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Cleo de Nile is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is a mummy and a student at Monster High. Following the Fright Flight, Cleo went into hiding inside one of her family's pyramids and remained there until she was the first monster picked up to join the Monster High project. A diva to the core, Cleo does not like discomfort of any kind, but sitting around complaining and doing nothing is also beneath her. When Cleo gets her hands on a project, she will see it to flawless completion.


In the English version of the cartoon Cleo's voice is provided by Salli Saffioti, also known as Celeste Henderson. She is one of the few voice actors who made the jump from Generation 1 to Generation 2.



After a little over 2000 years of living a normal life, the Fright Flight occurred and Cleo's family went into hiding for a millennium or so. Cleo - Meet The Ghouls Although she remained living a life of luxury, Cleo missed outside contact and the ability to make friends of her own. Then news of Monster High reached the monster world, a high school that sought to bring monsters back together once more, and Cleo eagerly abandoned her home, comfortable, but a prison nonetheless, when Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Clawdeen Wolf came to get her. Moreso, she promptly joined them in recruiting more students. Welcome to Monster High


Cleo is an Egyptian princess who was discovered inside a tomb in Cairo, Egypt. She agreed to join Monster High after making friends with the other main characters. While she is vain, spoiled, lazy, and a diva, she has a heart of gold deep down and is extremely loyal to her loved ones. She is also highly intelligent. Though in generation 2 Cleo is a bit more of a snob, and loves the finer thing more, and is even more other the top about it then in the original.

Being trapped in a tomb for so long has given Cleo a fear of the dark.

Like her friend Clawdeen, Cleo loves fashion and beauty.

Despite the reboot being a prequel, Cleo is older in the reboot, with her age listed as 6000. This would make her at least 6001 years old in the pre-reboot seasons (her age from 2010-early 2016 was listed as approximately 5842).


Cleo de Nile is in the possession of brown-black hair, which is commonly enhanced with golden highlights and sometimes with blue. She favors her hair to be long and hang loose. She has tan skin and blue (sometimes green) eyes, always surrounded by thick black winged eyeliner, and wears a gem on her right cheek that is blue in most of her ensembles. Cleo's standard colors of choice to dress in are shades of yellow, gold, and anything in the range blue-to-teal, while shades of red and purple are a recurring palette expansion. Common patterns in her outfits include triangles (pyramids), snakes, and cats.



Cleo is the daughter of Ramses de Nile Cleo - Meet The Ghouls and has three younger siblings: her sister Pharrah, her brother Lux, and another sister named Sandy, who is still a baby. Presumably, they live inside the pyramid Cleo used to hide at. (Her mother is unknown in Generation 2)

Cleo has blue eyes like her father and Sandy, while her other siblings have purple eyes. Cleo's other siblings are reboot exclusive as they are never mentioned or seen in the original.  


Having spent approximately 1000 years in social isolation, Cleo cares deeply about her friends at Monster High. She's particularly close to Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Lagoona Blue , but she's also on good terms with Ari Hauntington.


Cleo owns an unnamed grey, spotted cat. Ghoul's Beast Pet It is unknown if she got the cat before or after acquiring her beloved pet cobra Hissette.


At the moment, Cleo is not involved with anyone - but does have a crush; she and Deuce Gorgon have had moments suggesting a glimmer of mutual attraction, following a rocky start when Deuce petrified her by accident, but nothing further has happened. Welcome to Monster High



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