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Treesa Thornwillow

Profile art - Treesa Thornwillow
  • Parents: A Tree Nymph
  • Age: 116
  • How Do I Boo?: I branch-out! I like to expand my horizons and learn new things, and then I love to teach what I've discovered to other monsters.
  • Killer Style: When it comes to fashion, I like to see which way the wind takes me. I don't mean I only wear what's in season, as in trendy, but I wear what I forecast to feel right that day.
  • Monster Quirk: Now that I'm a teenager (in tree years), I'm growing frightfully tall and my magical powers are coming in. I've developed mystical pollen that I can't control yet, so I cause some crazy happenings in the garden!
  • Pet: A lot of critters like to cuddle up in my limbs. Since they adopted me, I think I may be their pet and not the other way around.
  • Favorite Activity: I like to hum and sway. Not dance and sing, but hum and sway. I know that sounds quirky, but it puts me in me in tune with the rhythm of the garden.
  • Pet Peeve: Those who don't appreciate the environment and destroy it just to make money. What could be more valuable than nature?
  • Favorite Food: Raindrops. Not many monsters appreciate the subtle flavor, but to me they are a sweet treat.
  • Friends: None
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