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With the first dolls released under the Monster High banner came an equal amount of figurines: the characters' pets. Compared to doll releases, figurine releases are a rarity, rarely occuring more than once per character. By far most figurines are released with the first 'Signature' or 'Signature'-style doll released of their owner.

Like a character's dolls, a pet's figurines differ between releases, even if only a little. Some figurines differ in color, others come with an accessory, and in a few cases, sculpts differ.


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The first six pet figurines were released in July of 2010 with the first six dolls of the 'Basic' assortment. The first pet figurine released outside a 'Signature' subline was Watzit, who, repainted in greyscale, came with the SDCCI 2010-exclusive Frankie Stein, herself a greyscale version of her 'Basic' doll.

Up until December of 2011, each character had a pet according to their profile, which figurine was released with the first 'Signature' doll released of the character. This changed with the introduction of C.A. Cupid, whose pet entry states she has none, although it would take six months before she'd receive a 'Signature' doll. The first 'Signature' dolls to be without figurine were Meowlody and Purrsephone in February of 2012. Invisi Billy was confirmed to be without pet too in April, but the 'Between Classes' series continued to feature a figurine for each doll.

The turnaround came in Late 2012, when the Scaris: City of Frights dolls hit stores. Both Jinafire Long and Skelita Calaveras have pets, Qing and Nati, whose existence isn't quite resolved. They are mentioned in the characters' sketchbooks and Qing even has a picture in Jinafire's sketchbook, but both the characters' profiles deny them to have pets. Prior to the website's big update of 2013, the text-only version of Jinafire's profile even featured a different pet entry that did acknowledge Qing. Neither pet has gotten a figurine yet and as is it's unclear if they ever will.

Pets have become a rarity since then, to the point that currently only half the cast has one. Figurine numbers haven't dwindled as hard because there's been an increase in pets with multiple figurines, with Count Fabulous leading in numbers. Since Late 2013, the pets have gotten a new marketing strategy with the releases of the Secret Creepers - Pets and the Secret Creepers - Critters, which are toys that are a little bigger than the figurines. What this means for the figurines is yet to be seen.


Figurine Assortment Release date Change
Watzit 'Basic' Early July None
Count Fabulous 'Basic' Early July None
Crescent 'Basic' Early July None
Neptuna 'Basic' Early July None
Hissette 'Basic' Early July None
Perseus 'Basic' Early July None
Watzit SDCCI 2010 July 22 Paint
Sir Hoots A Lot 'Basic' Mid October None
Crossfade 'Basic' Mid October None/Paint
Neptuna Dead Tired Early June Accessory
Rhuen 'School's Out' Mid June None
Rockseena 'School's Out' Mid June None
Frog Classroom Mid July None
Shiver 'School's Out' Mid July None
Sweet Fangs 'Campus Stroll' Early November None
Azura 'Campus Stroll' Mid January None
Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs 'Campus Stroll' Mid January None
Cushion 'Campus Stroll' Early March None
Crossfade 'Between Classes' Late March None/Paint
Roux 'Between Classes' Late March None
Count Fabulous Powder Room (Toys"R"Us) Late June Sculpt
Sir Hoots A Lot Scooter (Toys"R"Us) Late June Accessory
Captain Penny 'Between Classes' Early July None
Chewlian 'Between Classes' Early July None
Frog Classroom Early October None
Nightmare LS Mid May None
Cushion 13 Wishes Late May Paint
Dustin 13 Wishes Late May None
Neptuna 13 Wishes Late May Paint
Sultan Sting 13 Wishes Early July None
Shoo SDCCI 2013 July 18 None
Needles LS Mid November None
Count Fabulous Sweet Screams Mid December Sculpt
Watzit Sweet Screams Mid December Sculpt
Sir Hoots A Lot Sweet Screams Late July Sculpt
Shiver Sweet Screams Late July Sculpt
Count Fabulous Draculocker Early August None
Crescent Freak Du Chic - Noir ??? Sculpt
Dustin Freak Du Chic - Noir ??? Sculpt
Count Fabulous Shriekwrecked - Nautical Ghouls Late July None
Neptuna Shriekwrecked - Nautical Ghouls Late July None
Roux Shriekwrecked - Nautical Ghouls Late July None
Cleo's Cat 'Ghoul's Beast Pet' Late July None
Lagoona's Turtle 'Ghoul's Beast Pet' Late July None
Frankie's Bear 'Ghoul's Beast Pet' Mid August None
Draculaura's Poodle 'Ghoul's Beast Pet' Mid August None
Clawdeen's Dog 'Ghoul's Beast Pet - Clawsome Pet Salon' Mid August None
Slimer SDCCI 2016 July 21 None