Draculaura will go batty if she has to fit one more thing in her school locker, so the ghouls make a scary-cool plan to shock her with a new locker.


Draculaura and Clawd chat as they head to Draculaura's locker on the way to the Creepateria. Draculaura spots Frankie, Clawdeen, Ghoulia and Gigi, and decides to show them a new eyeshadow she's bought. She opens her locker, and a massive pile of clothes, bags, make-up and other items fall out and bury Clawd. The ghouls suggest that Draculaura really needs to clean out her locker, but Draculaura is incredibly reluctant to get rid of any off her things. As she grabs a book from the pile and runs off, the ghouls decide to help Draculaura by making a new locker that can handle all of her stuff. Gigi offers to help with the design, since she knows all about living in a small space from her days in her lamp.

Ghoulia and Gigi design the new locker on a computer, and Clawdeen shows off the blueprint to Headmistress Bloodgood, who approves it. Clawd builds the locker in the school's metalshop, with Frankie helping out by powering his blowtorch. Finally, the new, gigantic locker is complete and placed in the school corridor. Draculaura is utterly delighted with her new locker, and thanks the ghouls and Clawd for making it as she hangs upside down in it

A week later, Frankie asks Draculaura if she's still enjoying the locker. Draculaura answers by opening it, causing another massive pile of her things to fall out and bury Frankie. She sheepishly admits she's filled it up in only a week. When Frankie gives her a look, she decides there's only one thing to do.

When Frankie and the ghouls see her later, she has roped Clawd and some zombies into helping her create a dozen more giant lockers.


  1. Don of the Dead
  2. Quill Talyntino
  3. Eyera
  4. Meowlody
  5. Clawd Wolf
  6. Draculaura
  7. Invisi Billy
  8. Scarah Screams
  9. Frankie Stein
  10. Ghoulia Yelps
  11. Clawdeen Wolf
  12. Gigi Grant
  13. Ms. Bloodgood
  14. Nightmare



  • This webisode is thought to come after "Casta Vote", to come after Volume 5, but was actually wasn't posted on YouTube until after "Casta Vote". It was actually created before it. So was "Stage Frightened", which came after "Draculocker".
  • Draculaura still likes to keep around a lot of her stuff with her, as previously seen in "Back-to-Ghoul".



  • When Frankie and Draculaura walk past her new locker, three students are animated as walking behind it even though the locker stands against the wall.
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