The Monster High Secret Creeper pets work together to recover Ghoulia's prized DeadFast coin before she even discovers it's missing.


The pets are enjoying a game of table football in the student lounge when the bell rings. They quickly hide to not be seen by the students and teachers that begin to come in. Some of those who enter are Ghoulia, Skelita, and Jinafire. Ghoulia shows off her complete limited edition Dead Fast coin collection to her friends. She doesn't notice one of the coins fall out of its case as she puts it back in her bag, but the pets do see it happening. The coin rolls on until it bumps into Heath's foot, who at the time is deciding which snack to get from the vending machine. Heath takes note of the coin and, mistaking it for a regular coin, puts it in the vending machine to pay for his snack.

When the students leave for class, Sir Hoots A Lot works out a plan to retrieve the coin. Hissette slithers into the vending machine and finds the coin in a pile of other coins. Before she can get out though, Mr. Hackington enters the student lounge to buy a snack. His bag of crisps gets stuck in the machine, and so he angrily starts shaking it to get the bag to fall down. In order to save Hissette, Sir Hoots A Lot instructs Perseus to mess with the wires of the intercom speakers. This causes the bell to ring again. Believing break time to be over, Mr. Hack dejectedly leaves without his crisps, which gives Hissette the opportunity to escape with the coin.

The pets leave the coin in Ghoulia's locker, where she is very surprised yet also very happy to find it. With that mission a success, the pets turn their attention elsewhere to ensure everyone gets to be happy. They obtain the bag of crisps Mr. Hack had to leave behind and drop it off on his desk when he isn't looking. Like Ghoulia, Mr. Hack is pleasantly surprised and starts munching right away.


  1. Count Fabulous
  2. Shiver
  3. Hissette
  4. Watzit
  5. Sir Hoots A Lot
  6. Jane Boolittle
  7. Perseus
  8. Jinafire Long
  9. Ghoulia Yelps
  10. Skelita Calaveras
  11. Heath Burns
  12. Quill Talyntino
  13. Mr. Hackington
  14. Venus McFlytrap



  • Since when do vending machines accept collector coins instead of real money?
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