In 2011, Mattel introduced atype of contest that would prove to be rare: doll elections. The setup of a doll election is that there are three candidates of different character development backgrounds that fans can vote for to be released as a doll the next year. The two who don't win are not doomed to never be made into a doll, but rather won't be available until the year after the winner is released. As of yet, Monster High has only hosted two doll elections: one in 2011 during San Diego Comic-Con International and one in 2014 in September. Both doll elections have been met with controversy that accuses Mattel of having decided the winners beforehand and dissatisfaction that most of the participants end up as Comic-Con-exclusive dolls and the rest as store-exclusive dolls.


SDCCI 2011 - contest closeup

In 2011, visitors of the convention, of Facebook, and of the Monster High website were asked to vote for one of three new characters from July 21st to July 24th, and the winner would be made into a doll in 2012. The candidates were Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, Scarah Screams, and Wydowna Spider, who was entered as "Daughter of Arachne". On August 11th, Scarah Screams was announced to have won the contest and she became available as the Comic-Con-exclusive doll of 2012. In 2013, Bloodgood was released as a Toys"R"Us-exclusive doll and Wydowna was the Comic-Con-exclusive doll of that year.


The contest was promoted and held on three places: the convention floor, Facebook, and the Monster high website. The first had the dolls on display in a special case, while the websites had to do with stockphotos. The contest and characters were introduced as follows:

July 21, 2011:

Wondering how you can make your voice heard all over Monster High? Don't just stand there moaning about it – scream it from the belfry!
Join fans from across the country and vote for the next MH character. Whether it's Scarah Screams, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood or Daughter of Arachne, make sure you share your fave choice with the entire student body by casting your vote (heads up - all Monster High designs and doll names are subject to change).
Don't drag your zombie feet though, voting is only open July 21 – July 24.

July 22, 2011:

SDCCI 2011 - Bloodgood stockphoto
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood's head is always in a creeperific place and she'd love to capture your vote. Check out all the contenders in the "New MH Dolls" album and choose now, before it's too late.
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is the perfect leader for a school full of monsters because no matter what the crisis she rarely loses her head! If you love her, make her the first faculty doll and vote now! Don't forget - all Monster High designs and doll names are subject to change.

July 23, 2011:

SDCCI 2011 - Wydowna stockphoto
The Daughter of Arachne is the beast multi-tasking monster I've seen in centuries (her multiple limbs really give her a leg up on the competition)! Which ghoul do you think should be the next MH character? Creep over to the “New MH Dolls” album and cast your vote!
Daughter of Arachne is one of the newest ghoul to hit the Monster High scene! Moan no more, if you like her the beast, then vote! Keep in mind - all Monster High designs and doll names are subject to change.

July 24, 2011:

SDCCI 2011 - Scarah stockphoto
Scarah Screams always makes her voice heard over the mobs and she's dying to make sure yours is heard too! Which character do you want to bring to life? Take a lurk at the "New MH Dolls" album to catch a freak-peek at all the choices and vote.
Scarah Screams may seem like she's been hiding in the background, but she's ready to step out of the dark. If you're dying to bring her to life, vote now! Just remember, ghouls, all Monster High designs and doll names are subject to change.


Website - 2011 contest winner announcement

Shortly after the announcement that Scarah Screams had won the contest, accusations were levelled that Mattel had fixed the outcome. Specifically, the claim was that Wydowna Spider was to have been the winner. Reports from the convention floor noted that, while Scarah was initially leading, Wydowna gained the upper hand when both dolls had between 600 and 700 votes. Meanwhile, Wydowna's Facebook likes number 270, while Scarah's count 263. Neither report is a guarantee that Wydowna outvoted Scarah, but they do support the claim. On the other hand, the one uncertain source is the Monster High website. Since the website attracts more visitors than either Facebook due to the former being promoted on every single doll box or San Diego Comic-Con International due to ticket limitations, a preference for Scarah there could've well tipped the balance in her favor.

It is not a secret that the contest had a research aspect to it. The three contestants each represent a different background that at the time made them pioneers in various developments the doll series would follow. Scarah, while having a simplistic design compared to the other two, had an established presence in the franchise in her role as backgrounder. Bloodgood had been a regular member of the cartoon's cast by the time of Comic-Con and her doll had an interesting gimmick, but she was also an adult, thus making her further removed from the identity of the audience at large. And Wydowna was a revolutionary design, but also a character with no history and not even a name. Since the contest, numerous backgrounders have been turned into characters and the doll designs have become much more diverse and bold. It is not out of the question that, on the condition that there would be sufficient enthusiasm for the contest, all three contenders have always been meant to be released.

In Wydowna's case, it is peculiar that if one is to believe the outcome was not fixed, she was the only one of the contestants not to have been trademarked shortly before the contest, hence why she entered simply as "Daughter of Arachne". Mattel also is known to fix the outcomes of promotions on the Monster High website, so there is precedent to false polls. Still, all this is circumstantial evidence and whether or not the contest was fixed is impossible to determine.

Later on, fans did not react positively either to the fact that both Scarah and Wydowna, the two most voted-for options during the contest, had their default outfit dolls released as convention-exclusive dolls in the following two years. Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was also an exclusive doll, but a store-exclusive one, making her easier to obtain despite her being the least voted-for doll.


Website - 2014 vote

In 2014, the Monster High website exclusively featured another doll election.X. Visitors of the website were asked to vote for one of three new characters from September 2nd to September 14th, and the winner would be made into a doll in 2015. The candidates were Quill Talyntino, Finnegan Wake, and Gory Fangtell. On September 18th, Finnegan Wake was announced to have won the election. This was followed by an add-on election in 2015 starting on January 16th and which was said to last until January 31st but in reality was up until March 28th. The election allowed visitors of the Monster High website to vote on six parts of Finnegan's profile. For each part, there were two options given.


The contest was held on the Monster high website, but separately on each national version in existence at the time, meaning there were 25 separate polls. Unlike the 2011 election, there were no mockup dolls available and fans had to vote based on webisode presence. While Facebook did not feature a poll of its own, it did promote the election. The contest and characters were introduced as follows:

September 02, 2014:

Now you can decide which background character is ready to creep into the spotlight and become your next Monster High doll! Voting begins now, so drag your bodies over here!

September 03, 2014:

Facebook - Finnegan banner
Will Finnegan Wake make a huge splash as Monster High's newest doll to come to life in 2015? Don't forget to vote before the coffin closes forever!

September 03, 2014:

Facebook - Gory banner
Will the competition bite the dust in favor of Gory Fangtel? Only you can decide her fate! Vote now!

September 03, 2014:

Facebook - Quill banner
Fresh blood or not, Quill Talyntino is making one creeperific first impression on the masses at Monster High! Drag your bodies over and vote now!

As with the September doll election, the January profile election was held on the Monster high website, but separately on each national version in existence at the time, meaning there were 25 separate polls. Visitors could vote in six profile categories, in the order Freaky Flaw, Favorite Food, Favorite Activity, Killet Style, Pet, and Pet Peeve.

Website - Finnegan profile vote - Freaky Flaw I'm a scaredevil who doesn't like to be told, "That's too dangerous." Though, sometimes I may dive in headfirst too quickly! I'm addicted to adrenaline. Love the rush that comes with racing through the Catacombs or wheeling around the SKRM track!
Website - Finnegan profile vote - Favorite Food It may be a scary-bit cliché since I'm a merman, but sushi and seaweed salad are my faves. Kelp smoothies with protein boosts. They taste spoketastic and give me lots of energy so I'm always ready to roll (pun intended)!
Website - Finnegan profile vote - Favorite Activity I'm not a sit around kind of dude. I love extreme sports, especially Skultimate Roller Maze. When I'm not wheeling around school in my chair, you can find me working out in the school pool, at Gloom Beach or in the ocean. Water workouts really keep my fins fit.
Website - Finnegan profile vote - Killer Style My blue mohawk and clawesome tats may say punk rocker, but my fierce fashions are scary-cool race wear. I like to be ready to get my wheels rolling at all times, so I always wear something athletic, but that doesn't mean my lurk isn't legit.
Website - Finnegan profile vote - Pet I grew up with a sea turtle who moved about as fast as a zombie. He still lives at home with my parents. A ghost cheetah would be my skultimate pet, because they're the fastest creature in the monster world...but they're too wild to be tamed.
Website - Finnegan profile vote - Pet Peeve Monsters who think that because I'm in a chair, my handicap will hold me back. I may be a fish out of water, but I know what I can—and can't—do. Monsters who walk, drive or just move slow. I'm a monster with a need for speed.


Website - original 2014 vote
  • When originally uploaded, the poll displayed different names and species for Quill and Finnegan, calling them respectively Trina Talon (daughter of a witch) and Rider (son of a newt), which is the latter's name from his webisode debut. Both aspects were changed after a few minutes in the English version of the poll, but versions in other languages kept the incorrect names in use for longer.
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