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 Frankie Stein debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Jaundice Brothers", which premiered on May 5, 2010. She was voiced by Kate Higgins in the English Generation 1 version of the cartoon, and is voiced by Cassandra Lee for Generation 2.

Volume 1


Jaundice Brothers - who won
Even as a new student at Monster High, Frankie is full of initiative. When Radio KBLOOD announces a contest of which the prize is that the Jaundice Brothers come play at the winner's school's homecoming dance, Frankie gets the entirety of Monster High to help put together a tape to sent in. As luck has it, they win the contest. Jaundice Brothers Frankie, Lagoona, and Draculaura attend Monster High's 1361st Annual Charity Talon Show to root for Clawdeen, who gives a killer performance. Talon Show
Fear Squad - hand on the run
In a hurry for a shortcut to Home Ick, Frankie bursts in on the Fear Squad's tryouts. She trips over a barbell and loses her right hand, thus forcing her to chase after it. In doing so, she performs several impressive moves and is promptly made a member of the squad. Fear Squad Frankie's Trigular Calcometry 101 class is hosted by a substitute teacher, Lou Zarr, who does not get along with the class. A conflict with Deuce leaves him petrified, upon which Frankie and the other students consider the class dismissed. Substitute Creature
Party Planners - cake
Frankie realizes it's Draculaura's Sweet 1600 and plans a surprise party for her, forgetting it is her own Sweet 16 (days) too. However, none of her friends can come to the party. Frankie sadly makes her way to the creepateria for lunch, where she bumps into Draculaura. It turns out that Draculaura was planning a surprise party for her all this time, but that didn't work out either, so the two friends agree to hold a party for just the two of them. As they open the doors to the creepateria, though, they are met by all their friends who were arranging a surprise party for the both of them. Party Planners
Bad Scare Day - shocking call
During Clawculus, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura try to get Lagoona to talk to rather than stare at Gil, a boy Lagoona likes. Blue Lagoona Frankie is one of the people Clawdeen confides to that she hasn't studied for the SAT. Copy Canine Witnessing Cleo accidentally do something nice for Draculaura, Frankie compliments her. The Hot Boy Following a collision with Mr. Where in the hallways, Frankie plugs her bolts back in on the wrong ends, reversing her polarity and making her charge go haywire. The situation escalates in the creepateria, but fortunately Ghoulia has deduced what's wrong and fixes Frankie's problem. Bad Scare Day
Photo Finish - ruined hair
It's Picture Day, but Coach Igor's covering Study Howl and he's obsessed with sport. Frankie is dragged along by her friends on a looks-destroying escape from a looks-destroying workout, though Igor eventually catches up to tell them they won't have run lapses because of Picture Day. Photo Finish

Bad Zituation - Frankie's mask
Ghoulia has her eyes on Slo Mo, but is too shy to talk to him. Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura offer to help her out, but their aid is of such quality that Ghoulia timely decides to go with her own instinct. Cyrano de Ghoulia Frankie develops a zit on her cheek and walks around the school with a paper bag over her head until the Fearasil Ghoulia put on gets it gone. Bad Zituation Frankie auditions for a role in the school production of Hamlet. Clawditions Lagoona is highly upset that Mr. Hackington is about to dedicate that day's class to dissecting frogs. As such, she gets Frankie to create a diversion, while she saves the frogs. Frankie does so by detaching her hand, which crawls up Hackington and tickles him as well as starts an eyeball fight in the classroom. Freedom Fight
Totally Busted - greyscale standoff
Following a collision with Frankie in the hallways and Cleo's subsequent struggle to get loose, which resulted in a statue being knocked over and broken, the two girls are ordered to Headless Headmistress Bloodgood's office. There, Cleo puts all the blame on Frankie. Bloodgood accepts this and then informs Frankie that breaking the statue was a good thing because one of Monster High's first teachers had been locked inside of it for millennia. Frankie readily accepts the praise, much to Cleo's regret. Totally Busted
Freakout Friday - lightning strike
It is both Friday the 13th and Halloween, a rare occurrence that spells bad luck galore until three o'clock. Frankie and her friends panic, but Cleo assures them that her amulet will protect them. However, Ghoulia's carrying the amulet and she just walked off. The girls chase after her to be safe, only to find her use the amulet to get to the big clock and adjust the time to three o'clock. Freakout Friday Frankie and Lagoona attend the Mad Science Fair, where they find Cleo to have stolen Ghoulia's project. They try to get her to get it back, but Ghoulia declines. Cleo wins the fair and claims the 'throne', which actually is Lagoona's project: a rehydration chamber. Lagoona dunks Cleo, then hands Ghoulia the remote of the rehydration chamber. Mad Science Fair
Shock and Awesome - sad Frankie
When Frankie's friends discover she's never seen a movie, they promptly take her to the auditorium to watch the entire TwiHard series. In preparing for the movie session, they overtax the room's electricity net. To solve this, the group hooks up the equipment to Frankie, allowing the movie session to go through but Frankie not to watch anything. Shock and Awesome It is discovered that vampires have the ability to turn into bats and Frankie and Clawdeen ask if Draculaura can show them. Draculaura lies she can, but not in front of them, so she leaves to the belfry where she falls asleep and a bat flies down into the school. Frankie and Clawdeen mistake the bat for Draculaura and spend a great day in its company. The Good, the Bat and the Fabulous Frankie gets a text from Draculaura instructing her to send it along to anyone. Because she's walking while texting, Frankie bumps into a fountain which brings out her charge which in turn causes alterations to the text before it's sent through. Rumor Run Wild

Horrorscope - charged Frankie
Draculaura has a chance to meet her perfect guy, but she has to get into contact with him before school's out. Frankie attempts to stop him by shocking him, but he recovers swiftly. Horrorscope Lagoona and Frankie greet each other in the hallways. Hatch Me If You Can Ghoulia is invited to share lunch with Slo Mo, but she's scared, so Frankie offers to accompany her. However, Heath Burns also sits at the table and won't stop hitting on Frankie. Frankie retaliates by getting Heath to sit under a fire sprinkler, which Heath promptly activates to the amusement of many. Date of the Dead
A Scare of a Dare - Clawdeen's room
Frankie has her first sleepover at Clawdeen's house, where Cleo tries to manipulate Frankie into spilling whom she's crushing on through a game of Truth or Scare. Frankie chooses truth and is ordered to send a text reading "party at my house", which she does. Cleo is amused only until she realizes the text was sent on her own cellphone. A Scare of a Dare To help Lagoona with an unexpected parent-teacher conference, Frankie, Cleo, and Clawdeen dress up Slo Mo as Lagoona's aunt Lantic so he can figure out what the conference is about. Parent-Creature Conference

TV specials

Frankie narrates her first week of classes at Monster High, being that she's only 15 days old as she starts classes there.

Monday, she tries to make a good first impression on the other students, but fears she will stay a loner during her time there, since none of the students pay much attention to her when she introduces herself, leaving her a little embarrassed. One student even is heard calling her a "newbie" since she is a new student.

Tuesday, she attends mathematics class with Mr. Lou Zarr, and meets Cleo De Nile, Ghoulia Yelps, and Draculaura. She also gets a friendly hello from Deuce Gorgon. Later on, she meets Clawdeen after she saves Frankie and Draculaura from a zombie flesh mob.

Wednesday, Frankie tries her luck to join one of the school clubs, but all her efforts fall flat with little success in any of her attempts. She does not even study the rules of chess for Chess Club, leaving her opponent to point out her mistake when she thinks she's won, electrocutes the Swim Team once she gets in the pool, and ruins Cleo's hair when she hands Cleo a pencil to sign Frankie's petition that Frankie had no idea what it was she was accepting signatures for until Cleo told her. Joining the Fear Squad as her last chance, Frankie's horrified to see that Cleo is the Captain of the Fearleaders, and her attempts to repeat Cleo's performance causes her foot to come loose and land in Ghoulia's drink, splashing Cleo, and causing her to emit a scream loud enough to shatter glass. Devastated and embarrassed, Frankie flees to the pool, where she is comforted by Lagoona, who offers some friendly advice about just being yourself. Later on, Clawdeen and Draculaura tell Frankie that Cleo wishes to interview her for the Fear Squad tomorrow morning. Frankie completely forgets Lagoona's advice upon hearing that and leaves with Clawdeen and Draculaura, not noticing Lagoona watching with disappointment at Frankie attempting to get into the Fear Squad without taking her advice to heart.

Thursday, Frankie meets up with Cleo in the cafeteria for the interview, and despite Cleo's rapid-fire questioning, when Frankie mentions Justin Biter as her favorite singer, it looks like she and Cleo are on good terms now, only for things to go up in flames when Frankie names Deuce as her boyfriend, enraging Cleo at the thought that Deuce was cheating on her. Frankie flees to the pool, but not even Lagoona is on her side now after seeing that Frankie completely abandoned her advice. Cleo is there as well, and orders Frankie out of her life, never wanting to see her again.

Friday, with how the week went, Frankie makes it clear she needs to make amends with everyone she's met at Monster High. She first apologizes to Draculaura and Clawdeen, and asks for their help with making amends with Cleo. She then explains everything to Deuce, and together, they meet Cleo outside the gymnasium. Frankie explains everything, repairing Cleo and Deuce's relationship, but Cleo is still unforgiving to Frankie for what happened. Frankie then reveals she was able to get Justin Biter to perform a special concert at Monster High to repay a favor he owed the Steins. Thanks to that, Cleo forgives Frankie and accepts her into the Fear Squad, but on probation.

Frankie is fine with that since her first week of Monster High ended with her making several friends that will be at her side from here on out. New Ghoul @ School

Volume 2


Scream Building - demoting anger
Frankie is still on probation and undeniably the weak link of the Fear Squad. Nonetheless, she is the only member of the team not to desert in protest of Cleo's leadership. Being the only one left, Frankie asks to be taken off probation, which lasts only until she spills a drink on Cleo in her enthusiasm. Scream Building With the Fear Squad try-outs a failure, Frankie decides to recruit on her own. Most people she approaches run away, so she tries her friends. With a bit of manipulation, Clawdeen and Draculaura join the Fear Squad. Why We Fright
Fear-A-Mid Power - first pyramid attempt
Cleo is unhappy with the new Fear Squad's performance yet and orders them to attend every school event for the time being to gain experience. All of their cheers have disastrous consequences for the school's performance, but they keep trying. Fear-A-Mid Power Good-natured as always, Frankie tries to pep her teammates for the Spirit Rally, but doesn't have much success. Beast Friends Frankie tries to keep the Fear Squad's spirits high and comes up with various theories as to why Cleo is not with them. The Fear Squad performs the cheer without her, but blunders at the end. Fortunately, their failure is forgotten about as soon as it is time to dance. Varsity Boos
Gloomsday - military discipline
Denied for Gloom Beach, Frankie informs the team they still have a chance if they go for the wildcard arrangement: create a fearleading video and get it a million hits on FrightTube in two days. Though the odds are low, the Fear Squad imediately gets to work. Gloomsday The Fear Squad's video has barely gotten any hits, so the team tries to promote it. With Ghoulia's help, they manage to lure in a big audience and reach 999,999 hits. However, FrightTube chooses that moment to crash. Falling Spirits The Fear Squad anxiously looks on as Ghoulia tries to do something about the crash. Despite her best efforts, the clock strikes 3:00 PM before she succeeds. Cleo tearfully thanks her friends for all they've done, but the mood is promptly improved when Deuce delivers the news that FrightTube crashed because of all the traffic to their video. Rather than a million hits, they've got twn million hits. Their Gloom Beach invitation follows soon after. Fatal Error During the ride to Gloom Beach, Frankie has a dream of becoming the captain of the Fear Squad. She awakes when the bus arrives, only to find that the Fear Squad will be staying in a decrepit cottage. Screech to the Beach When Scary Murphy hands the Fear Squad a list of chores to do, Frankie reluctantly and skeptically goes through them. Witch Trials

After finishing the chores, the Fear Squad relaxes at the beach while Cleo and Ghoulia work out a routine. The Fear Squad gathers at dusk to memorize the routine but they are watched by the werecats. Toralei later steals Frankie's recording of the routine and hands it to the Smogsnorts team. Don't Cheer the Reaper It is discovered only at the competition that the werecats stole the Fear Squad's routine and gave it to Smogsnorts. Cleo uses the movements from the chores Scary Murphy had them do to improvise a new routine, which wins them the spirit staff. Road to Monster Mashionals Frankie and the rest of the Fear Squad have become a target of revenge for the werecats. First they are splashed with water just as a fearbook photo is supposed to be made, and then Cleo is tricked into agreeing to stay at Monster High on the night of Friday the 13th. Queen of the Scammed Frankie joins Cleo in spending the night of Friday the 13th at Monster High. They encounter a monster roaming through the school, but it turns out to only seek people to celebrate its birthday with. Frightday the 13th During lunch, the topic moves to relationships and Frankie lies she has a boyfriend. Her Frankie want to meet him, so Frankie brings a life-sized voodoo doll to school the next day that she thinks she failed to bring alive. Weirded out, her friends assure her she does not need a boyfriend to fit in. Frankie happily puts the doll with the trash, only to discover he is alive. HooDoo You Like? Frankie rushes to Draculaura's aid when she faints at the sight of a steak. She gets her to the bathroom for recovery, where Clawdeen later enters to apologize to Draculaura for the steak. Fear Pressure Frankie runs all across school to get everyone's signatures for her fearbook copy. She is with Draculaura when Toralei hands her a paper she supposedly dropped, which contains a recipe for stinkbombs, just as Mr. Rotter walks by and overhears. Fear the Book Ghoulia has discovered that the werecats are behind the odd events of the day. Her friends thus confront the trio and learn that they plan to pin the blame of a stinkbomb on the Fear Squad so that they'll get expelled. The group rushes out and collects the bomb before it drops. Desperate Hours Miss Infearmation Hyde and Shriek Daydream of the Dead Nefera Again Back-to-Ghoul Abominable Impression Frost Friends Hyde Your Heart Ghostly Gossip Hiss-teria Phantom of the Opry The Bermuda Love Triangle Here Comes Treble Dueling Personality Neferamore Rising From the Dead Monster Mashionals Part 1 Monster Mashionals Part 2

Special webisodes

TBA Kind: The Shockumentary

TV specials

TBA Fright On!

Volume 3


TBA Dodgeskull Game of DeNile Uncommon Cold Ghosts with Dirty Faces Hickmayleeun No Place Like Nome The Nine Lives of Toralei Abyss Adventure Unearthed Day Creepfast Club Home Ick Hoodoo That Voodoo That You Do I Know What You Did Last Fright Honey, I Shrunk the Ghouls HooDude VooDoo Undo the Voodoo Night of a Thousand Dots Best Ghoulfriend Aba-Kiss Me Deadly Bean Scare, Done That A Perfect Match Hiss-toria The Need for Speed The Halls Have Eyes Mauled Scare-born Infection Boo Year's Eve Franken-Styled Defending Your Lagoona The Ghoulest Season Scare-itage Tree of Unlife No Ghouls Allowed I Scream, You Scream Frankie's Joltin' Juice Tortoise and The Scare Fierce Crush Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers Flowers for Slow Moe Ready, Wheeling and Able Creature of the Year Party Undead Student Disembodied President Clawbacks Field of Screams Angry Ghouls The Stich-uation Scarah-Voyant

Special webisodes

TBA Fashion Emergency Super Fan Zom-Beach Party We Stop Hate Department of Monster Vehicles Royal Pest Sitter Cookie Creeper

TV specials

Frankie joins her friends in helping prepare for Draculaura's Sweet 1600th Birthday Celebration, even trying to help Clawd with finding a good gift for his girlfriend. Frankie finds herself caught in trying to save Draculaura when a plot set up by a jealous Toralei, who was denied admittance to Draculaura's party, with an old flame of Draculaura's from Transylvania, Valentine, plans to leave Draculaura heartbroken on her Sweet 1600th birthday. When one attempt by C.A. Cupid results in Cupid falling in love with Clawd due to Toralei's intervention, it is only during Draculaura's party that Frankie, with help from Lagoona and Abbey, are able to recover Cupid's bow and break the spell on everyone, giving Clawd the chance he needs to break Valentine's spell on Draculaura, and leave Toralei and Valentine to be ejected from Draculaura's party by Cleo's Anubis bouncers after falling in the Pit of Eternal Body Odor. Frankie sees Draculaura and Clawd off when they leave campus in Draculaura's new car. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Frankie joins her friends on a visit to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to visit Lagoona's parents during Spring Break from Monster High. When a kraken destroys their ship and leaves them adrift, an eccentric salesman by the name of Bartleby Farnum, rescues them and takes them to Skull Shores, secretly under the surmise that Frankie will lure out the beast that Farnum is searching for on the island. Frankie is soon taken by said beast, only for the beast to be a young, teenage monster by the name of Andy, who becomes his monstrous, beastly self when experiencing negative emotions like anger, hate, and fear, be it from himself or another. The reason he kidnapped Frankie is because she looks so similar to a young girl Andy met a long time ago, who was not scared of him at all. He had made all the statues Frankie has seen around the island to remind him of her and keep him from assuming his beast form. When Farnum takes Frankie hostage and threatens to drain her electricity, Andy transforms and surrenders to Farnum, only for Farnum's plan to fail when Gil arrives with the kraken to sink Farnum's boat and return the students' repaired boat so they can return home. Frankie is able to convince Andy to leave Skull Shores with them and return to Monster High. However, Farnum launches another attack at the school sometime after Andy has enrolled and is still adapting to modern technology due to his isolation on Skull Shores. When Farnum pushes Andy to transform again, Frankie holds her ground to try and talk him out of it, but he takes her and climbs to the top of the school. Once there, Frankie's further attempts to help Andy fail as he once more surrenders to Farnum, only for Farnum to then be betrayed by his assistant, Kipling, leading to Farnum being tar-and-feathered, and hauled away to a psych ward by a couple of humans who he had called to capture Andy. Like with Andy, Frankie convinces Kipling to stay at Monster High as well, and when Headless Headmistress Bloodgood extends Spring Break another week to deal with repairs to the school caused by Farnum's actions, Frankie joins everyone else as they return to Skull Shores to enjoy their extended Spring Break with the Tiki. Escape From Skull Shores

TBA Friday Night Frights

Frankie's first Halloween becomes tarnished when she is taught of the hostility between humans and monsters. Following an attack by two students from New Salem High, she resolves to do something and through luck and determination she finds the long lost Hall of Halloween. She attempts to re-teach the true meaning of the holiday to everyone, but gets caught up in the events being orchestrated by Lilith Van Hellscream and Cleo to keep the hostilities flaring between humans and monsters. Her first visit to New Salem results in her befriending a couple of the students, Chad and Clair, but she ends up with detention upon returning to Monster High. When Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde does not return with them and is still at New Salem, Frankie takes Abbey, Lagoona, and Deuce with her to try and save him. They fail as Jackson is exposed as Holt by Lilith to the New Salem Sheriff, and he plans on executing Holt with the Trick-Or-Treatment. Frankie and the others are allowed to return back to Monster High, where they are given detention once more, along with the threat of expulsion if they return to New Salem again. With Headless Headmistress Bloodgood ordered not to intervene by the Monster Elder Council in saving Holt, Frankie tries to save Holt herself by getting Cleo and Lilith to confess to the Sheriff, but he refuses to release Holt under the surmise of wanting to prove he's a capable lawman. As a result, Frankie joins forces with Lilith, Chad, and Clair, to rescue Holt, and lure the New Salem kids to the Hall of Halloween to show them the true spirit of Halloween, dressing in her Ghouls Rule attire with Cleo, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Abbey. When the Sheriff and his officers arrive to arrest not only Holt, but Frankie and the other Monster High students as well, Lilith and the New Salem students protect them, forcing the Sheriff and his men to stand down and join the festivities.

Frankie discusses how she was able to help restore the true meaning of Halloween back to both Monster High and New Salem High, and then joins everyone in dancing before a final shot of Frankie and her friends in their Ghouls Rule attire. Ghouls Rule

TBA Scaris: City of Frights From Fear to Eternity 13 Wishes

Frankie stays behind at Monster High when Draculaura returns to Transylvania with Prime Minister Lord Stoker, Clawdeen, Cleo, Hoodude, and Robecca. Together with Abbey and Lagoona, they stay out of the argument between Toralei and Howleen regarding which of two actors is better than the other, until Operetta suggests settling the matter in Cute Court. It's after the court session is over that Ghoulia reveals a critical piece of information to Frankie and the others before traveling to Hauntlywood with Operetta to tell Draculaura about it. Frankie attends the debut of the latest movie by Veronica Von Vamp, really the Vampire Queen Elissabat, and celebrates with the others when Draculaura receives her full vampire powers. Frights, Camera, Action!

Volume 4


TV specials

Frankie finds herself struggling to find information about her family for a project for Mr. Rotter, but her parents withhold telling her anything, and she knows little about her grandfather, Victor Frankenstein. Disappointed by Frankie's pathetic presentation, Mr. Rotter assigns her to redo it. Frankie is also the narrator for a play on Monster High's history that her friends are doing for the performing arts teacher, Mr. Where, to help celebrate Monster High's Bicentennial Anniversary.

During an incident that transports her, Ghoulia, Toralei, Cleo, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Jinafire, Robecca, and Venus to 1814, they see Robecca's father, Hexiciah Steam, as a former professor at Monster High, and a young, intelligent student by the name of Sparky. Sparky is trying to find that critical spark to create life, but continues to fail due to his lack of patience. When Sparky follows them back to Hexiciah's lab after discovering Frankie to be what he's struggling to create, he damages the time portal they came through, causing eight of Frankie's friends to be accidentally fused together into freaky hybrids of themselves as they return to 2014. Frankie and Ghoulia are unaffected since they went through individually, but the others have become Clawvenus(Clawdeen and Venus), Dracubecca(Draculaura and Robecca), Cleolei(Cleo and Toralei), and Lagoonafire(Lagoona and Jinafire).

While Ghoulia tries to fix the portal, Frankie covers for her friends over what happened by thinking up an excuse for Mr. Where regarding their new appearances. Following the dress rehearsal for the play that proves disastrous because of Frankie's friends being unable to control their new bodies, Neighthan Rot comes forward to offer Frankie the help of the new, hybrid students that just enrolled in Monster High with getting her friends accustomed to their new forms. With the aid of Avea, Sirena, Bonita, and Neighthan, Frankie's friends gain better control of their hybrid forms, and a romantic relationship seems to develop between Frankie and Neighthan after he offers his assistance in helping out Frankie. Interesting enough, every time Frankie worries about her friends or is in a deep, emotional state, her neck bolts let off a powerful, green discharge of electricity as a result, shocking Neighthan when it happens. However, no one, not even Frankie, understands why this happens. Neighthan suggests that the discharges prove Frankie is alive because of how she felt at those moments.


Never put Frankie's friends in danger. She won't forgive you for it.

Tragedy strikes when during the official performance of the play, it is interrupted by Creation 4.0, the latest attempt by Sparky to create life after he was brought to 2014 by accident as well and attempted to try again using modern technology. When the monstrosity captures Frankie's freaky fused friends as it's prisoners, the overwhelming emotional reaction Frankie endures over seeing them in trouble causes the very essence of the spark of her life force to manifest physically as powerful, green electricity for her to use to electrocute Creation 4.0 and free her friends, defusing them in the process, but also taking a heavy toll on Frankie as well. Despite her suffering, she refuses to quit even after freeing Cleo, Toralei, Clawdeen, Venus, Lagoona, and Jinafire, as she uses every ounce of energy she has left to save Robecca and Draculaura, and shut down Creation 4.0 for good, but the toll it takes on her leaves her fatally drained as well. Guilty over what he's done, Sparky apologizes and reveals his true name to be Victor Frankenstein, Frankie's grandfather. Frankie dies happy at having gotten to meet her grandfather in person after all before she passed away. Everyone is devastated and heartbroken over her death.

After expending her life force to save her friends, Frankie passes away.

Despite the tragedy, Victor attempts to redeem himself thanks to Ghoulia's encouragement by trying to revive Frankie in a modified version of Hexiciah's rejuvenation chamber, but it takes the spark of joy that Frankie has brought to everyone at Monster High, friends and fellow students alike, that is able to bring her back from the dead, while also changing her physical appearance as well. With streaks of blue, green, and yellow in her

Frankie, back from the dead, wishing her grandfather good luck in his future endeavors before he returns to 1814.

black hair, lightning bolt earings and stitches, and a matching dress to boot, Frankie is revived, and following after Victor and Hexiciah return to 1814, Frankie's parents come clean and tell her everything about the family history, including the family photo album. Frankie even manages to finish the play on Monster High's history with her friends, both old and new, as Avea and the other hybrids are welcomed to Monster High with open arms.

Thanks to those events, Frankie's second attempt at her project for Mr. Rotter scores her an "A" for a wonderful job, and she ends with discussing what she learned from her experiences about family and what happened to all her friends from this experience. Freaky Fusion

Volume 5


Casta songs with Casta

Frankie is busy voting for one of her favorite band Casta and the Spells to perform their yearly Halloween concert at Monster High that year. When Gill, Billy, Manny and Deuce approach and tell them they do not know who Casta is, Frankie is so suprise she lets her hand loose. She proceeds to tell the guys who Casta is, by showing them an episode of Monsters of Music on Casta. Later, the vote session is cancelled and its time that Casta announces who the winner of the poll is. When her magic cauldron tells her she'll be playing at Monster High, Frankie and the other students celebrate together. Casta Vote Frankie and the rest of the gang are spending their time with Casta at the backstage, with their VIM passes, right before the concert and they learn about Casta's insecurities. After telling her that if they can distract her she'll be ab

She to sing the part that she finds hard, the ghouls leave on a mission to find the so called distraction. While doing so, Toralei steals Frankie's VIM pass, as well as the other passes, and when she goes backstage again she is stopped by the security guard. Having no other option, Frankie watches the concert and cheers on Casta when Toralei distracts her and consequently makes her forget her insecurities. Casta Spell on You Frankie is video chatting with Marisol. Later that week Frankie enters the room where the ghouls are hanging out with Marisol asking if they've seen Abbey, to which Marisol shows her a video of Abbey in Monster Pichu. Meet You in Monster Picchu

Frankie announces Lorna and Finn broke up
Frankie is preparing the greenhouse for the Gloom and Bloom dance and when Lorna stroms off crying, she check's her friend's phone and finds that she and Finn had broke up. She immediatly prepares a plan to make Lorna happy, heading to her house with the ghouls and trying to cheer her up, yet failing. Later she is having fun in the Gloom and Bloom dance until Lagoona and Draculaura crash the party. Gloom and Bloom, Part 1 After Lagoona and Gil sort themselves up, Frankie enjoys the blooming of Amanita. Gloom and Bloom, Part 2
Frankie's guest
Frankie is at Draculaura's slumber party and plays Truth or Scare with the ghouls, until Amanita goes in, to Cleo's terror. Frankie explains that she invited Amanita because she understands her struggle with being the new girl. She pays attention to Amanita's and Cleo's history and then she tells Cleo to not be mean to Amanita, stating that people can change. Bad Tomb-mates

TV specials

Frankie is with the Fear Squad to cheer on Lagoona and Sirena during the swim meet, however, when they try the Pyramid formation, Clawdeen loses her temper upon learning of the latest gossip from Spectra, causing the whole squad to fall into the pool and be accidentally electrocuted by her. She is later with Neighthan, showing their relationship still going strong, and joins everyone at the party to celebrate the new unity between Monster High and Haunted High, being taught how to sound and act like a pirate by Vandala Doubloons with Cleo and Ghoulia. Haunted

Volume 6


Freak Du Chic Act 1 Freak Du Chic Act 2 Freak Du Chic Act 3

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Boo York, Boo York

Frankie is part of the group being trained by Toralei for an upcoming dance recital. However, when Lagoona is discovered to be well-skilled with dancing, but seizes up in stage fright when performing in front of a crowd, Frankie tries to help her out with overcoming it. After Toralei humiliates Lagoona by posting her paralyzed expression on the Web, when Lagoona confronts Toralei about it, Frankie ends up being among the friends who are sucked into the Monster High school pool and transported back to Lagoona's home of the Great Scarrier Reef, with Frankie being given a mermaid form based off the electric eel, allowing her to utilize her electrical powers while in that state. They soon meet Posea, daughter of Poseidon, who brought Lagoona back to help overcome her fear, and then return to Lagoona's home to meet her former friend, now arch-rival, Kala Mer'ri, and her ally, the sisters Peri and Pearl Serpentine, along with Lagoona's father and younger siblings. Frankie acts as a pillar of support for Lagoona during their time at the Great Scarrier Reef, all the way up to when they perform in the Siren of the Sea competition, where Lagoona suffers another of her panic attacks, but before Kala can lead the crowd in laughing and jeering at her, Frankie comes to her aid and encourages the crowd to cheer Lagoona on for taking the stage again, despite her stage fright. Kala, enraged, summons her father, the Kraken, and pursues Frankie and the others back to Posea's garden, where Posea reluctantly sends them back to Monster High, returning Frankie to her normal appearance, but also accidentally sending Kala and her father there as well. As Frankie and the others rally the rest of the students to try and save their school from the Kraken's siege, Lagoona is able to confront Kala and convince her to stop her father's rampage as she would be welcomed to Monster High and not be ridiculed like back in the Great Scarrier Reef. Frankie joins everyone in the celebration that follows at the Monster High pool. Great Scarrier Reef

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Frankie introduces herself to us: she tells us about how her family created her at the power station, and how they needed to have places to hide away from the humans. She talks about how fate brought her to the power station and how the door was locked, but then says that anyone who knows her knows she never gives up. She also talks about how the station was the perfect place for a "ghoul" (girl) brought to life by electricity. She says thankfully, there was someone who loved to read who left books behind for her, but laments she soon read all the books at the station. She then perks up about how one day, Draculaura brought her to Monster High, where she can never stop learning. The result of her experiment is revealed to be popcorn. After eating some, she states she loves science, before realizing she needs to get it upstairs for "Ghouls' Night" (girls' night). She then dashes upstairs and wishes us a good night. Frankie - Meet The Ghouls


Frankie is first seen watching Draculaura from a window, while the latter is having flying lessons. After this, she follows her back to her house, proving her monsterdom on sight by her stitches and green skin. When inside, Frankie relates her life story to Dracula to try and convince him to let her stay (while Draculaura makes sure he's convinced with her cute face). From then on, the two become fast friends: they plan a school and village, and secretly go off in search of other monsters to join the school. Frankie decides to head to the moors despite Draculaura's worries, deducing (correctly) that a secluded place is ideal for a monster to hide. That monster turns out to be Clawdeen, whose fearsome wolf form almost convinces Draculaura to flee before Frankie notices the crescent amulet normal wolves wouldn't have. After Frankie relates to Clawdeen that she and Draculaura are monsters who come in peace and their plans for a monster-friendly world, the werewolf immediately softens up to them and shifts into her werebeast form. The three then seek out other monsters. Welcome to Monster High


  • In "Jaundice Brothers", Frankie has the first line in the whole cartoon series: "This is the best part of the song!"
  • Starting with Volume 2, Frankie's hair is more straight than it was in Volume 1 and much less voluminous.


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  • One of things how Frankie is different in the cartoon than the 'Basic' doll is because in the cartoon, she does not have her doll's bracelets on.
  • Frankie sports light-blue-colored Skullette earrings without chains attached to them or in the color dark blue, unlike the dark-blue colored Skullette earrings with chains that have two balls on top as the earring attacher or attachers, which are more similar to her 'Go Monster High Team!!!' earrings. She wears this look of earrings in both the 2D animation appearances and the 3D animation appearances.
  • Frankie's hair is less voluminous by the time of Volume 2 in the webisodes and TV special, Fright On!, which is a Volume 2 webisode right before Volume 3 starts.
  • Unlike the original illustrational artwork of Frankie's 'Basic' outfit and 'Basic' look, instead of dark-red nail polish, Frankie instead wears nail polish by the color dark green, much darker than her mint-colored, pale-green skin.
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