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Cleo de Nile debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 1 webisode "Jaundice Brothers", which premiered on May 5, 2010. She is voiced by Salli Saffioti in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 1


Talon Show - kiss
When Radio KBLOOD announces a contest of which the prize is that the Jaundice Brothers will come to play at the winner's school's homecoming dance, Cleo helps Frankie put together a tape to send in. As luck has it, they win the contest. Jaundice Brothers Cleo participates in Monster High's 1361st Annual Charity Talon Show. One of her competitors is Clawdeen, who takes the stage just after her. Cleo attempts to sabotage Clawdeen's performance by turning on the spotlight, which works as a substitute full moon on her. She loses control, but rather than it being disastrous, she improvises her way through a killer dance that easily beats Cleo's. Talon Show
Fear Squad - astonished Cleo
Cleo is hosting the fearleading try-outs and is busy explaining the high demands of the Fear Squad to the candidates when Frankie bursts in. The simulacrum's hand becomes detached, and Frankie performs several difficult moves to get it back, earning herself a spot on the Fear Squad despite Cleo's objection. Fear Squad Cleo's Trigular Calcometry 101 class is hosted by a substitute teacher, Lou Zarr, who does not get along with the class. A conflict with Deuce leaves him petrified, upon which Cleo and the other students consider the class dismissed. Substitute Creature When Clawdeen shows up unprepared for the SAT that day, Cleo advises her to copy Ghoulia's answers. Copy Canine
The Hot Boy - Cleo is thwarted
Cleo is annoyed that Draculaura dares suggest her crush is hotter than Deuce and tries to sabotage her chances. She advises her to touch up her makeup first and offers to do it for her. Rather than making Draculaura prettier, however, Cleo makes her look horrendous. Amazingly, Heath digs the look, so Cleo's plan is foiled and Draculaura gets her date. The Hot Boy Cleo has her locker door smash closed on her by Frankie's haywire charge, causing her earrings to become stuck in its vent. Bad Scare Day
Photo Finish - ruined hair
It's Picture Day, but Coach Igor's covering Study Howl and he's obsessed with sport. Cleo and her friends make a looks-destroying escape from a looks-destroying workout, though Igor eventually catches up to tell them they won't have run lapses because of Picture Day. Photo Finish When Frankie develops a zit on her cheek, Cleo makes sure to take a picture and send it to all students. Irony strikes when she herself becomes covered with zits. Bad Zituation Cleo vies to be the leading lady of the school's production of Hamlet, but Clawdeen is her main rival. The two sabotage each other's auditions to the point they both end up in plaster while Draculaura gets to be leading lady. Clawditions

Totally Busted - sentry Cleo
An eyeball fight breaks out during Biteology and Cleo participates. She is later chased out of the girls' bathroom by a frog infestation. Freedom Fight Following a collision with Frankie in the hallways and Cleo's subsequent struggle to get loose, which resulted in a statue being knocked over and broken, the two girls are ordered to Headless Headmistress Bloodgood's office. There, Cleo puts all the blame on Frankie. Bloodgood accepts this and then informs Frankie that breaking the statue was a good thing because one of Monster High's first teachers had been locked inside of it for millennia. Frankie readily accepts the praise, much to Cleo's regret. Totally Busted
Freakout Friday - lightning strike
It is both Friday the 13th and Halloween, a rare occurrence that spells bad luck galore until three o'clock. Cleo calms her panicking friends by assuring them that her amulet will protect them. However, Ghoulia's carrying the amulet and she just walked off. The girls chase after her to be safe, only to find her use the amulet to get to the big clock and adjust the time to three o'clock. Freakout Friday Cleo forces Ghoulia to switch science fair projects, meaning to take the credit for Ghoulia's superior work. Because Ghoulia can't stand up for herself, Cleo gets what she wants and stakes a claim on the Mad Science Fair's throne. That is, what she thinks is a throne because in reality, it's Lagoona's project: a chair with a water-dunking function. Knowing what Cleo has done, Lagoona hands the remote to Ghoulia. Mad Science Fair
Shock and Awesome - TwiHard I
When Frankie's friends discover she's never seen a movie, they promptly take her to the auditorium to watch the entire TwiHard series. In preparing for the movie session, they overtax the room's electricity net. To solve this, the group hooks up the equipment to Frankie, allowing the movie session to go through but Frankie not to watch anything. Shock and Awesome Cleo mistakenly thinks that Clawdeen is also running for Scream Queen. In order to thwart her supposed rival, she spreads a rumor that Clawdeen suffers from a case of fleas and can no longer compete. The rumor gains a life of its own, however, dropping the fleas and promising a school carnival if Clawdeen wins. Clawdeen is voted Scream Queen, while Cleo seethes in silence. Rumor Run Wild
Horrorscope - perfect petrification
Draculaura has a chance to meet her perfect guy, but she has to get in contact with him before school's out. Cleo works on a Plan B to help Draculaura meet with him in time in case her other friends fail, which they do. Plan B is Deuce Gorgon, who is tricked into turning Draculaura's crush to stone. Horrorscope Because she deserves an A for her work, but only gets a B+, Cleo uses a mind-control idol on Mr. Rotter to get past his "No A's"-rule. But after having gotten a taste of the power of mind-control, Cleo continues using it even for gain she does not deserve. At the end of the day, the idol has her pay the price by taking away her hair. Idol Threat
Hatch Me If You Can - Deuce petrifies egg
Cleo partners up with Deuce to take care of an egg for a whole week as an assignment for Mr. Hackington's class. Deuce petrifies the egg to guarantee that it won't break, promising it'll return to normal in a week. It doesn't. Hatch Me If You Can Cleo tries to manipulate Frankie into spilling whom she's crushing on through a game of Truth or Scare during a sleepover. Frankie chooses truth and is ordered to send a text reading "party at my house", which she does. Cleo is amused only until she realizes the text was sent on her own cellphone. A Scare of a Dare To help Lagoona with an unexpected parent-teacher conference, Cleo, Clawdeen, and Frankie dress up Slo Mo as Lagoona's aunt Lantic so he can figure out what the conference is about. Parent-Creature Conference

TV specials

Cleo is the first ghoul to meet Frankie, and is not impressed by the modest New Girl at all. Every day during Frankie's first week she seems to attack Cleo inadvertently, such as electrocuting Cleo and ruining her hair on Wednesday. During Fearleading tryouts later that day, Cleo performs a cool routine that intimidates the recruits into running away, save for Frankie. When Frankie attempts to repeat it, she accidentally splashes a smoothie Ghoulia has on Cleo, who's the Fear Squad captain, causing her to emit a glass-shattering scream. Although upset about that, the mummy becomes interested in Frankie as a member for her spunk. Cleo has a one-on-one interview with Frankie on Thursday, with the two get along until Frankie fibs about having a boyfriend. The boy Frankie calls her boyfriend is, in reality, Cleo's true love interest, Deuce Gorgon. Furious at the belief of Deuce cheating on her, Cleo pushes him away in the creepateria. Cleo is found crying at the pool and tells Frankie she is considered dead to her. Come Friday, Clawdeen and Draculaura ask Cleo to talk with them; it turns out to be a pow-wow between her, Frankie and Deuce. Frankie admits to lying, Cleo is relieved to have her boyfriend back but is still upset with Frankie. Frankie makes it up to her by giving her a Justin Biter concert, explaining that Justin owed the Steins a favor. Deuce and Cleo dance during the concert; the mummy then tells Frankie to show up at Fearleading, as she's on the team, but on probation. New Ghoul @ School

Volume 2


Scream Building - demoting anger
As the captain of the Fear Squad, Cleo is not quickly satisfied, much to the annoyance of most of the team. Cleo is oblivious to this and thus it comes as a shock when the fearleaders desert en masse. Only Frankie stays, forcing Cleo to swiftly organize try-outs. Scream Building Cleo and Ghoulia have finished promoting the Fear Squad try-outs and are on their way to the gymnasium to meet the new recruits that Cleo is certain have gathered. Bar Frankie, the gymnasium is empty. Because Cleo gives up, Frankie starts her own recruitment drive, finding new team members in Draculaura and Clawdeen. Once Cleo hears she's got a team again, she is back to her bossy self. Why We Fright
Fear-A-Mid Power - first pyramid attempt
Cleo is unhappy with the new Fear Squad's performance yet and orders them to attend every school event for the time being to gain experience. All of their cheers have disastrous consequences for the school's performance, making Cleo fear for their chances to be invited to Gloom Beach. Fear-A-Mid Power Having received an ambiguous letter from Gloom Beach, Cleo loses herself in doubt whether her Fear Squad will be invited or not. Beast Friends During the Spirit Rally, Cleo can only worry and so abandons her teammates during the cheer. Varsity Boos
Gloomsday - crying Cleo
A text comes in that the Fear Squad is not invited to Gloom Beach. Cleo breaks down, but Frankie informs the team they still have a chance if they go for the wildcard arrangement: create a fearleading video and get it a million hits on FrightTube in two days. Though the odds are low, the Fear Squad imediately gets to work. Gloomsday The Fear Squad's video has barely gotten any hits, so the team tries to promote it. With Ghoulia's help, they manage to lure in a big audience and reach 999,999 hits. However, FrightTube chooses that moment to crash. Falling Spirits The Fear Squad anxiously looks on as Ghoulia tries to do something about the crash. Despite her best efforts, the clock strikes 3:00 PM before she succeeds. Cleo tearfully thanks her friends for all they've done, but the mood is promptly improved when Deuce delivers the news that FrightTube crashed because of all the traffic to their video. Rather than a million hits, they've got twn million hits. Their Gloom Beach invitation follows soon after. Fatal Error During the ride to Gloom Beach, Cleo has an ominous dream about their chances to win. She awakes when the bus arrives, only to find that the Fear Squad will be staying in a decrepit cottage. Screech to the Beach When Scary Murphy hands the Fear Squad a list of chores to do, Cleo is the only one not to question this. At least, not to her team. That night, she goes for a walk to sort her thoughts and is approached by the werecats to let them back on the Fear Squad. She refuses. Witch Trials

After finishing the chores, Cleo and Ghoulia work out a routine while the rest of the Fear Squad relaxes at the beach. The Fear Squad gathers at dusk to memorize the routine but they are watched by the werecats. Don't Cheer the Reaper It is discovered only at the competition that the werecats stole the Fear Squad's routine and gave it to Smogsnorts. Cleo uses the movements from the chores Scary Murphy had them do to improvise a new routine, which wins them the spirit staff. Road to Monster Mashionals Cleo and the rest of the Fear Squad have become a target of revenge for the werecats. She is made to believe she's lost her Queen Bee status and is desperate to do something to get it back. The werecats trick her into agreeing to stay at Monster High on the night of Friday the 13th so people will talk about her again. Queen of the Scammed Cleo is glad her friends agree to join her in spending the night of Friday the 13th at Monster High. They encounter a monster roaming through the school, but it turns out to only seek people to celebrate its birthday with. Frightday the 13th During lunch, the topic moves to relationships and Frankie lies she has a boyfriend. The girls want to meet him, so Frankie brings a life-sized voodoo doll to school the next day. Weirded out, the girls assure Frankie she does not need a boyfriend to fit in. HooDoo You Like? A popular student, Cleo spends her whole morning signing fearbook copies. When she returns to her locker, she discovers it to be stuffed with balloons just as Mr. Rotter walks by. He warns her the balloons better are not part of a prank. Fear the Book Ghoulia has discovered that the werecats are behind the odd events of the day. Her friends thus confront the trio and learn that they plan to pin the blame of a stink bomb on the Fear Squad so that they'll get expelled. The group rushes out and collects the bomb before it drops. Desperate Hours Miss Infearmation Hyde and Shriek Daydream of the Dead Nefera Again Back-to-Ghoul Frost Friends Hyde Your Heart Ghostly Gossip Cleo becomes suspiousus of Deuce keeping secrets. She gathers information fromfriendss and assumes he's cheating on her with Operetta, a ghoul he has more in common with. A jealous Cleo deamnds Operetta stay away from her man, loudly in the cafeteria, which leads to her humliationn whenOperetta's spider scares her into a tray of food. Cleo then confronts Deuce and learns his secret is his anniversary with the first thing he ever petrafied, his pet dragon Smokey. Cleo is happy to still have Deuce but refuses to make amends with Operetta. Hiss-teria Spectra sends Cleo a picture of Deuce hanging out with Operetta. Phantom of the Opry Cleo spies on Deuce and Operetta. She finds Deuce writing love lyrics and assumes he's fallen for Operetta.The Bermuda Love Triangle The mummy loudly tells Deuce she's dumping him for cheating in front of many monsters in the school hall ways. As she turns to walk away,Cleo is frigthened by Operetta's pet spider and has headphones placed on her ears. Cleo discovers the lyrics are Deuce's feelings for her,causingherr to happily return to her boyfriend. She procliams to make all of her friends listen to the song, she gloats in their expected jealousess. Here Comes Treble Dueling Personality Neferamore Cleo is livid to see her cruel older sister become the fearleadingg coach.Even after telling her concerns to Bloodghood, and saying over and over again that Nefera is pure evil the ghouls are still forced under Nefera's incoherent instructions. By the end the four are replaced by the werecatt trio. Rising From the Dead Monster Mashionals Part 1 Cleo is certain to lose when her sister uses their family's talismins against her team. Deuce encourages her to do her best anyway and promises he and their friends will protect the ghouls from the totems. Monster Mashionals Part 2

Special webisodes

TBA Kind: The Shockumentary

TV specials

Cleo takes advantage of Ghoulia's kind nature. A bad natured vampire named Gory competes with Cleo for superiority. Fright On!

Volume 3


Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Ghoulia and Abbey sleepover at Cleo's house. The ghouls, except for Abbey, allow Cleo to win. Abbey does not go easy on Cleo and the princess is happy.Game of DeNile Uncommon Cold

Cleo throws a party, Draculaura becomes ill. The other ghouls say they'll cancel the party for her; Cleo does not see this as an option. Cleo is excited for Ghoulia to receive her first kiss. The two friends switch bodies by touching one of The Mummy's idols. They do not tell their boyfriends during their double date (because where's the fun in that). From hieroglyphic instructions the two try random stunts to undo the magic. Deuce and Slo Mo try to kiss the ghouls, at the same time, and the spell is undone for the ghouls and the spell switches the boys. Freaky Fridate Fierce Crush Cleo and Deuce laugh at Frankie and Draculaura's alien ideas. Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers Flowers for Slow Moe Ready, Wheeling and Able Creature of the Year Party Undead Cleo becomes Frankie's campaign manager for student president. When SloMo becomes president, the princess tells him about her birthday-as-a-school-holiday idea.Student Disembodied President Clawbacks Cleo complains about walking through the maze. Field of Screams Angry Ghouls The Stich-uation Scarah-Voyant Inscare-itance

Special webisodes

TBA Fashion Emergency Super Fan Cleo tries to help Ghoulia enjoy their beach vacation, against the zombie's wishes. Zom-Beach Party We Stop Hate Department of Monster Vehicles Thinking she's borrowing a fur coat, Cleo offers to sit the class pet for Rochelle. Royal Pest Sitter Cleo's radio active nail-polish mutates the cookies her friends bake for a sale. The monster attacks the kids until Heath cooks the goop. The others leave Cleo to eat the mess. Cookie Creeper

TV specials

Cleo and Clawdeen plan Draculaura's sweet sixteen hundred. They decide to have the party in the catacombs, in the room where the Pit of Eternal Body Odor was located. Later, during the party, while searching for Toralei, who stole Cupid's bow and arrows, Cleo is shot and falls in love with her reflection in Deuce's food tray. While no longer in love with Deuce, Cleo rejects the slightest touch from him. Once the spell is broken, she and Deuce get back together, and Cleo personally has Valentine and Toralei thrown out of Draculaura's party by her Anubis bouncers after they fall in the Pit of Eternal Body Odor as punishment for their actions. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Cleo demands Deuce win her more prizes than Clawd does for Draculaura at the Spring Break carnival; he tries and fails. Cleo's servants drop Nefera's borrowed items in a trench; Cleo is not guilty about it since they're her sister's stuff. The mummy enjoys the trip on Lagoona's yacht. She does not enjoy Farnum's gross boat or how the Tiki natives worship Frankie instead of her. Cleo is even more envious when a giant (hot) monster kidnaps Frankie into the jungle 'when it should have been her.' She does help with rescuing Frankie and turning the Tikis against Farnum, and is with everyone when Farnum attempts to capture the Beast, now known as Andy, again at Monster High, leading to the school being severely damaged. When Bloodgood has to close the school for a week for repairs, extending Spring Break as a result, Cleo joins everyone with spending it at Skull Shores with the Tiki. Escape From Skull Shores

Cleo wraps Deuce's injuries. Cleo gets on the skullimate team, only by her friends' wishes. While the girls practice, Cleo has her servants participate for her. Operetta takes her place on the team, Cleo is more than fine with such a set up and enjoys wearing the new uniforms on the sidelines. Friday Night Frights

By the urging of her father and sister, Cleo leads a civil war between monsters and the human students of New Salem High. The Mummy also tells Cleo that breaking up with Deuce is what's best for her but she is slow to act on that demand. Cleo bonds with Lilith Van Hellscream over shared fashion tastes and control issues. At Frankie's urging, Cleo and Lilith confess to the New Salem Sheriff over their parts in getting Holt arrested for suspected vandalism to New Salem High and sentenced to death in the Trick-or-Treatment, but the Sheriff refuses to release Holt under the surmise of proving he's a capable lawman. Cleo then helps out with the plan to save Holt and lead the New Salem students to the Hall of Halloween to learn of the true meaning of the holiday, where she is decked out in her Ghouls Rule attire. Cleo uncharacteristically apologizes to Deuce, who forgives on the basis he knows that "family is complicated". The two reconcile in front of Cleo's family through speaker phone. Cleo then leaves her iCoffin on the table as her father rants in frustration at Cleo getting back together with Deuce, and joins the others in enjoying the party. Her final appearance is at the end as she joins Frankie, Abbey, Clawdeen, and Draculaura in showing off their Ghouls Rule outfits. Ghouls Rule

Cleo goes on a trip with Scaris with her beastfriendss and Toralei. While Toralei is a bother throughout the trip, the ghouls take pleasure in playing tourists. Cleo does not message Deuce while away and is then delighted to see him fly to Scaris and say he nevers wants them to be seperate again. Clawdeen creates a fashion show against Ghostier; a sarcophagus rises on stage and Cleo walks out ontothee catwalk. Scaris: City of Frights

TBA From Fear to Eternity

Cleo dwells in how perfect her life is with good friends, Deuce and her popularity. Seeing Howleen wish for popularity amuses Cleo and the mummy teases the young werewolf. This picks at Howleen until she wishes Cleo to be forgotten by everyone in school. In a "Nobody/New Girl" state Cleo becomes friends with content "nobody" Twyla. Despite Twyla's complete disinterest in the social scene, Cleo and she plan for Cleo's comeback. During this memory-wipeout, Deuce flirts with the "New Girl", making Cleo impatient but happy. She is least happy when Howleen takes over her Eclipse Party and blackmails Deuce into being her date. Cleo is wished into Gigi's lamp, there she assists her trapped friends in their escape and the defeat of the evil shadow genie Whisp. After Whisp is defeated, Cleo regains her status. She and Deuce share a kiss during the firework show, both glad to be together again. Deuce tries to kiss her a second time but Cleo is distracted by the limelight. She shows compassion to Twyla and Howleen in the very end. 13 Wishes

Cleo threatens to set a plague on ghouls who gang up on Draculaura when several of them tease her over her lack of fame compared to Veronica Von Vamp and Draculaura's disgust of her. Cleo compares Egyptian royalty to vampire aristocracy when she is surprised to learn Lord Stoker has selected Draculaura as the next Vampire Queen and is able to join Draculaura with returning to Castle Dracul in Transylvania alongside Clawdeen, Robecca, and Hoodude. She stays by Draculaura's side as they travel to Londoom to meet up with Clawdeen, Clawd, and Howleen's big sister, Clawdia, and to New Goreleans where they meet Honey Swamp, as they look for the real Vampire Queen, Elissabat. Later, during when they travel to Hauntlywood to find the real Vampire's Heart with Veronica Von Vamp, Cleo threatens a security guard with her De Nile name in order to get her friends inside the Hauntlywood movie lot where Veronica does her movies. After Veronica reveals herself to be Elissabat, Cleo is overjoyed when Draculaura gains her full vampire powers, and attends Elissabat's latest movie debut with Deuce and the other students. Frights, Camera, Action!

Volume 4


TV specials

Cleo is among the friends tasked with performing Mr. Where's play on Monster High's history for the school's bicentennial celebration. She is also among the friends who travel with Frankie back to 1814 and meet, unknown to them at the time, Frankie's grandfather, Victor Frankenstein, known by his nickname Sparky, and Hexiciah Steam, Robecca's father. When Sparky damages the time portal before they jump in to return to 2014, due to having jumped in together with Toralei, Cleo and Toralei are accidentally fused together into the freaky fused hybrid, Cleolei, with neither of them having powers that are set off dangerously, but instead they just feud while sharing the same mouth. Neighthan Rot becomes their tutor to try to have them talk things out with him similar to how he did it with guidance counselors at his previous schools. Cleolei soon becomes a prisoner of Sparky's Creation 4.0 when it attacks her and the other freaky fused hybrids of Frankie's friends, with Cleolei being the first victim after it angers Creation 4.0 with a camera flash. When Frankie uses her own life force to electrocute and deactivate Creation 4.0, Cleolei is freed and defused back into Cleo and Toralei, but her actions fatally drain Frankie, and she dies soon after. Cleo can barely believe that Frankie's death really happened.

Using her good times she had with Frankie, Cleo is able to help revive her. Afterwards, she helps finish the play on Monster High's history, and welcomes Avea and the other hybrids to Monster High with open arms. Freaky Fusion

Volume 5


TBA Casta Vote I Casta Spell On You Sayonara Draculaura Lochness Lorna Meet You In Monster Picchu The Agony of D'Feet Gloom and Bloom, Part 1 Gloom and Bloom, Part 2 Bad Tomb-mates

TV specials

Cleo leads her fellow Fearleaders: Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Frankie, as they cheer on Sirena and Lagoona during the swim meet, and falls victim to Toralei's gossip about the Wolf siblings having were-fleas, leading to her falling into the pool with the other Fearleaders and being shocked by accident by Frankie, much to Toralei's amusement. Cleo joins everyone for the celebration of the new-found friendship between Haunted High and Monster High, being taught how to act like a pirate by Vandala Doubloons, but does not show as much enthusiasm as Frankie or Ghoulia, convincing Vandala they've got a lot of work ahead of them. Haunted

Volume 6


TBA Decomposition Class Freak Du Chic Act 1 Freak Du Chic Act 3 From Fear to There Part 1 From Fear to There Part 2

TV specials

Cleo is extremely excited to attend the Comet Crystal Gala in Boo York City. She invites her boyfriend, Deuce Gorgon, to go with her. Deuce expresses anxiousness towards being surrounded by Cleo's high class family,who he knows do not like him. Cleo assures him that she is not embarrassed of him and their love is unchangeable. Cleo invited her ghoul friends, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Catty, Operetta and Frankie to go along with her and Deuce. In Boo York, the De Niles meet with the Ptolemy family. Cleo is annoyed with Deuce's informal greeting to Madame Ptolemy, and that he wore headphones with rap music on during the meet-and-greet; much to the Ptolemys' disdain. The next morning Nefera and Mouscedes host a brunch for the everyone,except Deuce is missing. Cleo listens to Seth Ptolemy's poetry, and nearly falls asleep from boredom. She is angry when Deuce arrives in swimming wear, and has to borrow an oversized coat to enter the brunch. Cleo is unaware that her sister is setting Deuce up to look a fool; Cleo is furious when Deuce's shenanigans necessitate firefighters.

Later that day Cleo looks through dresses to choose for the night's gala. She is in better moods towards Deuce when he arrives, though he is miserable after everything that's happened. He tells her he's realized how unworthy he is to be dating an elegant princess and says the right thing to do is break up. Cleo passionately disagrees but Deuce determinedly throws the Egyptian chin ornament she'd given him into the fire place. He leaves Cleo with a broken heart and tears.

We next see her in the hotel room, alone, crying. Nefera comes in to see if she's ready for the gala (and to gloat), but is shocked when Cleo screams that she isn't going without Deuce. Nefera then pontificates to Cleo about her family name to convince her to buck up and forget him (and also to protect her designs on the crown); after which Cleo resolves to go, and deletes the photo of her and Deuce she took that day. Boo York, Boo York

Generation 2


Cleo's first generation 2 webisode appearance is in her bedroom, hosting her very own talk show! She also has the best possible guest to interview... herself! Cleo switches personas between "hostess" and "guest" by switching chairs and donning or doffing her glasses. During the interview, Cleo tells us that she's 6000 years old, her father is Ramses de Nile "of the Egyptian De Niles", and she just spent about a millenium in a tomb. She also tells us about Draculaura taking her to Monster High, and the new friends she's made: Draculaura, Clawdeen, Frankie, Lagoona, and Ari. Cleo - Meet the Ghouls

TV Specials

Cleo is the first monster Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen find with the Monster Mapalogue in her pyramid tomb. True to herself as always, she brings up a personal chef and masseuse after being told the new school has all the essentials. Despite the ghouls shaking their heads no in unison, she still befriends and tours along with them, also finding Lagoona Blue and Deuce Gorgon through the Mapalogue (and getting accidentally rocked out by the latter). Later, when Moanica D'Kay and her horde of zomboys attack the ghouls, she helps fight them off with the use of her wraps. This ability also comes up later on the dance floor. Welcome to Monster High


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Generation 1

Generation 2


  • In the original version of Cleo from Generation 1, in the webisodes, she has the right part of her halter top in her 'Basic', 'Signature' (which the side is also acknowledged as the "left-hand" side) crossing over to the left side (also acknowledged as "right-hand side"), just like the doll series of her 'Basic' doll assortment of " 'Signature' outfits". But in the webisodes, when she is facing the left-hand side of her body, her body turned to the right side, it literally looks like it is on the other side, up until the late Volume 3 webisodes. In the CGI TV specials, the right-hand side halter strap instead crosses over to the other side, unlike the doll, properly for creative license or "artistic license".
  • The 3D TV specials has Cleo's 'Basic' halter top with more glitter than what it appears as in the original 2D animation and webisodes, closer to the doll line.
  • In the computer-generated, computer-animated, 3D TV specials, the nail polish color of her 'Basic' appearance is not light purple, but instead deep red that looks almost black. This was the nail color for Frankie's original 'Basic' look.
  • The Volume 5 lining made Cleo's hair much straighter to keep in line with being more accurate to the doll line, and without the "bottom swoop" or bottom curl.
  • In the original reboot Signature series of Cleo, she now sports almost-solid-black hair with streaks of real gold rather than black hair with light brown streaks and gold streaks.
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