Volume 1, Episode 13: Cleo and Clawdeen compete for the lead in the school play. While they're busy battling, someone else unexpectedly steals the show.


Clawdeen and Cleo are both aiming for the role of leading lady in the school play Hamlet: The Musical. Waiting for the auditions to commence, they boast about their preparations for the auditions and inherent talent, angering each other. On Mr. Where's cue, Draculaura, who's assisting him, invites everyone to begin.

Ghoulia's performance has her "singing" in Zombie, which does not impress Where. Lagoona is next and plays a song by pressing on her frogs' heads. Again, Where asks for the next candidate. This happens to be Clawdeen, who begins to recite her monologue. Cleo, ticked off and not wanting to take a risk, throws marbles onto the stage. When Clawdeen trips over them, Cleo steps on the stage and takes over where Clawdeen left off in her monologue. Clawdeen isn't going to let Cleo beat her like that though, and jumps on the opposite side of a lose board Cleo is standing on, sending her flying. Like Cleo had done before to her, Clawdeen takes over the monologue where Cleo left off. But as she does this, Cleo attempts to retaliate by dropping a sandbag on Clawdeen, only to have the beam crack under her weight. She and the sandbag both drop down on top of Clawdeen. Watching the fight and its nasty ending, Draculaura breaks into forgiveness-related Shakespearian prose. Mr. Where is so impressed with her recital that he casts Draculaura as the lead in the play.

Draculaura's performance is greatly lauded and the stage is covered in roses thrown by the audience. Clawdeen and Cleo, however, sit in the audience just scowling at each other, both with visible injuries from their fight.


  1. Lagoona Blue
  2. Scarah Screams
  3. Clawdeen Wolf
  4. Cleo de Nile
  5. Draculaura
  6. Mr. Where
  7. Frankie Stein
  8. Ghoulia Yelps
  9. Frogs
  10. Iris Clops



  • The webisode's title is a play on the word "auditions".
  • Although the auditions were for Hamlet, Draculaura quotes a line from The Merchant of Venice:
The quality of mercy is not strain'd. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven... Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.


  • Lagoona's audition features her frogs. However, by webisode order she won't meet them until the next webisode, "Freedom Fight", meaning this webisode continuity-wise comes before that one.


  • The frogs makes their technical cartoon debut. "Freedom Fight" contains their official debut.


  • Though Cleo didn't get a part in the play, she later got to be Lady MacBeth according to the August 17, 2010 entry on Facebook. Draculaura later played in A Midsummer Night's Scream according to the April 23, 2011 entry on Facebook.
  • Mr. Where utilizes a different animation model than usual in this webisode. In fact, this is the only webisode that features it.
  • This webisode ties into the one known unreleased Monster High doll: Classroom Draculaura, whose subject would have been Drama.
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