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Count Fabulous is Draculaura's pet bat. He is a sophisticated individiual who takes the obligation of decorum bestowed on him by his heritage rather seriously, so it causes him a tiny amount of frustration that his owner does not share this conviction. Nonetheless, he appreciates her and her care for him.

Owner's words

"Count Fabulous is my BFF (Bat Friend Forever), he’s a very proud and proper bat, but I just can't help but dressing him in the cutest little outfits."


Count Fabulous is a black bat and has yellow eyes with black pupils. Much as he doesn't feel it is quite him, he often wears pink clothing to please Draculaura. His regular attire is a pink bow and a pink-and-white dress.



Though Count Fabulous doesn't eat vegetables, he loves Draculaura's garden easily as much as she. The vegetables attract a buffet worth of bugs, which Count Fabulous may dine on. Draculaura's Basic diary, July 15th At one point, Count Fabulous got another mothball and had to be taken to the vet. Draculaura, who sacrificed fearleading practice for the trip, advised him to stick to eating smaller bugs from then on. Draculaura's Basic diary, July 24th

Following a confusing incident with Clawd Wolf, Draculaura spent the rest of evening thinking and writing poetry. Though Count Fabulous favors to leave the room when Draculaura gets sappy, he stayed this time, knowing she needed someone to keep her company. Draculaura's School's Out diary, 25 October


He makes an apperance in Back and Deader Than Ever.




'Basic' Count Fabulous is in a standing position with his wings spread. He is dressed in a white and pink dress.


Powder Room Count Fabulous is exclusive to the Toys"R"Us release of the Powder Room. He is dressed in a pink bathrobe.


Monster Cross

Count Fabulous's Monster Cross toy comes packaged with Watzit. His skeleton is pink.


Count Fabulous's Electrocuties toy lights up pink.


Count Fabulous is one of the first three Friends plushies released and is packaged with Draculaura.

Freakey Ring & Mirror

Count Fabulous's Freakey Ring & Mirror is pink. The Freakey Ring was repackaged with 'Killer Style I' Draculaura.