An ancient curse wreaks havoc on Ghoulia and Cleo's double date and threatens to ruin Ghoulia's chance at finally capturing her first kiss


Cleo and Ghoulia are at Cleo's house, where they prepare for their double-date with Deuce and Slo Mo. Cleo, as self-centered as usual, keeps taking up Ghoulia's space and stealing her makeup, all the while talking about Slo Mo's intent to kiss Ghoulia that evening. Ghoulia picks up one of the De Nile artifacts to distract herself from her over-present friend, and Cleo subconsciously makes a grab for it too. The artifact falls and releases a curse that switches the girls' identities. The panic is only increased when the boys choose that time to arrive. Cleo decides that they'll fake their way through the date, but that whatever happens, they have to avoid kissing the boys.

At the Coffin Bean, after an awkward attempt by both Ghoulia and Cleo to impersonate each other, the boys both leave to get drinks. The girls quickly go through Cleo's purse to see if there's anything in it that'll allow them to reverse the curse. There just so happens to be a scroll with tips inside, but they are humiliating. The girls have no choice though and attempt the first tip, which has Ghoulia balancing upside-down on top of Cleo's head. When that doesn't work, the two throw popcorn in each other's mouths at the movie theater until their bags are empty. Again, success fails to come and Cleo is forced to sit through the movie makingsure Slo Mo doesn't try anything.

By the end of the evening, the boys are highly confused about the girls' behavior and Slo Mo is nothing short of disheartened by not-Ghoulia's constant rejection of him. Deuce assures his pal that Ghoulia does like him and offers to kiss Cleo when he tries to kiss Ghoulia again so it won't be that weird. The girls are taken aback by the double-attempt at a kiss and fail to come up with something better than turn their faces just in time. Miraculously, the synchronous kisses on their cheeks prompt their identities to return to their own bodies. The girls are elated at first, but then it becomes clear that the curse has merely been passed on and has now switched Deuce's and Slo Mo's identities.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Ghoulia Yelps
  3. Sloman Mortavitch
  4. Deuce Gorgon
  5. Don of the Dead



  • "Freaky Fridate" is a play on the 1972 novel Freaky Friday and its many movie adaptions.


  • Ghoulia is missing her earrings in the opening shot, but has them a shot later.
  • At the Coffin Bean, Cleo and Ghoulia are drawn in front of their chairs rather than on them.
  • When Cleo says "I don't care how silly you think they are, Ghoulia," Ghoulia's pendant is not aligned with her necklace.
  • Deuce's earring is largely absent, randomly appearing only twice towards the end of the webisode.
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