Frankie just passed the theory portion of her driving test and has the road test scheduled for the afternoon. Her friends are happy for her, but their mood turns sour when they find out her instructor is Mr. Fenderbender. Knowing Frankie needs it, they each offer to help her prepare.

Cleo invites Frankie over to her place and offers her a potion: the Essence of Scario Fangdretti, a race car champion. Frankie is uncertain and accidentally drops the bottle, setting the essence free to speed off. She suggests she'll just study with her book, but her friends disagree. In the gym at school, Abbey has created a course and car made of ice for Frankie to practice with. This session goes decently until Heath Burns stops by and involuntarily melts the setup. Frankie's suggestion to study the old-fashioned way is shot down again when she invited over to Gil's house, along with Lagoona and Jackson, to play Extreme Graveyard Derby. Jackson claims the video game taught him how to drive, but Frankie doubts that when the in-game police motions her to pull over and Jackson argues that you never pull over. Being urged to drive faster, Frankie crashes in-game, which startles her ans makes her shock everyone present.

That afternoon, Frankie returns to the Department of Monster Vehicles for her road test. She witnesses Fenderbender treat another student harshly, making her fearful of her own odds. Taking strength from the fact her friends are present to support her, Frankie goes for it and passes the test easily. Her friends want to know which of their plans was the deciding factor and are unamused that Frankie replies her own studying was what had helped her through the road test.


  1. Lagoona Blue
  2. Abbey Bominable
  3. Cleo de Nile
  4. Clawdeen Wolf
  5. Frankie Stein
  6. Scario Fangdretti
  7. Heath Burns
  8. Gillington Webber
  9. Jackson Jekyll
  10. Don of the Dead
  11. Mr. Fenderbender
  12. Devil boy




  • Book-studying doesn't actually help all that much to prepare someone for the road test. Sitting in a car and getting a feel for controlling it does. Unlike what Frankie believes, Abbey's practice session was a good idea.


  • This is one of the three webisodes first released as an extra on the "13 Wishes" DVD on October 8, 2013. As its "Ghouls Rule"-predecessors, it will likely be released in the regular line-up some months into 2014.
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