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Other dolls

Picnic Casket for 2

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Love in the Air?


It's a BOOTIFUL day for a picnic so Frankie and Jackson have thrown together a casket full of goodies and they're off to find a nice spot that's quiet, shady and music free. Is this just a friendly get together for lunch or is there a real spark in the air between these two FANGTASTIC friends?

Ghoul's Alive!

Main article: Ghoul's Alive!
Back-of-the-box blurb

Unlive out your favorite MH character's most iconic moment by activating their special feature. IT'S A SCARY COOL WAY TO PLAY.


Left of each back-of-the-box blurb is a screenshot taken from a webisode relevant to the respective character. For Robecca this is "Angry Ghouls", for Toralei it's "The Nine Lives of Toralei", and for Deuce it is "New Ghoul @ School".


The main part of the box's backside is taken up by an interview with the character.

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