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Lori Pantel: "Monster High was launched quite differently than any other brand at Mattel. We actually launched with online content."

Ira Singerman: "One of the great things about the animated stories is that we are able to see, almost in real-time, what the fans are thinking. So we go on YouTube, we go on Facebook; we read all the comments and what the fans say is really important to us."

Audu Paden: "As we continue to make more Monster High webisodes there is a lot of things we're focussing on. We want to focus more on what we can find out about the school."

Garrett Sander: "Not every corridor in the halls of Monster High has been explored so there's a lot of monsters hiding behind the doors. We have teachers, we'll see siblings for our Monster High characters coming in, we've got a lot of milestones coming up. Alright, they may be monsters, but they still have birthdays and little proms, so there's a lot of fun things that we are going to be doing with the brand."

Audu Paden: "We're inventing background characters and if we like them, we start to push them forward and give them bigger speaking parts. We're setting up these catacombs under the school with all sorts of different environments. It will give us more opportunity for story-telling."

Lori Pantel: "We have girls who are literally creating their own characters, who are taking existing characters and modifying them, writing their whole backstories. And that really inspired us to think about: "Is this the moment for us to give girls a chance to truly create their own characters? And so, coming up in 2012, we are going to give girls a chance to literally build out their own characters - the ultimate in customization. We are really excited to see what some of the fans create."


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