Garden Ghouls - Teeny Critters is a series of six detailed charms representing pixie-like beings to be hung in the branches of the Garden Ghouls Treesa Thornwillow doll. None of them saw release.


The assortment is referred to as Garden Ghouls - Teeny Critters in store listings.


Garden Ghouls - Teeny Critters is merchandise-type line to go with the doll lines like has been done before with Secret Creepers and Fright-Mares. It is the lowest size class of the bug-themed Garden Ghouls merchandise.


As the charms never hit shelves, nor did their packaging. They likely wouldn't have gotten any text anyway, given that the Garden Ghouls - Winged Critters packaging also has nothing.


No fiction to promote Garden Ghouls - Teeny Critters or any of the Garden Ghouls sublines exists.


  • For clarification, the bee is the yellow honeycomb, the grasshopper the green leafy one, the worm the pink worm with twintails, the butterfly the black butterfly, the ladybug the red ladybug, and the winged bug is the black spider.
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