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Deuce Gorgon debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Jaundice Brothers", which premiered on May 5, 2010. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, Cam Clarke, and Evan Smith in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 1


Talon Show - kiss
When Radio KBLOOD announces a contest of which the prize is that the Jaundice Brothers come play at the winner's school's homecoming dance, Deuce helps Frankie put together a tape to sent in. As luck has it, they win the contest. Jaundice Brothers

Deuce attends Monster High's 1361st Annual Charity Talon Show to root for Cleo, who despite her best efforts is outdone by Clawdeen. Talon Show

Substitute Creature - Deuce is late
Deuce is non-apologetically late for Trigular Calcometry 101, which angers the substitute creature, Lou Zarr. He demands that Deuce takes off his hood and sunglasses, not knowing the boy is a gorgon, and Deuce complies. Zarr ends up petrified and Deuce declares the class dismissed. Substitute Creature

Deuce and his friends organize a double-surprise party for Frankie and Draculaura, who are respectively having their Sweet 16 (days) and Sweet 1600. As part of the organization, Deuce and the others have to reject invitations by both Frankie and Draculaura for a single-surprise party for the other. While not fun, the double-surprise party makes it all worth it. Party Planners

Freedom Fight - Deuce with eyeballs
An eyeball fight breaks out during Biteology and Deuce participates. Freedom Fight

It is both Friday the 13th and Halloween, a rare occurrence that spells bad luck galore until three o'clock. Deuce tries to avoid a black cat, but accidentally bumps against an open locker with a mirror inside. His sunglasses are knocked off and Deuce petrifies himself through his reflection. Freakout Friday

Deuce votes for Clawdeen as the new Scream Queen following a text campaign promising a school carnival if she wins. Rumor Run Wild

Hatch Me If You Can - Deuce petrifies egg
Cleo gets Deuce to petrify a guy so that Draculaura can meet him before school's out. Horrorscope

Deuce partners up with Cleo to take care of an egg for a whole week as an assignment for Mr. Hackington's class. Deuce petrifies the egg to guarantee that it won't break, promising it'll return to normal in a week. It doesn't. Hatch Me If You Can

Deuce is having lunch with Heath, Gil, and Slo Mo. Date of the Dead

TV specials

On Tuesday of Frankie's first week at Monster High, Deuce passes her and says hello as they enter Lou Zarr's classroom for his mathematics lecture. On Wednesday, he snaps Frankie out of a daydream she's having regarding her upcoming interview with Cleo for the Fear Squad to remind her that her open locker is preventing him from opening his, and petrifies Heath when he tries to hit on Frankie and makes her uncomfortable. This causes Frankie to become enamored with him due to his gentleman's nature with helping with Heath. On Thursday, things take a turn for the worse when Deuce is yelled at by his girlfriend, Cleo, who believes he was cheating on her when Frankie names him her boyfriend for her Fear Squad interview. When Friday rolls around, Frankie explains everything to Deuce, and helps to make amends and get Deuce and Cleo back together. Deuce joins Cleo in dancing together at Justin Biter's concert Frankie arranged for Cleo to earn her forgiveness. New Ghoul @ School

Volume 2


Deuce gets Heath Burns away from Draculaura after she makes it clear she wants him to leave her alone. Scream Building

Deuce tries to ease Cleo's worries, but fails. Varsity Boos

Deuce learns that FrightTube crashed because of all the traffic to the Fear Squad's video and hurries to tell them of this. Fatal Error

As many students do, Deuce goes to spend his Spring Break at Gloom Beach. Screech to the Beach

Deuce plays a game of catch with Heath and Slo Mo. Don't Cheer the Reaper

Deuce roots for his friends at the Gloom Beach competition. Road to Monster Mashionals

Deuce tries to ease Cleo's mind about losing her Queen Bee status, but he only makes it worse. Queen of the Scammed

Deuce talks with Gil about his lie to Lagoona that his parents are now okay with them dating. HooDoo You Like?

Deuce has lunch with Heath and invites Jackson to join them. Fear Pressure

Deuce congratulates Gil and Lagoona on the great photos of them in the fearbook. Fear the Book

Deuce attempts to comfort Clawd when Clawd gets upset over worry that Draculaura will break up with him. Hyde and Shriek

Deuce tries to peek a glance at Abbey Bominable's intriguing appearance by lowering down his sunglasses, his gorgon stare petrifying a Monster High student boy to stone, to which Deuce briefly raises up his glasses due to this mistake. Back-to-Ghoul

He is brought along with Cleo for Frankie's date with Jackson, but the black-and-white silent film bores him just like the rest of the people who came to help Frankie on her first date, to which Clawd puts on music, causing Jackson to briefly leave. Hyde Your Heart

Deuce asks Cleo about her relationship with her sister. Ghostly Gossip

Deuce keeps a secret from Cleo. She discovers him in the catacombs with a dragon statue. Deuce explains he stoned his pet dragon as a child and is waiting for him to wake up. He apologizes for his behavior, Cleo accepts his apology and they hug. Hiss-teria

Deuce is hit on by Operetta. They discover similar music interest and she asks him out. He politely rejects her leading the musician to ask what he sees in Cleo. Deuce explains that while they're opposites in personalities he loves Cleo. Operetta asks if he ever told his to Cleo (who is paranoid and jealous), and he admits he hasn't found the way. Operetta is touched by his honesty and says she'll help him express his feelings to Cleo. Phantom of the Opry

Deuce and Operetta write a love song. Cleo spies on them and assumes Deuce is cheating on her.The Bermuda Love Triangle

Deuce finds a furious Cleo who exclaims she's dumping him so he can be with his 'tacky choice'. He tries to correct her assumption, she loudly denies him. Operetta forces Cleo to listen to the song with help from Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs. The Mummy is touched by Deuce's lyrics and goes back into his arms. Here Comes Treble

Monster Mashionals Part 1

Deuce encourages Cleo and the fearsquad. Monster Mashionals Part 2

TV specials

Cleo drags Deuce into her rivalry with Gory Fangtell. Deuce gives his mother a call to find information for Frankie. Before Van Hellscream and Crabgrass can escape, Deuce petrifies them to punish them for their actions. Fright On!

Volume 3


Deuce and Clawd are accused of framing Heath. Ghosts with Dirty Faces

Sibling Rivalry The Nine Lives of Toralei Unlife to Live Unearthed Day Undo the Voodoo Best Ghoulfriend Boo Year's Eve Defending Your Lagoona

Deuce and Cleo goes on a double date with Ghoulia and Slo Mo. He and Slo Mo kiss their girlfriends at the same moment. By the magic of an idol of Cleo's, the two boys switch bodies. Freaky Fridate

Scare-itage Tough As Scales

Gil, Clawd and Gil lie to their ghoulfriends. The ghouls follow the boys to the graveyard to find them, and Jackson, playing a nerdy board game during Guys' Night. No Ghouls Allowed

Frankie's Joltin' Juice

Deuce and Cleo laugh at Draculaura and Frankie for believing aliens. Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers

Deuce is amongst the students watching Ghoulia beat the high score on the game console video game "Dead Fast". Flowers for Slow Moe

Deuce is among the many students cheering for Nightmare in the auditorium bleacher audience. Creature of the Year

Deuce is in the bleachers with a seat next to Lagoona on the topic of zombies at Monster High being poorly mistreated. Student Disembodied President

Deuce questions Frankie's statement of a race through the corn field maze at Monster High while with Heath, Gil, Draculaura, Cleo and Lagoona, to which Cleo makes a statement that she does not "race" anywhere. Gil explains how the team that wins in the latest time gets his or her pictures in the Gory Gazette. Cleo questions who is in the lead as of now, to coincidentally, it turns out to be Toralei Stripe and her werecat twin friends, Purrsephone and Meowlody. When Toralei bargains a challenge, Cleo tells her that her record is history, to which Toralei replies that they have thirty minutes. When the gang of the ghouls and the boys come across a part of the maze of where to go in which field, Lagoona exclaims that the left side looks shorter. Heath asks anyone, no one in particular, if they want popcorn, while picking up an ear of corn, to which his fire powers popping the corn lashes out in a ricochet and burns the map on fire. Deuce, along with the rest, exclaims his usual exclamation of disappointment or anger: "Heath!" to which Heath appears to be indifferent on and not care. Deuce later makes it out with his friends and wins his photo on the Gory Gazette cover, along with his friends. Field of Screams

Deuce, along with the rest of student bodies at Monster High, gets into a sort of possession or brainwash state to a game called "Angry Ghouls" only for the same thing to happen all over again at the very end. Angry Ghouls

Special webisodes

TBA Super Fan

A mutant cookie monster attacks the students of Monster High. Deuce stones it but the monster breaks through. Cookie Creeper

TV specials

Deuce discusses with friends the idea of Heath dating Ghoulia. He finds it to be a stupid and hilarious idea. As Cleo talks to Deuce during Draculaura's birthday party, Cleo is shot by Cupid's arrow. Cleo looks in Deuce's food tray and falls in love with herself. Deuce is concerned but is rejected by Cleo. After Frankie breaks Cupid's bow, Cleo falls back in love with Deuce and they reconcile. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Deuce has fun at the fair and then Cleo demands he wins her prizes. He does so easily but Cleo is competitive against Clawd and Draculaura. Deuce fails to make his girlfriend happy but he is still excited to go to Extreme Sports camp with Clawd. When Bartleby Farnum attempts to attack the Beast of Skull Shores, now known as Andy, at Monster High after being exposed during his special guest presentation, Deuce attempts to turn Farnum to stone after he overpowers the Wolf siblings, but Farnum uses a mirror to stone Deuce instead. He is unpetrified, and joins the rest of the school with going to Skull Shores for their extra week of Spring Break while Monster High is repaired from the damage caused by Farnum. Escape From Skull Shores

Deuce and the boys are smashed by cheating gargoyles during a Skulltimate game, putting them out of commission and costing Monster High their school seal and school spirit as well, sending the school into a state of literally falling apart without the school spirit. Cleo wraps his wounds. He and Gil support the ghouls while sitting in the bleachers as they battle to win the school seal and spirit back from the gargoyles. Friday Night Frights

With Halloween coming up, Deuce and Cleo disagree on Normie politics. Deuce is indifferent of Normies and believes Cleo is as well, despite her claims of distrust. Deuce does not participate in the school's retaliation on New Salem High, but goes after Cleo's secret revenge team in concern for his crazy girlfriend. The two continue to disagree on the matter throughout a Normie party, while running from the New Salem Police, and while in detention. Cleo breaks up with Deuce, by the push of her family who dislike the non-royal-loser-slacker-with-a-bad-haircut. Deuce is upset with being dumped and becomes more cynical about Normies. By the end, during the Halloween party in the Hall of Halloween, Cleo apologizes to Deuce for the chaos she caused. Deuce forgives her, saying he knows she was under pressure from her family. They get back together, in the face of the De Niles via speak phone. Ghouls Rule

Deuce says he's happy to have a break from Cleo's nagging. Deuce misses Cleo making his decisions for him, but denies this. He tries to comfort a worried Clawd, and stones Heath for making Clawd's anxieties worse. The three boys jump on a plane to find the ghouls in Scaris. Deuce is amused by Clawd asking directions from a mime. The boys find Clawdeen, Frankie Rochelle and Garott in an underground prison. The boys use their powers to break them out. Deuce is reunited with Cleo yet still denies missing her. The Mummy doubts his statement, Deuce breaks down and begs that he and Cleo never be separated again. Deuce appears in the fashion show against Ghostiuer.Scaris: City of Frights

In search for Clawdeen's living, mischievous sketchback, Deuce suggests the the kids get hot air balloons, by Cleo's credit cards. Heath, while trying to impress his fellow pyro Jinafire, seperates the rope connecting the two balloons of the search team (something Deuce called). He jumps across the space between the balloons to reconnect the teams but falls before making contact. Cleo is worried at the fall, then annoyed when he returns fine and happy to try dangerous stunts again. When shipwrecked on Skull Shores with Cleo and Skelita, Deuce encourages his girlfriend to manipulate the natives because he knows she can. From Fear to Eternity

Cleo states that her life is perfect and is happy with Deuce. Deuce calls Cleo The Queen of the his Heart. Deuce expresses admiration for Clawd, Heath and Manny getting to be on Die Trying, though later he sadly discovers they are terrifedd of the show. Howleen uses a genie wish to erase the school's memory of Cleo; Deuce is not immune. When he thinks he first meets Cleo he is attracted to her beauty and confused by her screaming. Despite her rude attitude, Deuce pursues the New Girl until Howleen blackmails him into being her date for the Eclipse Party. Howleen eventually wishes to undo all of her previous wishes; Deuce remembers he has tickets to an event for Cleo. Cleo is delighted to have her boyfriend back, however her excitement nearly chokes him. The two share a kiss during a firework show and are happy to be together again. Deuce leans in to kiss Cleo a second time but he is pushed away when she feels he need not be in a spotlight. 13 Wishes

While Cleo goes with Draculaura, Robecca, and Clawdeen as they escort Draculaura back to Transylvania, Deuce joins Gil and Clawd with staying neutral and out of the argument between Toralei and Howleen on which of two male actors is more handsome than the other, agreeing that he himself does not see much difference between either of them. Once the dispute is settled in Cute Court, Deuce and the other guys are still neutral in their new opinions on the actor who portrayed the other two that started the argument in the first place. Deuce joins Cleo as the school attends the debut of Veronica Von Vamp's latest movie, following her coronation as Elissabat, the Vampire Queen. Frights, Camera, Action!

Volume 4


TV Specials

Deuce and Gil act as zombies in Monster High's bicentennial play. Freaky Fusion

Generation 2

Adventures of the Ghoul Squad

Having skipped on his history homework, Deuce flimsily claims he couldn't do it because he and Rathe had each other's book. Dracula can't be bothered to point out that that excuse makes no sense. Calling All Ghouls Some days later, Deuce and Raythe promise Ari to help her with her music video. Unfortunately for the singer, in-between promise and action the duo gets distracted by the topic of volcanoes and insists that the music video features one. Ari has her reservations, especially when she sees the project Deuce and Raythe have made out of it, but they refuse to budge. Ari's hunch proves the better when the two, in their enthusiasm, load up the fake volcano with too much fake lava and cover the whole entrance hall in goo. A better compromise is found when the Ghoul Squad invites the entire school for a celebration on Gil's island, which houses an active but tamed volcano that works well as safe background decor for Ari's music video. A Tale of Two Mountains


TV specials

Welcome to Monster High A few months later, Deuce and Raythe attend a performance by Ari and hatch the plan to start their own band. On the spot, they are joined by Bonesy, Skelly, Silvi, Venus, and Woolee. Their first setback lies in picking the name of the band with Deuce backing up Skelly and Bonesy in wanting it to be The Rolling Bones and everyone else something else. The band settles for Howling Thunder and Frightening featuring Raythe and Deuce and the Rolling Bones and Woolee, then gets in a fight over the kind of music they'll compose, which Deuce wants to be heavy metal. Once more, they settle for everything at once, leading to the creation of "Electrified" in which Deuce mans the drums. Electrified


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