ghoulia Yelps. He also avoided his love interest Lagoona Blue out of fear of hurting her feelings. It is shown in "Escape From Skull Shores", that when he is scared, he lowers his head into his tank. He is frightened easily but due to his good nature, has the capacity to be stronger than he may first appear.


Gil has light blue skin (or scales) and spiky fins protruding from his neck, forearms and legs. He has one big fin on the top of head that is styled like a mohawk, and flips over to one side. He has pale yellow eyes, he wears black sandals, grey jeans, a purple shirt, and a monster high uniform jacket with a wave like design at the ends of the sleeves. He also wears a helmet filled with water, that way he can breath on land. 

Classic Monster

It is unknown exactly which River Monster he is a descendant of but the most prominent is the Kelpie, a demonic water horse that is said the haunt the rivers of Ireland and Scotland. They are known to attract people, sometimes going under the guise of a spirited horse or a beautiful woman, to then lure them into a river and drown or eat them.

Other possible parents include Jenny Greenteeth, an English River Hag; the Nix, shapeshifting River spirits from Germany; the Merrow, the freshwater equivalent of mermaids in Irish mythology; the Rusalka, succubus-like mermaids from Russian tales; or White River Monster or Hudson River Monster from American local legend-lore.


He has the abilities of a water-based monster, being a true water monster, but most of them come from being all fish:

  • Underwater Breathing and All-Around Water Breathing: Gil has the ability to do this easily, since he is a water monster and has gills, but since he is all fish, he apparently has no lungs and has no ability to breathe air at all. Gil can keep this by always wearing a water helmet on land, to which having his head in the water all the time sort of makes his voice sound a little more bubbly than what it sounds like when his head is not touching water. He does however, have the ability to breathe for a short period of time without his water helmet according to as seen in, "Hatch Me If You Can" and "Fright On!".


He has the typical skillset of any water-based monster:

  • Swimming: Just like any other water monster, fresh or salt, Gil has the great ability to swim at top swift speeds, even tying with his girlfriend Lagoona in "Fear Pressure" in a swimming race.
  • Skating: He is a valued member of Monster High's SKRM team.



Gil is the son of a River Monster, but both his parents are river monsters. Being the son of two freshwater river monsters, who hate sea creatures, it is hard for Gil and Lagoona, a sea monster, to be dating due to his parents. Gil's parents are mentioned in "Road to Monster Mashionals". Gil tells Lagoona that his parents don't approve of him dating a saltwater-dwelling girl. He was stated as the son of the River Monster in the Skull Shores doll assortment. As shown in "Defending Your Lagoona", his parents are partially shown and they seem to have tentacles of an octopus


Gil appears to be friends with Slo Mo, Heath Burns and Deuce Gorgon, and also a friend of Clawd Wolf's. According to his profile bio, his BFFs are his girlfriend Lagoona Blue and also Clawd Wolf.


Gil and Lagoona like each other a lot, and would date if it weren't for the interference of Gil's parents. In "Hatch Me If You Can", Gil is paired with Lagoona for an assignment, teaching the teenagers how to take care of a baby by using an egg. They take care of their egg, but when they're graded, the egg hatches and reveals a gargoyle. Gil comments that theirs was the only one to hatch, indicating they were good parents.

Later in "Don't Cheer the Reaper", Gil avoids Lagoona until she confronts him. He regretfully tells Lagoona that his parents don't want him hanging around her anymore because she's from the sea. He apologizes and leaves her in tears. Sometime between "Queen of the Scammed" and "HooDoo You Like?" he lies to Lagoona and says his parents are okay with the relationship so as not to hurt her feelings, which Lagoona finds out about in "Fear the Book". They hold hands in "Fear Pressure" after they both win an award on the swim team.

When Lagoona finds out Gil lied, she encourages him to be true to himself, and in "Desperate Hours" he tells his parents that they were wrong about seafolk, as well as telling Lagoona that they will date whether or not his parents approve. In "Miss Infearmation", Lagoona asks if he'll be around during the summer and they jokingly embrace one another. Lagoona nicknames Gil 'Freshy' and Gil calls her 'Salty'.

In both "Hyde and Shriek" and "Nefera Again" Lagoona comments that she hasn't seen Gil all summer, with the other ghouls reassuring her that he must just be busy. However, in "Back-to-Ghoul", it is revealed that Gil was actually sent away to another school by his parents, just as he had said they would do. Gil comes back to Monster High in "Here Comes Treble", and he and Lagoona resume their relationship.



  • His birthday is on January 30th, meaning that his zodiac sign is Aquarius.


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