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Elementals in Monster High.

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Elementals are types of monsters that are able to generate, control, and manipulate the elements. In most myths elementals tend to be only female, while in monster high they can be male or female. Examples of creatures such as the Pygmy were taken from Greek mythology. The elements of earth, water, air, and fire, were classed as the fundamental building blocks of nature. This system prevailed in the Classical world and was highly influential in medieval natural philosophy.  

Monster High

The Monster High elementals are Heath Burns, Harmony Burns and their parents, Holt Hyde, Flara Blaze are fire elementals, Sue Nami who is a water elemental, and formerly C.A. Cupid, who was a bone elemental.


Elementals tend to look more human then other monster, but they do have traits to show what kind of elemental they are. For example Heath Burns has yellow skin, small point ears, orange eyes, and orange hair that can become fire. Sue Nami looks mostly human except her lower half where she has no legs (or at least their unseen), but instead its water that takes on a skirt like shape. 

C.A. Cupid when she was a bone elemental she had pale white skin, with her hands and feet being solid black. She also had rib cage like wings on her back. 

From what we seen so far in monster high there are fire elementals, water elementals, and bone elementals. It's most likely there are many other diffrent kinds of elementals. 


  • Pyrokinesis: Fire elementals as shown though Heath Burns they have power over fire. Being able to generate fire from their hands, Heath's hair can also turn into fire.
  • Hydrokinesis: Water elementals like Sue Nami can have power over water. Sue has a lower body that's primary just water, water can drip behind her, and she can expel water out of her body.

Known Elementals  



  • In the comics Flara Blaze is a fire elemental, but in most other works she is a phoenix.

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