Crescent is Clawdeen Wolf's pet cat. She is part of a household with at least three pets: her, Rockseena, and Cushion. As pets are ment to do, Crescent's attitude reflects her owner's, in her case giving her a true alpha mindset.

Owner's words

"Crescent, a scary cute little kitten as fuzzy as I am."


Crescent is a dark purple cat with lilac markings above and below her eyes, which are yellow with green pupils, and a spade-shaped tail. She usually wears a rhinestone-encrusted spiked collar.


While normally Crescent acts like she owns the place, she isn't oblivious to or unconcerned about Clawdeen's well-being. When one day Clawdeen had a bad day, Crescent sacrificed her night prowling time to keep her werewolf friend company. Clawdeen Wolf's Basic diary, July 14th


Basic - Crescent stockphoto



'Basic' Crescent is in a standing position, appearing as if she's considering action. Her tail is held high.


Monster Cross

Crescent's Monster Cross toy comes packaged with Hissette. Her skeleton is orange.


Crescent is one of the first three Friends plushies released and is packaged with Clawdeen Wolf.


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