SKRM (Skultimate Roller Maze) is an annual tournament between Monster High and different monster high schools that consists of a roller derby of dangerous obstacles and mazes. Granite City High, a high school team of gargoyles and Monster High's oldest rivals, won the school crest after defeating them in SKRM, and with it taking the school spirit. This has resulted in the school literally beginning to fall apart, and due to the boys serious injuries after the tournament, they decide not to participate any longer.

This prompts the ghouls to play SKRM in the boys place, and they suit up and begin training. However, the boys protest and claim SKRM is a boys sport only, and they won't help the ghouls train. This only pushes them to work harder, with the goal of making it to the championship game to defeat Granite City High.


The ghouls are skating against a rival team in Skultimate Roller Maze (SKRM); highlighting the following players as they skate; Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, Lagoona, Abbey and Ghoulia, then finally Cleo. It is then shown Lagoona crosses the finish line and wins the game for Monster High. Her teammates skate over to congratulate and then the scene flips to Frankie, introducing what SKRM is all about, stating that girls are some of the best players, although it wasn't always that way. Last season was an example and then the film flashbacks to said time. The flashback begins with an unseen announcer welcoming all to the Skultimate RollerMaze game between the Nightmares of Monster High and the Gargoyles of Granite City, and both sides of the crowd are cheering for their team. The four fearleaders; Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Cleo; are cheering for MH.

Abbey, who is in the crowd with Lagoona, Jackson, and Ghoulia, along with others, states that she does not see the point in 'skate game' seeing how she's known how to skate since she was up to the height of a yak's knee. Lagoona then points out that Skultimate RollerMaze is so much more than just a skating game; that it's a course full of twists, turns, obstacles and so much more; the whole point of the game is how you react to what's thrown at you. She also states that the Gargoyles are Monster High's biggest and oldest enemy, saying that every time one school wins, they get the other team's school crest, saying that it's been a tradition that has been going on for centuries. The scene then flashes to and stays at the race between Monster High and Granite City, in which Rocco, the leader of the gargoyle team, grabs one of the camera bats, and Gary, his fellow teammate, sneaks up from behind Deuce, taking his glasses off and they turn the camera bat to stone, to leave no evidence of their cheating. Rocco and Gary then knock over Deuce and Gil, leaving them in the dust whilst chasing after the rest of the team.

After the theme song, Heath and Manny go into the course in replace of Deuce and Gil. Clawd and Rocco are basically neck and neck during the course, determined to win for their school. Rocco and Gary then notice Heath and Manny and are somewhat distraught, only before Rocco declare that they might as well finish off Monster High who, according to him, 'plays like a bunch of girls' (this statement, oddly enough, saddens the completely masked player behind them). After going through yet another course, Gary then pulls out a red cloak from almost nowhere, obviously causing Manny to become infuriated and skate furiously after it, thus ramming straight into Heath and the both of them are out. One of the Granite City players, the masked one, is startled and trips over them, and is left behind by the team, who yet again, cheats; this time more discreetly. Whilst neck and neck with Clawd, one of Rocco's skates mechanically remove a wheel from Clawd's and the last member of the MH SKRM Team falls to the ground right before crossing the finish line, thus allowing Granite City to win the game.

Fast forward to a few days, in which the students of MH are all distraught about the loss whilst Venus, like always, is encouraging her fellow classmates to get motivated in saving the Earth. Luckily, she manages to somewhat spread the word to Frankie and Clawdeen. Abbey is confused as to why everyone is so upset about the game, but Clawdeen tells her it's bigger than she knows. Toralei is then, apparently, the only one happy about how the Gargoyles of all monsters won. Clawdeen confronts her about how she could turn her back on her school, but Toralei is her usual cocky self, rubbing the victory in the ghouls' faces. Abbey, frustrated, freezes the werecat's phone and tells her to watch herself, but of course, Toralei could care less as she leaves them.

Frankie then notices that the school looks worse than it normally is and suggest that they all go to see Headmistress Bloodgood about what's going on and apparently, their principal gives them the answer that their school spirit is gone. Naturally, Frankie thinks that it's no big deal, but apparently, the school's crest has an actual spirit which protects the halls of Monster High from falling apart, literally! However, getting the crest back is not as easy as it sounds, because, with three injured players of the team, they might not be able to make it to the finals in order to beat the Gargoyles. Now, tending to the boys, Ghoulia suggests that she go to look for clues in order to prove that the Gargoyles did cheat, due to the fact of Clawd's skates breaking just before the finish line, which is an extremely odd coincidence. At the realization that they will not be able to play at all, Clawd apparently cancels SKRM for the season, much to everyone's shock.

Days later, the school continues to fall apart, everyone even more miserable than before. Abbey, Draculaura, and Frankie realize this and then, out of the blue, Frankie hatches up a plan to recruit new members for the SKRM team, so that way MH can beat Granite City and win back the crest! After a bit of reluctance, the ghouls round up almost every boy in the school and judge them for the skills needed in Skultimate RollerMaze; agility, strength... and the ability to skate, most importantly. Whilst doing this, Ghoulia is in the SKRM track, looking for evidence that the Gargoyles cheated, however, a certain something distracts her. A tiny piece of metal, and as of now, it's unknown as to what it is. However, back to SKRM tryouts, where the ghouls judge the mansters carefully, only to the news that most of them can't stand in rollerblades. Lucky for them, Lagoona attempts to teach them, only to be taunted by the fact that a girl of all monsters is teaching them how to do 'their' sport. Nonetheless, she wows them and at first, she's skeptical once Frankie suggests she participate on the team, especially once the boys continue to say that ghouls don't play SKRM, however, Lagoona recollects a memory of a certain SKRM superstar... Robecca Steam! The first ghoul to play SKRM over 100 years ago. Despite this fact, the boys stick to their motto that Skultimate RollerMaze is for guys and they all leave the ghouls to fend for themselves, however, they team up together and vow to win, for Monster High!

Naturally, at the sight of ghouls in SKRM gear, the school is shocked by the decision of Frankie and her friends deciding to take the place of the former team. Clawd mainly is surprised, due to his being the captain of the team. At first, he believes it to be a joke, although once he finds out that the girls are serious, he urges them not to play, despite their knowledge of Robecca Steam, who apparently, according to Clawd, got demolished and was never heard from again. Draculaura then tries to reason with him, but he refuses to listen, much to the dismay of most of the ghouls. Nonetheless, with Frankie's assurance and persuasion, the lot of them decide to still play, for the fate of their beloved school, however, the training they attempt to pursue is worthless, due to their little to no knowledge of the sport. Most of them can barely skate or follow the rules, although they try and do what they can. During this training, Ghoulia finds yet another piece of metal, this one a bit bigger than the previous and blue, she seems both confused and pondering over what it is. Apparently, part of the ghouls' training is to skate throughout the school and despite they're getting better, Frankie and Draculaura are still lacking in the art of it, still quite clumsy with it. This is noticed by many students, but Operetta mainly for some reason, who watches their every move and eventually daringly rescues them from crashing and getting injured. Upon this, Frankie offers the music diva if she wants to join the SKRM team, although Operetta refuses, claiming that she's not the type to join any kind of organized team sports, and she leaves the ghouls, not bothering to say anymore.

The ghouls first matchup is against the all zombie school, the worst in the league. Frankie gets very nervous and short circuits, thus causing the team to a false start and be disqualified. Clawd confronts Draculaura and instead of offering help demands that she stop playing, or else he will break up with her. Draculaura refuses to abandon her friends. Then Manny and Heath videotape the fiasco and mock them. Operetta appreciates the rebellious attitude and joins the team, taking Cleo's spot. She helps teach the ghouls the rules, but her attitude makes her a poor coach. Luckily, Clawd returns as the team's new coach. After a strict training regimen, the ghouls are ready for their sophomore debut against Vampire Academy. The ghouls play well but are best at the last minute by rough tactics of the vampires. Serendipitous, Operetta was knocked into a pile of tires that contained glowing artifacts. Ghoulia explains that is the last piece she needed to rebuild Robecca Steam! Robecca is glad to hear that over 100 years SKRM has progressed enough to allow female players. The ghouls regretfully explain that is not the case, and they are the only all-ghoul team and are faced with prejudice. Robecca offers her assistance as a player, but she is still missing her balance modulator. Her one piece of advice is that "If you want to need to be true to yourselves...If you want to beat the boys you need to play like girls." Thus inspiring their new fashionable outfits. The gargoyles begin to mock the new outfits, but the masked player on the team reveals that she is, in fact, a ghoul. Rochelle Goyle announces that she transferred from Granite City to Monster High. She takes Frankie's spot on the team. The ghouls enter a round robin tournament and eventually make their way up the leader board until they qualify for the final match between Granite City. Instilling the school with pride, the ghouls are now wildly popular and even gained the respect of Manny and Heath, who even volunteer to be the team's new cheerleaders. During practice, Clawd fears that his intense training won’t be enough to defeat Granite City. Robecca tells Clawd every team has a weakness; he just has to look for it. Clawd notices that Toralei is spying on the team's practice, so hints that they need to play up the discord. The next day Toralei tries to conspire with Operetta against the team.

The final match against Granite city is intense. The gargoyles try to muscle the ghouls, but they use the agility and Abbey's ice powers to avoid many pitfalls. Eventually, Clawdeen gets injured, and Clawd calls an injury timeout. Draculaura doesn't want to come in, but Clawd tells her that he believes in her. The team starts up again. During the final stretch, Operetta calls out to Rocco to signal the two gargoyles for a sandwich maneuver. Operetta being a double agent, Dracularua and Rochelle were ready for the move and jump out of the way. Operetta then tackles the two gargoyles, while Rochelle slingshots Draculara to the front with Rocco (thanks to a sonic blast boost from Operetta). In a photo finish, Draculaura wins by a leg. It is revealed that it was Clawd’s plan all along. Toralei couldn't pass up the chance to betray the Ghouls, and Granite City couldn’t pass up the chance to cheat. Now the champions, they win back their crest, thus restoring the school from its dilapidated state. They are also entitled to Granite Highs crest, but Frankie realizing the futility of "traditions" especially ones that cause suffering to others, refuses to accept the crest since it will also cause Granite High to decay. Meanwhile, Ghoulia realizes that the trophy is actually Robecca's balance module. Manny and Heath battle for front row pictures of the new, but bump the trophy out of Clawd's hands. Clawdeen quickly moves to catch it, then Draculara realizes that Clawdeen may have faked her injury to allow her the opportunity to compete in the finals.

The movie ends with a roll call of the new co-ed team: Clawd, Operetta, Manny Taur, Gil Webber, Lagoona Blue, Heath Burns, Rochelle Goyle, and Robecca Steam.


  1. Lagoona Blue
  2. Frankie Stein
  3. Clawdeen Wolf
  4. Draculaura
  5. Manny Taur
  6. Heath Burns
  7. Abbey Bominable
  8. Ghoulia Yelps
  9. Clawd Wolf
  10. Cleo de Nile
  11. De Nile servants
  12. Operetta
  13. Tiki
  14. Andy Beast
  15. Kipling
  16. C.A. Cupid
  17. Toralei Stripe
  18. Jackson Jekyll
  19. Rochelle Goyle
  20. Gillington Webber
  21. Deuce Gorgon
  22. Gary
  23. Rocco
  24. Ms. Bloodgood
  25. Spectra Vondergeist
  26. Eyera
  27. Venus McFlytrap
  28. Meowlody
  29. Purrsephone
  30. Gory Fangtell
  31. Sloman Mortavitch
  32. Mr. Hackington
  33. Mr. Rotter
  34. Robecca Steam
  35. Howleen Wolf
  36. Don of the Dead





  • Rocco and Gary make their cartoon debuts.
  • This TV special kicks off Toralei's and Rocco's relationship.


  • Even though Ghoulia found pieces of evidence that Granite City High cheated, she just drops the investigation the moment she finds a piece of Robecca. No one asks her about her investigation either.
  • When Ghoulia makes the calculations of Clawd's trajectory during his fall, her lenses are translucent green instead of regular transparent.
  • No one in a hundred years thought to put Robecca back together? Or move some tires?
  • The crest-winning component of the story makes no sense at all. First of all, it is played as something inherent to Skultimate Roller Maze, but it seems only to affect Monster High and Granite City High, as none of the other schools lose or win crests. Also, given how quick Monster High deteriorated after losing its crest, how can the whole crest business have been going on as tradition at all - only one school would survive each championship.
  • For the appearance of Rochelle in a Granite City High SKRM uniform without helmet, Rochelle's head model is placed atop a resized generic Granite City High SKRM uniform-body model. Since Rochelle's skin color differs from Rocco's and Gary's, her hands do not match her face during the scene in which Rochelle transfers to Monster High.
  • During the Ghouls' first SKRM game with the zombies of Graveyard Prep, Clawd was watching the ghouls in the audience, however, he did not have his cone & black eye.


  • The video game Skultimate Roller Maze ties into this TV special.
  • The web game Phantom Roller ties into this TV special.
  • The black outfit Ghoulia wears early on in the TV special is her Go Monster High Team!!! supporter look.
  • "Friday Night Frights" was originally supposed to premiere on July 13, 2012, but didn't. Though no reason has ever been given, it is likely the cancellation was a response to DirecTV's and Viacom's negotiation problems that lasted from the 10th to the 20th. It was promised at San Diego Comic-Con International that the TV special would air, but no date was given. There was much speculation on potential dates within the fandom, but each of them was proven wrong until the announcement that the "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?"/"Friday Night Frights" DVD would be in stores on February 5, 2013. In the end, both TV specials went on sale on iTunes even earlier: on January 21, 2013. The TV special eventually aired on September 6, 2013, over a year since its original premiere date.
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