New ghouls Batsy Claro, Kjersti Trollson and Isi Dawndancer learn that the interests that originally brought them to Monster High may not be what ultimately keeps them there.


Following from the previous episode, Batsy, Kjersti and Isi enter Monster High, each determined to discover what they're looking for. Batsy hears the sound of the Ghost Orchid and flies toward the Greenhouse. When she tries to enter, an alarm blares out and she is attacked by living vines.

Meanwhile, Kjersti finds 'MissDeadFast', who of course is Ghoulia. She challenges Ghoulia to a game, and the two draw their game consoles and battle each other. They fail to notice Isi, who is chasing after the doe spirit she saw in her vision.

Batsy uses her voice to distract the vines and enter the greenhouse, where she finds Venus planting the Ghost Orchid. Batsy is surprised when Venus reveals she knows how endangered the plant is, and that she brought it to Monster High to give it a new plant food to increase its growth and prevent it from going extinct. Batsy is delighted, and happy to let the plant remain at Monster High, and she decides to stay as well.

Kjersti and Ghoulia continue their battle, and play so intensely that their consoles explode. The two congratulate each other and decide to play something else, now firmly friends. Meanwhile, Isi follows the doe to the gymnasium, where she finds the Fearleading Squad practicing a new dance routine. The ghouls have trouble performing without falling over, so Isi offers to show them one of her traditional dances. Soon all the ghouls are performing perfectly, and Isi feels, like Batsy and Kjersti, that she's found what she's looking for.


  1. Batsy Claro
  2. Kjersti Trollson
  3. Isi Dawndancer
  4. Ghoulia Yelps
  5. Venus McFlytrap
  6. Cleo de Nile
  7. Frankie Stein
  8. Draculaura
  9. Clawdeen Wolf



  • Ghoulia and Kjersti confront each other in the style of a wild west standoff, as seen in films like The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.
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