Volume 2, Episode 17: Toralei plots to scratch up trouble at Monster High, beginning with exposing Gil and Lagoona's aqua-some relationship in the new Fearbook.


The new fearbook has just been released and Cleo is such a popular target for autographs that she has Ghoulia manage the line of waiting students for her. Frankie is on an autograph hunt too, while Lagoona and Gil are still waiting in line for theirs. When it's their turn, Toralei hands them the fearbook with the information that she's created an entire spread of photos of just the two of them, her tone of voice leaving no question that she knows Gil is in deep trouble now.

At their lockers, Ghoulia and Cleo are happy the autograph session has come to an end and Cleo opens her locker unassumingly. A large number of balloons come falling out, just as Mr. Rotter and Toralei walk by. Rotter suspects a graduation prank and warns Cleo that if that's the case, she better reconsider. Cleo replies that she doesn't know how the balloons got in her locker, but Toralei advises Rotter to keep an eye on the Fear Squad. As both she and Rotter leave, Ghoulia notices a suspicious hair among the balloons and examines it.

Lagoona and Gil are going through the fearbook together; Lagoona happily, Gil not so much. With no other option, Gil finally confesses to Lagoona that he lied and that his parents think he broke up with Lagoona. Lagoona angrily notes that she doesn't want to be late for a test and walks away. This makes Gil think, and he waits at Lagoona's classroom until she's finished with the test. When she comes out, he informs her that he could just not show his parents the fearbook. Again, Lagoona walks away angrily, this time elaborating that she wants Gil to take a stand for what he believes in.

In another classroom, Draculaura and Clawdeen are done with their tests too and prepare to leave. But when Clawdeen picks up her bag, the weight catches her off-guard and her bag falls, revealing four rotten gargoyle eggs as they roll over the floor to Mr. Rotter's feet. As Clawdeen fruitlessly tries to convince him that she does not know where the eggs came from, Toralei, Meowlody, and Purrsephone smirk. Draculaura meets Frankie in the hallway, where Toralei follows them. She hands Draculaura a paper, claiming she dropped it, but Draculaura doesn't recognize it. Frankie asks what it's about, to which Draculaura replies that it's a recipe for a stink bomb, just as Mr. Rotter comes walking down the stairs. Mr. Rotter gestures that he's watching the Fear Squad. Frankie tries to shrug off the experience by finding Gil and Lagoona, the only friends who haven't signed her fearbook yet, and asking them for their autographs. She lets it slip that this will be the first fearbook that will have a digital edition to and that that one will be sent to everyone's parents. Lagoona thinks this is great, but Gil is terrified.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Ghoulia Yelps
  3. Iris Clops
  4. Buzz Wingman
  5. Gilda Goldstag
  6. Eyera
  7. Scarah Screams
  8. Frankie Stein
  9. Draculaura
  10. Clawdeen Wolf
  11. Deuce Gorgon
  12. Lagoona Blue
  13. Gillington Webber
  14. Toralei Stripe
  15. Purrsephone
  16. Meowlody
  17. Mr. Rotter



  • Of the fearleading pictures in the fearbook, the one depicting Cleo is new, the one depicting four fearleaders shows a scene from "Fear Squad", and the one depicting the pink catgirl must've been taken during or around "New Ghoul @ School". "Fear Squad" and "New Ghoul @ School" represent separate Volume 1 continuities.
  • Despite threatening to publish unflattering photos of the Fear Squad in the fearbook in "Queen of the Scammed", Toralei either chose not to go through with it or couldn't go through with it.
  • Gil started lying to Lagoona in "HooDoo You Like?".
  • Gil's parents will act on their their threat to send Gil to an underwater boarding school between "Miss Infearmation" and "Back-to-Ghoul".



  • Meowlody's lock of hair and stripes are on the wrong sides when she's standing at the fearbook table.
  • Though "HooDoo You Like?" and "Desperate Hours" make it clear that some of Gil's pals know that he lied about his parents accepting Lagoona, it is not explained how the werecats know.


  • Toralei's motives for going after Lagoona and Gil are murky at best. While it may seem the photos are meant to be used against Lagoona, she being a target due to her standing up for the Fear Squad in "HooDoo You Like?", the photos are actually of no harm to her. Only Gil gets in trouble because of them, but Toralei has not been given a motive to go after Gil. It could be that Toralei, as per her 'Campus Stroll' diary, goes after Gil because he's placing himself up high with his lies that get him to dodge conflict.
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