Volume 3, Episode 12: Mr. Rotter sentences the ghouls to detention, but for the unlife of them, they can't figure out what sinister acts they've done to wind up there.


Frankie and the other ghouls receive detention from Mr. Rotter, but aren't given a reason why. Instead, Mr. Rotter interrogates them one by one, expecting them to confess something. Cleo goes first, which she confesses that she used an idol to cut in front of everyone in the lunch line, but it cursed her pizza, bringing it to life. That wasn't the confession he was hoping for.

Then, Frankie confesses about a perfume induced sneeze caused her to accidentally shock students in the hallway, but that wasn't what Mr. Rotter wanted to hear either. Lagoona admitted to her crime of passion due to the frogs almost being dissected, and Clawdeen admits that her brother ate her homework. Heath confesses to burning several items, and Draculaura's confession is so full of mixed information that Mr. Rotter, frustrated, dismisses her.

Finally giving in, he admits that he believes that one of them stole his glasses, but in reality, they were on his head the entire time. As he dismisses the students, he yells about someone stealing his pen, but Clawdeen points out it was still in his pocket. As Mr. Rotter sits down in the interrogation chair, the cursed pizza activates it and shocks him.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Brocko
  3. Eyera
  4. Scarah Screams
  5. Mr. Rotter
  6. Draculaura
  7. Cleo de Nile
  8. Lagoona Blue
  9. Clawdeen Wolf
  10. Heath Burns
  11. Don of the Dead
  12. Jackson Jekyll
  13. Ricky
  14. Quill Talyntino
  15. Manny Taur



  • The webisode's title is a play on The Breakfast Club, a 1985 high school-teen drama movie. The movie is about five teens spending time in detention.


  • Clawdeen used a similar excuse in the webisode "Copy Canine", when she claimed her brother ate her notes.
  • Lagoona's confession either details what she's done in "Freedom Fight" or started doing since then.


  • This is the first, only and last webisode where the cartoon series in the webisodes have shown Mr. Rotter to wear glasses. It is to this day unknown if they are reading glasses, or if they are actual eyeglasses.


  • The appearance of Mr. Rotter when he voices his almost-last "no!" to Heath Burns is taken from "Fright On!", when he advises Draculaura to let her "R"s roll.
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