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Elissabat debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 3 TV special "Frights, Camera, Action!", which premiered on March 11, 2014. She is voiced by Karen Strassman in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 3

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Elissabat's childhood freedom comes to an end with the disappearance of her father, which makes her uncle, Lord Stoker, her legal guardian. He forbids her a lot, but things get even worse when they learn that Elissabat is chosen by the Vampire's Heart to be the new Queen of the Vampires. Stoker seeks to control her so he will be the effective ruler of the vampires, leaving her just a puppet queen. Knowing neither she nor Dracula, her father's best friend, can fight him, Elissabat takes the Vampire's Heart and flees Transylvania to reach Londoom, from where she travels on to New Goreleans. There, she leaves the Vampire's Heart in the care of Hexiciah Steam to free herself fully and moves on to Hauntlywood to become an actress like she always had wanted to. Her efforts aren't in vain, as she becomes the star of the Vampire Majesty movies under the alias Veronica Von Vamp. She remains in hiding for four hundred years until Stoker tries to make Draculaura take Elissabat's place as queen in name only. This prompts Draculaura to search for Elissabat and get her to accept queenhood. Elissabat refuses at first, but when she sees the danger Draculaura and many others are in if Stoker has his way, she stands up to Stoker and agrees to be queen. To further that, she punishes her uncle by banishing him from ever holding official office again before having her security guards drag him off the boo-vie lot. And contrary to what Stoker convinced her of, Elissabat is able to be both a good queen and a dedicated actress. In fact, she has the next Vampire Majesty movie made at her old home, Castle Dracul, with a new crew consisting of people who helped make her coronation possible. Frights, Camera, Action!

Everyone at the premiere of the new Vampire Majesty movie is eager to see Veronica's acting. Welcome to Hauntlywood

Volume 4


Elissabat has to acquire experience as a regular high schooler for her next movie role, so Draculaura invites her to come spend a week as a student at Monster High. She and Viperine consider the idea a good one, but Elissabat has to go incognito if she wants to be treated as a regular high schooler. For this, Viperine works out a disguise involving a wig and glasses.

The plan proceeds well enough at first and Elissabat has a blast as a regular student. Though Draculaura invited her, the two have different schedules and only have a few moments to hang out. Having a reputation for being a terrible gossiper, Draculaura has to promise to keep Elissabat's secret when apart. Nonetheless, she can't keep prevent herself from telling Clawd. She insists he doesn't tell anyone else, which he agrees to. However, the presence of a famous movie star makes Clawd nervous and limits his performance potential during the next casketball match. While apologizing to the rest of the team, Clawd accidentally spills the beans about Elissabat.

It doesn't take long before the entire school knows that the new girl is actually a Hauntlywood celebrity and Elissabat soon has to run from her over-enthusiastic fans. Draculaura understands Clawd did not keep quiet as he had said he'd do and volunteers him to be dressed up in Elissabat's disguise and distract the crowd of fans. With Viperine's makeup artist skill, the plan is a downright success. Master of Hiss-guise


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