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Quotation1.png Who disturbs our slumber… party!! Quotation2.png
Narration in the Dead Tired commercial.

The Dead Tired doll line features the characters in their sleepwear, with the theme of the line being slumber parties specifically. The assortment is the only one other than the 'Signature' one to be ongoing. The releases so far include Lagoona Blue with her Hydration Station, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Cleo de Nile, and Ghoulia Yelps, whom were released in Early June, 2011, Abbey Bominable, Clawdeen Wolf, a second Draculaura, whom were released in Mid June, 2012, and Robecca Steam, Spectra Vondergeist, as well as a second Lagoona Blue, whom were released in Early September, 2013. Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Cleo DeNile were re-released in 2016.


Dead Tired was filed for trademark on September 08, 2010.

Assortment relations

The entirety of the Dead Tired line is presented as also including the Mirror Bed, the Jewelry Box Coffin, Clawdeen Wolf with her Room to Howl, and the Bed, but none of those items are actually marketed as belonging to Dead Tired. Hence, the Monster High Wiki does not treat them as part of the Dead Tired lineup, but this is not a position shared by the fandom at large.

A few accessories of the Dead Tired line have been reused, mostly within the line itself and by its complementary playsets.


All doll-only Dead Tired releases come with a pack-in quote and a quote on the back of the box. The 2011 releases also come with a card with a picture of the relevant character on one side and a sleepover checklist on the other side.

As with most playsets, Lagoona and the Hydration Station have several quotes printed on the front and back of the box. On the side are three small scenes printed with accompanying text.


The outfits and haircuts of the 2011 dolls first showed up in "Fright On!", with the exception of Ghoulia's. They reappeared in the Volume 3 webisode "Game of DeNile", which left out Lagoona's outfit as well as the new outfits of Draculaura and Clawdeen, but did feature Ghoulia's and Abbey's looks. Ghoulia was drawn with her 'Basic' hair and glasses, though.

The Hydration Station has a complex history in the cartoon series. Its model was used in "Mad Science Fair" and "Varsity Boos", but neither of those appearances are meant as the Hydration Station. The Hydration Station properly debuted in "Fright On!", and hasn't been featured since.


  • Cleo de Nile's stock photo erroneously shows her having a bracelet rather than a choker, though it can be used as both.
  • The ice cream and magazine accessories that come with Abbey Bominable and Draculaura are erroneously switched around in the stock photos.
  • Initial shipments of Lagoona's second doll include a variant with shoes without fins, which are repaints of Ghoulia's shoes rather than Lagoona's first doll's shoes.
  • Lagoona and Draculaura have two Dead Tired outfits.


Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Hydration Station I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Hydration Station II.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Hydration Station III.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Ghoulia.jpg
Hydration Station with Lagoona Blue Hydration Station with Lagoona Blue Hydration Station with Lagoona Blue Ghoulia Yelps
Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Cleo.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Frankie.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Draculaura 1.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Draculaura 2.jpg
Cleo de Nile Frankie Stein Draculaura Draculaura
Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Clawdeen.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Abbey.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Robecca.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Lagoona.jpg
Clawdeen Wolf Abbey Bominable Robecca Steam Lagoona Blue
Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Spectra.jpg
Spectra Vondergeist