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Quotation1.png Everyone thinks I am so smart, but if I were really intelligent, I would carry an umbrella with me wherever I go. Quotation2.png
Ghoulia Yelps in her 'Basic' diary

Ghoulia Yelps is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. She is a zombie, younger sister of Moan'ica Yelps, and the smartest student at Monster High. Ghoulia used to be a wallflower until Cleo de Nile took her under her wing and helped her get out of her shell. The two have been the closest of friends ever since, Ghoulia being one of the few to enjoy Cleo's complete trust. Other than Cleo, Ghoulia favours the company of other zombies, with Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch and Don of the Dead being her main zombie friends. When she's not studying, inventing, or experimenting, Ghoulia is most likely to be found enraptured by a comic book or writing and drawing her own. She is in particular a fan of Dead Fast and regularly cosplays as her OC, Ms. Dead Fast, who is also the basis of her online video game user name: MHMissDeadFast. As an expert on comic book culture, Ghoulia also writes for the Gory Gazette and is the paper's default Nekrocon reporter.


The Punk Zombie in the Fright Song music video

In the English version of the cartoon series, Ghoulia's vocal effects are provided by Audu Paden.

In the music video for the Fright Song, there are several character analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew. The punk zombie girl is played by Cassandra Caccioppoli.



Ghoulia is depicted as intelligent, sophisticated, timid, overworked, and shy. She's a huge bookworm and is very intellectual; all of her fellow students call her the smartest ghoul at Monster High. It is revealed in her diary that she is good friends with Cleo de Nile because Cleo was willing to give her a chance, as zombies are typically discriminated against. Ghoulia can be very unhappy with Cleo often though because of her intelligence. Examples are in webisodes "Copy Canine" and when Cleo tells Clawdeen to copy from Ghoulia, or when Cleo steals her science project in "Mad Science Fair".

She also is a comic book enthusiast: according to the "Fearbook", she is a member of the comics club, and in the webisode "Daydream of the Dead" it is shown that she is a major fan of the comic book hero Dead Fast. She is also stressed out at times such as when Frankie said hi to Deuce which Cleo claimed as cheating on her. Ghoulia gets so stressed out that she slaps her forehead in "New Ghoul @ School" and sighs in stress when her glasses break after Cleo's banshee scream breaks them in "Neferamore".

She is sometimes frustrated by the limitations of her slow movement, such as when she is trapped by the rain[1] or when she's too slow to get to the Maul on time.[2]

Despite these limitations, Ghoulia sometimes displays pretty good dexterity for a zombie such as when she creates elaborate designs out of string in "New Ghoul @ School". She also is one of the most able members of the dodgeball team. Spiking Trends in Student New Year Resolutions


Ghoulia has a swayback posture, long light blue hair with dark blue streaks and pale grey skin. She wears a green headband. She also has light blue eyes that match her hair. Sometimes, she would have her hair tied up in a high ponytail with a red or green scrunchie. Her appearance is very studious and she wears deep pink zippier-like earrings, a silver chain necklace with a zippier-tag pendant, cat-eye, horn-rimmed "nerd" glasses. (Her glasses are "horn-rimmed" in the literal sense because she is a monster, so they are shaped like actual horns). She almost always wears red lipstick. Because of her zombie heritage, she has trouble with facial expressions and tends to slouch and stand in awkward positions. Her eyelids also blink one at a time, rather than at the same time. Her outfit consists of an off-shoulder, white black-and-red striped shirt that stops halfway below the elbows with a white cherry-printed tank top with red straps over it and a Monster High logo in the center, fishnet gloves that start from the elbows and end at the palms, red black polka-dotted capris with black straps around the thighs and a piano belt around the waist with the same logo on the belt buckle and black knee-high Converse sneaker boots with red laces and heels and the same logo on the side of the heels.

Because of her physical limitations, she can only speak in "Zombie" (moaning and groaning), but all of her friends (except Abbey Bominable until "Escape From Skull Shores") have learned the language so that they can converse with her.[3]



Ghoulia lives with her parents, who are both zombies; it's not stated what their house looks like. Like Ghoulia, they're pretty slow, and they tend to be pretty hard-nosed, as per their refusal to allow Ghoulia to go to her favourite comic convention.[4] Both of them work for the Department of Monster Vehicles.[5]

In the Monster High book series, Ghoulia has an older sister called Moanica, who is in her senior year of high school.


Ghoulia is a girl who is friends with almost everyone, but there are two specific Monster High members she is especially close to. She is BFFs with Cleo de Nile, and they even plan their school schedules together.[6] Although she has a tendency to let Cleo take advantage of her, on one occasion Ghoulia displays great joy at being able to get back at Cleo for stealing her science project by repeatedly dunking Cleo in Lagoona's "Rehydration Chamber" in "Mad Science Fair".

Ghoulia and Frankie seem to connect on a sister-like level, such as when Frankie tried to be her 'wing-ghoul' in "Date of the Dead" while Heath was hitting on her, or when Ghoulia uses her smarts to help Frankie in "Bad Scare Day" and "Bad Zituation". Ghoulia is also good friends with Clawdeen and Clawd Wolf, who slightly look out for her. At least prior to Ghoulia acquiring a scooter, she regularly was given a ride home or to parties by the two.[7][8][9]


Profile art - Sir Hoots A Lot.jpg

Ghoulia's pet is a baby blue owl named Sir Hoots A Lot, who is as eloquent and intelligent as his owner. He refuses to be Ghoulia's delivery owl (a possible reference to the owls in Harry Potter). In the anime version of the series, he does the talking for her.


Ghoulia has a crush on a zombie boy named Slo Mo, who's on the chess team and dodgeskull team. She writes about him in her diary[10] and the webisode "Cyrano de Ghoulia" is about how they meet. They can be seen dancing together at the Justin Biter concert in "New Ghoul @ School" and finally start dating in "Date of the Dead". Nonetheless, Ghoulia has a second suitor: another zombie boy, Don of the Dead. Don, who is a good friend of Slo Mo's, showed interest in Ghoulia and even fought with Slo Mo over her on one occasion. At the moment, Ghoulia and Don are just friends.

Additionally, Ghoulia has a fangirl crush on her favorite comic book hero, Dead Fast.[11]



  • Ghoulia acts as score keeper during casketball games played at home.[9]
  • Ghoulia dreams to one day acquire a visitors card and use a time machine to visit the Library at Alexandria.[12]
  • She and Spectra are the only monsters with ages calculated in 'monster years'.
  • Ghoulia can't jump.[13]
  • Ghoulia is capable of letting out a scream like a banshee's that can shatter glass.[14]
  • In the first Monster High book, Ghoulia refers to herself as an only child; but at the end of the fourth book, Back and Deader Than Ever, it's revealed she has an older sister named Moan'ica Yelps.
  • In "Monster High Life Is Amazing!", instead of making zombie-like moaning noises, Ghoulia's thoughts are translated by Sir Hoots a Lot.
  • Her birthday is on July 25th, meaning that her sign is Leo.
  • Ghoulia did not appear in the Higher Deaducation commercial.