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Clawdeen Wolf was trademarked on July 11, 2008 and her first doll came out in Early July, 2010. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 37 and makes up 10.74% of the entire Monster High doll collection. As a main character, there is a decent variety of other merchandise of her available.



Doll stockphotography - Basic Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - Basic Clawdeen I.jpg

Doll: The doll's hair comes in two shades of brown and hangs loose with a light curl up until the end of the thorax. Her eye shadow is purple and her lipstick deep red.
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a salmon-coral of shade of pink to a peach color kind of tank top with black tiger stripes and a purple miniskirt with a studded belt. She also has an open black jacket with ribbed sleeves and hem, and a furry purple collar. She wears peach colored long socks with toe holes.
Accessories: Her shoes are black and purple strappy platform sandal boots with peep toes. She also wears a choker necklace similar to her black studded belt and another necklace with a purple gem.
Extras: Clawdeen comes with a Crescent figurine, a dark orange doll stand and brush, and a diary.
Notes: There are two versions of the 'Basic' Clawdeen Wolf doll. The first and rarest is the version with 'normal' hands. The second and most common version sports clawlike hands. Additionally, the stockphoto displays the doll with the ears attached to a headband, while the doll in stores has the ears molded to the head.

Dawn of the Dance

Doll stockphotography - Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen.jpg Doll stockphotography - Dawn of the Dance 3-pack.jpg Profile art - DotD Clawdeen.jpg
Monster-high-dawn-of-dance-deluxe-doll-clawdeen-wolf-14 19168.1461231218.jpg

Doll: For makeup she wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick. Her hair is short with neon green bangs and the back very dark brown. The dolls hands have molded on black gloves.
Clothes: Clawdeen Wolf wears a purple animal print dress with a small gold zippers and matching gloves, with a neon green belt with gold rings, she also has a black belt with golden crescent moons. Her tights are neon golden-yellow.
Accessories: She has golden heels with zipper patterns to reflect her dual nature and a neon green zip-up clutch.
Extras: She comes with a purple iCoffin and a mini-diary.
Notes: This doll was released twice: once as a single pack and once as part of a 3-pack. The single pack release of Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen has 'normal' hands, while the 3-pack release of her sports claw hands. As well, the 3-pack release lacks Clawdeen's neon green zip-up clutch.

Gloom Beach

Doll stockphotography - Gloom Beach Clawdeen.jpg Doll stockphotography - Gloom Beach 5-pack I.jpg Profile art - Gloom Beach Clawdeen.jpg
T7992 pog f 11 501 h.jpg

Doll: Her makeup is bright pink and her hair has vibrant purple streaks in it.
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a one-piece swimsuit with cut parts at the sides. This bathing suit is multicolored consisting of neon pink, yellow, and blue with leopard print spots with a light purple belt. She also wears a pink and black striped mini-top over the swimsuit.
Accessories: Her shoes are pink sandles with golden chain straps, and she wears gold sunglasses with small markings on the ear part, and blue, purple, green and pink triangular earrings.
Extras: The doll comes with a green and purple frisbee and a postcard.
Notes: This doll was released twice: once as a single pack and once as part of a 5-pack. The 5-pack release lacks the postcard.

Scream Uniform

Doll stockphotography - Scream Uniform Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - Scream Uniform Clawdeen.jpg
5513476413 4095667452.jpg

Doll: There exists no Scream Uniform Clawdeen doll.
Clothes: Clawdeen's soccer uniform includes a black sleeveless top with a pink v-neck collar, and black shorts with a pink and white trim.
Accessories: It also has a pink headband, purple knee-high socks, and white toeless platform sneakers with pink laces. She also wears pink and white earrings and a black and purple wristband.
Extras: A pink and black soccer ball is also included.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this fashion pack's availability or stockphoto.

School's Out

Doll stockphotography - School's Out Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - SO Clawdeen Wolf heel.jpg
Clawdeen wears a long purple tiger patterned sweater with gold leopard print on top and yellow trimming that's off the shoulder showing off two teal camisole straps. She wears a teal waist belt and tight purple denim jeans covered halfway by her black, purple, and yellow wrapped sandals that are slit at the ankles with saber tooth fanged heels. Her hair is straightened and is pulled back in a high ponytail. She wears a gold choker and gold piercing in her ears while one is a gold chain, she has a gold and purple knuckle ring on her left hand. The outfit comes with a purple tiger patterned bag and a pink and light blue binder.

Day at the Maul

Doll stockphotography - Day at the Maul 3-pack.jpg

Doll: There exists no Day at the Maul Clawdeen Wolf doll.
Clothes: There exist no Day at the Maul Clawdeen Wolf clothes.
Accessories: Included in the fashion pack are a broad, golden belt with purple decoration, a purple ring-glove with golden decoration, a black chain necklace with a circular charm & three gold claws, and a purple purse with blue leopard print and golden scratch marks.
Extras: Included in the fashion pack are two tote bags.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this fashion pack's availability or stockphoto.

Playset: Room to Howl

Doll stockphotography - SSP Room to Howl.jpg Profile art - DT Clawdeen.jpg
9a9ec80c-685b-4962-b056-e1084fc6ec61 1.a85140ce00bd073916ea4e8380e3e5fe.jpeg

Doll: Her hair is down and straightened with purple streaks. Her make-up is all soft purple.
Clothes: Clawdeen's sleepwear includes a white ripped top with a scratch graphic, leopard-print purple sleeves, black trouser-shorts with purple pockets and trim, with animal print on it as well as an purple and white tiger-stripe eyemask.
Accessories: She wears light purple slippers that have Cresent's cat ears and yellow eyes on them.
Extras: Click here.
Notes: This doll is only available with the Room to Howl playset.

School Clubs

Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Clawdeen.jpg
Clawdeen-School-Clubs-Fashion-Pack-2 - kopie.jpg
Clawdeen wears a gold elbow-length shirt covered in small tiger stripes with the middle portion of the shirt purple with two belts going across it. The collar on the shirt is black and the inside is white. Her skirt is black with a gold zipper spiraling down the side. Her shoes are black and lined with gold and her necklace is a gold dog tag. She comes with a purple briefcase with a gold slash in the middle horizontally and a purple notebook with black tiger stripes and gold lining.

Sweet 1600

Doll stockphotography - Sweet 1600 Clawdeen.jpg Sweet 1600 clawdeen wolf by anaaospedacos-d6u8mmc.png
Clawdeen wears a purple suit with a purple bow tie and purple gloves. Her shirt has three black buttons. Her purple leopard print trouser-shorts are held up by a black belt with a gold cresent moon buckle. Her shoes are purple with gold buckles and fang heels. Her hair is long and goes down to have her side with purple highlights and tinsel in it and her side fringe is tied back.
The doll comes with a grey purse with purple bow, a black, pink and white dress for Draculaura, a coffin-shaped invitation, a real-life sized black brush, a black doll stand, a code to unlock special content at the website, and a real-life sized purple key to unlock the Sweet 1600 app on iPhone or iPod Touch.

Campus Stroll

Doll stockphotography - Campus Stroll Clawdeen and Howleen.jpg Profile art - Campus Stroll Clawdeen and Howleen.jpg
Clawdeen wears a dress comprising a green half which reaches to just below her breast and a black half that covers down to a fourth of her legs. The green half is decorated with purple leopard print, and the black half features two long vertical lines made up of separate, short, horizontal and yellow stripes. She wears four golden bracelets on her right arm and two golden earrings in each ear. She sports one green and purple tiger print sock, which reaches up to her knee, on her right leg. Her shoes are golden and have open toes. She has streaks of neon green and black in her hair and has a purple afro.
The doll does not come with any extras, and thus also lacks a brush and stand.
The doll was only sold in a 2-pack with the 'Campus Stroll' Howleen Wolf doll. Clawdeen's shoes are reused from her School Clubs outfit.

Maul Session

Doll stockphotography - Maul Session Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - MS Clawdeen.jpg
81edFYHUIJL. SL1500 .jpg
Her accessory pack comes with a yellow jacket with purple fur along the collar, a tiger stripe shirt in various colors, such as purple, green and gold and speckled purple and green pants. She also comes with purple sunglasses with a golden zipper adorning the top. Her shoes are gold boots, with an open toe and heel. 

Playset: Coffin Bean

Doll stockphotography - SSP Coffin Bean 1.jpg Doll stockphotography - SSP Coffin Bean 2.jpg
For a more casual look, Clawdeen wears a short sleeved shirt with purple stripes, and a darker purple skirt in the same style. She wears several golden belts, with gold necklaces and bracelets on her right wrist. Her shoes are bright blue and sneaker-like. She wears her hair up in a high ponytail, which looks like Draculaura's Skull Shores hairdo. And accentuates with heavy, bright purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

Dead Tired

Doll stockphotography - Dead Tired Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - DT Clawdeen.PNG
$ 58.JPG
Clawdeen's sleepwear includes a black singlet with yellow trim, with a large yellow pawprint in the middle, purple leopard print shorts with a black trim, lemon yellow werewolf face slippers, and a purple
leopard print eyemask. She comes with a purple pawprint makeup palette.

Ghouls Rule

Doll stockphotography - Ghouls Rule Clawdeen.jpg
3f60e02b-f643-40c1-9390-ce8225723575 1.844780a0409cafa7f0a005ca21fcc317.jpeg
Clawdeen wears a purple and gold jumpsuit with a golden belt and golden chestpad, the suit is patterned in an intricate design of zippers, leopard spots and various other werewolfish motifs. Her sleeves and boots are covereed by black faux fur, with golden high heel boots and lime green fingerless gloves. Her mask is greyish purple and gold, with a canine look. Her purse is trick-or-treat bag styled and lime green, the handle is made of golden chains. Her main accessory is a black coffin with bubbling green slime covering bones and skeleton candies. Her hair is lavender, with the sides shaved, with animal print stenciled onto it. Her make consists of green eyeshadow, with a gold stripe surrounding one eye, covered in black jaguar prints.

Skull Shores

Doll stockphotography - Skull Shores 5-pack.jpg Profile art - SS Clawdeen and Cleo.jpg
Clawdeen wears a green and purple tiger stripe cover-up patterned with black leopard print hibiscus flowers over her black and green tiger striped bathing suit. She has purple jelly shoes covered with tiger stripe straps. She has two purple and one green triangular earring. Clawdeen has purple hair with one streak of green in it. She has gold eyeshadow with deep purple lipstick.

Scarily Ever After

Doll stockphotography - Scarily Ever After Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - Little Dead Riding Wolf.jpg
Dressed like "Little Dead Riding Wolf", Clawdeen wears a red dress with purple trimming and corset styled ribbons down the front. The purple trim extends down to three straps across the front of the skirt and over her shoulders. She wears a signature red hood with animal print on the inside, a purple bracelet, purple shoes that have a weaved design, probably to look like a basket, and her sole accessory is a purple basket. Her hair is streaked with red, and she sports heavy black eyeliner with purple eyeshadow.

Killer Style II

Doll stockphotography - Killer Style II Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - KSII Clawdeen.jpg
Doll: This version of Clawdeen has her hair left parted in a long and loose curled hairstyle with two stripes of lime green accentuating her face. She wears dark green eyeshadow in the lid and lime green on the brow and accentuates with dark purple lipstick.

Clothes: Clawdeen's jacket is reused from her Maul Session pack, while the dress is a new item. The dress is a sweetheart neckline ruched dress with clear straps and is in the same pattern as her Maul Session pants.
Accessories: Clawdeen Sports a gold recast of her Day at The Maul wristlet purse. Her shoes are her Original Maul Session shoes.
Extras: Doll doesn't come with stand or brush
Notes: Clawdeen along with Operetta are Kohl's exclusive.

Scaris: City of Frights

Doll stockphotography - Scaris City of Frights Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - SCoF Clawdeen.jpg
Monster-high-scaris-city-of-frights-deluxe-doll-clawdeen-wolf-12 36529.1461141246.jpg
Ready to take flight, Clawdeen wears a lavender sheath dress, patterned with distressed black mesh patterns and pawprints and fangs designed to look like fleur de lis. The dress comes with black criss cross straps, which the artwork portrays as green. Below the waistline, it is covered by black mesh decorated with golden leopard prints, and hemmed by scalloped black lace. She wears a black fur vest over her shoulders. She accessorises with three golden belts covered in crescent moons and studs, that streak across her waist and skirt. She has a golden Eiffel Tower earring in her left ear, two studded golden hoop earring in her right ear, and four golden collar bangles on her left arm. Her pumps are golden, with studded, curved heels and a fur lining. Her bag is lavender with golden accents of crescent moons, dog tags, studs and fur. She also comes with a brush, stand, and two journals: a life-sized one detailing different outfit designs and a golden, miniature version. Her hair is streaked with purple and her make-up is shimmery grey, beige and pink with pink lipstick.

Ghoul's Alive!

Doll stockphotography - Ghoul's Alive! Clawdeen I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Ghoul's Alive! Clawdeen II.jpg
Monster high ghouls alive clawdeen wolf.jpg
Clawdeen wears a golden sparkly tank top with black tiger stripes and a purple miniskirt with a studded belt. She has a black jacket with ribbed sleeves and hem, and a furry purple collar. Her shoes are black and purple sandal boots with peep toes. She also wears a necklace with a purple gem and a singular golden loop earring. The doll also closes it eyes, lifts its arms and howls.

Skultimate Roller Maze

Doll stockphotography - Skultimate Roller Maze Clawdeen.jpg Clawdeen Wolf - Skultimate Roller Maze.png
Clawdeen wears a green dress with black leopard print. Purple and black ribbon streaks down the right side. Black fabric with gold stitching extends from her left shoulder across to her right. A large green sleeve of mesh extends from her left shoulder to her wrist. Her skates are lavender purple covered in animal print, with green studded skates and black and green wheels. Her kneepads and helmet are lime green with a studded strap and leopard print. Her hair is lavender, curled and streaked with green. Her eyeshadow is glittering gold and green, she has soft pink lipstick.

Power Ghouls

Doll stockphotography - Power Ghouls Clawdeen.jpg Clawdeen Wonder.png
The howling force for justice, Wonder Wolf wears a deep purple leotard adorned with a golden Clawdeen skullette and green collar. She has black shorts with purple trim patterned in green, yellow, black and purple comic book dots, starbursts and claw streaks. Her large studded golden boots have purple studded heels and tops, with gold studs running down the front. She has a  purple studded headband, armband and wristband, golden hoop earrings and energy burst earrings and a golden belt detailing the phases of the moon. Her shield is studded, golden with a purple wolf in the centre and purple phases of the moon around the outside. Her hair is slightly curly with green streaks and her make-up is maroon and green eyeshadow and burgundy lipstick. 

13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - 13W Clawdeen.jpg

Her dress is a black mini dress adorned with metallic golden crescent moons, the halter at the top is golden mesh. She has a three layer overskirt, the first layer is purple organza with golden zippers and moon patterns all over it, the second is a lighter purple skirt with black leopard print, and the third a dark purple and black mesh. She accessorises with a golden earring, with a moon dangling in the centre, a golden zipper headdress, two golden zipper bracelets running up her arms, and a golden belt with a crescent moon buckle. Her shoes are golden wedges, with jelly purple zipper straps. Clawdeen has glittery lilac eyeshadow and purple eyeliner and glittery gold lipstick. Her hair is caramel this time, with purple streak and golden tinsel, she has one braid falling down the left side. She comes with a purple lantern, the same scorpion motif lantern all the other Haunt the Casbah dolls come with. 

Music Festival

Doll stockphotography - Music Festival Clawdeen.jpg ClawdeenMusicFestival.png
Clawdeen wears a purple jumpsuit that goes down to her knees, and has gold jewels, moons, and her skullette going down the left side. The neckline plunges down into a "V" shape, and has a black collar and black fringe on the sleeves, which go to her shoulders. Her shoes are gold zippered boots with a black fang for heels. She has a long, gold chain earring in her right ear, and two gold hoops in her left. She also comes with a "V.I.M" backstage pass-necklace and two gold bracelets and one black bracelet. She also wears two loose black zipper belts. The doll has a black glove on her left hand. Her curly, dark brown hair with gold streaks goes down to her hips. Her eye shadow is hot pink, purple, and sparkly gold. Her lipstick is dark red. 

I Heart Fashion

Doll stockphotography - I Heart Fashion Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - IHF Clawdeen.png
0 7e6c0 ac6e1f36 orig.jpeg

Doll: TBA
Clothes: TBA
Accessories: TBA
Extras: TBA
Notes: TBA

Ghoul's Night Out

Doll stockphotography - Ghoul's Night Out 4-pack.jpg Profile art - GNO Clawdeen.PNG
61hT9jwQ4vL. SX355 .jpg
Clawdeen wears a black dress adorned with gold zippers to contain her wolfy nature, the dress has a single gold zipper strap. She comes with a single sleeved purple and black tiger stripe top. She also has two arm warmers in the same pattern as her top. She accessories with a black spiked bracelet, a yellow shackle bracelet, a gold hairband and a couple of gold earrings. Her shoes are purple wedges with zippers down the front, being Day at the Maul recolors. She has a purple iCoffin and her purse is a golden pawprint. Her makeup is purple and darker purple eyeshadow and deep red lipstick. Her hair is a deep rich brown with bright purple at the top. 

Frights, Camera, Action! - Black Carpet

Doll stockphotography - Frights Camera Action! - Black Carpet Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - Frights Camera Action! - Black Carpet Clawdeen.jpg

Doll: This Clawdeen wears dark red lipstick and teal eyeshadow with gold in the brow bone. Her hair is mostly purple this time, with the brown part separated from the purple, which is pulled into long spiral bangs to the side of her face.
Clothes: She's wearing a purple tube dress with lighter purple ruffles in the end of the dress. The fabric is black with purple claw marks and golden moons and flashlights, resembling the red carpet flashes. The dress also has elbow long sheer purple sleeves, with balck seaming in the end and stamped leopard print.
Accessories: She has a moon shaped golden earring with perl strands resembling rays, to simbolize the flashlights, and a belt in gold, with a buckle and chains tied around it. The chains have charms such as Clawdeen's skullette and more of the previously mentioned rays. Her shoulder piece is too in golden with a shoker around her neck and various pearl chains and moon charms around her upper torso. She also comes with a crescent moon shaped bag with the pearld strands flowing from it, in a light purple color.
Extras: This doll does not come with any extras.
Notes: TBA

New Scaremester

Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Clawdeen.jpg Profile art - New Scaremester Clawdeen.PNG
Monster-scaremester-deluxe-doll-clawdeen-wolf-new-10 29693.1461305368.jpg

Doll: New Scaremester Clawdeen has mostly brown hair cut short in a messy bob, parted in half. Her hair has two big strands of hair to each side of her face, one is light green and the other is deep purple. Her makeup is rather dramatic and elaborate, with light green under the crease and lilac eyeshadow spread around her eyes, with leopard skin markings. Her lipstick is bright red, with a glossy look to them.
Clothes: This specific doll theme is leopard print and zipers. She's wearing a short leopard print dress in green with a little fabric resembling a skirt, in black with a purple zipper pattern, and a sheer underskirt. Over this dress, she layers it with a black leather jacket, with to the elbow sleeves and that folds at the front, with a big ziper. This jacket also has a gold section in each of the sides of the jacket, also in leather.
Accessories: This Clawdeen comes with a bag with an hexagonal shape, in black with molded leopard print and molded zippers. The handel is also molded to look like a zipper. She has 2 pairs of earrings, one is a gold and a black zipper and the other is a gold and a black hoop with studs. Her necklace and belt are also zippers, in gold plastic. She ears long plataform boots with studs and studded strands around the foot. The boot has molded stiches at the side and the heel is purple and its almost a gravity heel but the sole extends under the heel and there is a claw-like shape coming of from it. The whole boot (sans heel and plataform) is solid black. In her wrists she comes with a golden bracelet with studs ans two simple plain black bangles.
Extras: This doll comes with the classic stand and brush as well as her agenda: Clawdeen Wolf's New Scaremester agenda
Notes: TBA

Ghoul Sports

Doll stockphotography - Ghoul Sports Clawdeen I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Ghoul Sports Clawdeen II.jpg Profile art - Ghoul Sports Clawdeen.jpg

Doll: This Clawdeen is wearing her purple and red streaked brown hair in a low side ponytail. The ponytail is curly. Her eyeshadow is brown in the crease and redish pink in the outer eye. This Clawdeen in specific comes with a special feature, a little hole between her lips where an included bubblegum bubble can be inserted.
Clothes: With a white and purple striped combination of top and shorts, this doll is inspired by baseball and their typical wear. The purple stripes in her clothes have printed white zippers, to give a little Clawdeen touch. The top has a C-neck and fishnet sleeves that reach her elbows. In the shoulders, these sleeves do a little bump. The neck of the suit is outlined by a pink strand of plastic that is sewn to the top, and it extends down to the bottom. The shorts are baggy and feature a black belt like elastic strand around the waist and pink platic strands around the knees.
Accessories: Clawdeen is wearing heeled open toe shoes with claw heel and lots of studs, as well as molded long white socks. She comes with baseball equipment, featuring a goey looking glove, in translucent green, an eyeball baseball, a baseball bat in shape of a bone, in white, and a purple coffin case for the bat, with a handle and molded zipers. She is also wearing a baseball cap, in deep purple. The hat is studded all around except in the front part, where it is painted white with the Monster High crest printed on it. She includes the previously mentioned clip on bubblegum bubble, in translucent pink.
Extras: She comes with a black stand, a black brush and a physical deaduction log.
Notes: TBA

Freaky Fusion - Freaky Fusions

Doll stockphotography - Freaky Fusion - Freaky Fusions Clawvenus.jpg Profile art - Clawvenus.png

Doll: Clawvenus has bright purple and like green long hair tied into a ponytail that reaches her waist, with the front parts being shaved and hot pink. She also has dramatic eyeshadow, being pink at the base with large purple wing like accents, and underneath her eyes are pink cheetah prints. She also has bright pink lips with many fangs facing multiple directions.
Clothes: Clawvenus wears a bold green and pink fur jacket along with a tight sleeveless purple and green dress with black patterns. She also wears open toed black heels with bright pink anklets attached to them.
Accessories: Clawvenus has gold hoop earrings along with a large gold statement belt and a matching bracelet. She also has golden vines on her wrists and a bright lime green bag.
Extras: Clawvenus comes with a diary, bright yellow brush, and a matching doll stand.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Freaky Fusion - Save Frankie!

Doll stockphotography - Freaky Fusion - Save Frankie! Clawdeen.jpg

Doll: The doll's hair is streaked in purple and styled in a short ponytail. She has light purple lips with a yellow lightning bolt underneath her left eye.
Clothes: She wears a black singlet with a large deatil of Frankie, with the word save across the top. Her pants are purple covered in black and fluorescent yellow leopard spots. She has gold boots with a fur top and purple claw heels. She has a single black arm sleeve.
Accessories: She has two gold and one purple bracelets. Her headband is a yellow lightning bolt with zip earrings. She comes with a purple Save Frankie sign.
Extras: Brush, Save Frankie armband and poster, as well as a stand and diary.
Notes: TBA

Make a Splash

Doll stockphotography - Make a Splash Clawdeen.jpg Clawdeen.png

Doll: Her hair is loose with purple streaks.
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a purple bikini with a green peplum covered in leopard spots.
Accessories: She has a purple crescent moon bag with a leopard print green towel. Her shoes have spiked heels, and the headband is also spiked. Her earrings are purple spike hoops and her bracelet is a spiked shackle. All of her accessories are translucent.
Extras: C.Sweden does not come with any extras.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

A Pack of Trouble

Doll stockphotography - A Pack of Trouble 4-pack.jpg Clawdeen Wolf - Pack of Trouble.jpg

Doll: Her hair is loose with dark purple streaks.
Clothes: The top of her dress is teal and black stripes with scratch marks and a white collar. The bottom half is purple with jaguar prints in black. There is a light purple overskirt.
Accessories: Her shoes are gold straps. She has a gold shackle bracelet. She has a single gold earring pawprint.
Extras: TBA
Notes: The doll came in a four pack with her other siblings.

Freaky Field Trip

Doll stockphotography - Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen.jpg Freaky Field Trip.png
Cfc76 monster high freaky field trip clawdeen doll xxx 4.jpg

Doll: Her hair is curled with a single purple streak at the front.
Clothes: Her dress is black featuring skulls, trilobites, bones and other fossil patterns in green, orange and purple. A green zigzag cuts across the dress and forms a shoulder strap. Her shoes are purple with a vertebrae heel.
Accessories: She has a golden vertebrae bracelet.
Extras: She comes with a white monster skull and green Monster High folder.
Notes: TBA

Haunted - Getting Ghostly

Doll stockphotography - Haunted - Getting Ghostly Clawdeen.jpg Haunted.png

Doll: This Clawdeen's complexion is a bit different, it has a milky ghostly tint to it, since this Clawdeen is supposed to represent Clawdeen if she was a ghost. Her hair is full on purple, with curled bangs and a little ponytail in the top of her head, leaving the rest of the hair loose in curls. Her lipstick is wine-colored and her eyeshadow is pink. She has a ghostly stain in her face, in her case it is a wine-colored stain.
Clothes: She is wearing a purple tube dress with a pattern that consists of geometrical shapes, as if shattered glass, with hidden crescent moons. The neck of the dress is asymmetrical, with only one strap. The other strap is made of purple sheer fabric. The dress also ends in sheer ripped strands of fabric.
Accessories: She wears a two complex plastic golden chain pieces. One is around her arms, with dangling moons and the other one is around her waist, as a belt. She also comes with a translucent blue hourglass in her chain bracelet. Her shoes have a platform made of chains, the heel is a moon constructed only by chains and the body of the shoe is also chains, going around her leg and across it.
Extras: This Clawdeen comes with a new type of stand, that is transparent blue with a body made of chains and a base that is a chain ball. She can stand on it as if floating.
Notes: TBA

Boo York, Boo York - Frightseers

Doll stockphotography - Boo York, Boo York - Frightseers Clawdeen.jpg Boo York.png
Monster-high-boo-york-clawdeen-wolf-10-5-doll-mattel-toys-32 59987.1461373223.jpg

Doll: Clawdeen wears her hair loose and has purple highlights spread in the hair, and she has part of her hair pulled to the back and short bangs parted to each side of her face. She wears deep purple lipstick and pale purple eyeshadow.
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a graffiti stamped shirt with a shimmery purple sleeveless jaggedly cut jacket. She also wears shimmery golden shorts and pearlescent golden sneakers.
Accessories: Clawdeen has translucent gold sunglasses that feature crystals in the arches, and she also comes with a black purse in the shape of a geometrical heart, with buckles and a chain handle.
Extras: Clawdeen does not come with any extras.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Scare & Makeup

Doll stockphotography - Scare & Makeup Clawdeen and Viperine.jpg Tumblr nyhbuxtR461u3owddo1 r1 500.png

Doll: Clawdeen has uniquely bright purple and turquoise straight hair that is tied up in a ponytail. Her eyeshadow is deep purple with many small stars and spots on her brow bones. She also has bright lavender lipstick with her fangs.
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a teal cheetah print dress with tape measure like accents, a pink and teal trim, and detailed indigo heels.
Accessories: Clawdeen comes with an indigo hairdryer with a fake cord.
Extras: Clawdeen does not come with any extras.
Notes: This set is a KMart exclusive.

Maul Monsteristas

Doll stockphotography - Maul Monsteristas 5-pack.jpg
11899793 1069904536354400 7488173631053469622 o.jpg

Doll: TBA
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a black sleeveless dress with a strip down the center that is mottled with green and purple colors. Around her waist is a bright blue belt, and she has dark purple tall boots.
Accessories: TBA
Extras: TBA
Notes: TBA

Freak Du Chic - Noir

Freak Du Chic Noir Clawdeen.jpg Clawdeen.jpg

Doll: This Clawdeen is a special edition Clawdeen. Her skin is grey in this doll, rather then her classical brown. She feature purple eyeshadow under the crease and grey eyeshadow over it. She also wears dramatic zebra/tiger print in lilac over her face. Her lipstick is warm purple. This Clawdeen's hair is lilac purple with curls and black streaks in the inside part of her hair. It is pulled back.
Clothes: Her outfit is inspired by the Lion Tamer act in the circus. She is wearing at top and a bottom. The top in a corset inspired look. At the top there is a white part that frames the dress and also has a V cut. In the torso part she has a rope design, inspired on real life circus fashion, and a belt like white ribbon around the waist, in an angle. Under the waist line the top also has some ruffles. She's also wearing zebra print black and white leggings. Layering her outfit she also has a lilac faux fur jacket around her shoulders.
Accessories: She comes with a top hat headband, in black with a big white flower on it. Her boots are almost knee high but have a plaque that is higher then the end of the boot and reaches the knee, still allowing for articulation. The boots are platform with thin stilletto heels. The boots have laces crossing across the boot as well as a section in the heel where it has studs. They are solid black. She also comes with a ring of fire, as an accessory for her act. It is translucent purple. She also has molded opera gloves, in black.
Extras: She comes with her cat Crescent, who is wearing a fake purple lion mane.
Notes: TBA

Frightfully Tall Ghouls

Doll stockphotography - Frightfully Tall Ghouls Clawdeen II.jpg Doll stockphotography - Frightfully Tall Ghouls Clawdeen.jpg
Prod 1878513412.jpeg

Doll: TBA
Clothes: TBA
Accessories: TBA
Extras: TBA
Notes: TBA

Boo York, Boo York - Out-of-Tombers

Doll stockphotography - Boo York, Boo York - Out-of-Tombers 3-pack.jpg
S-l500 (1).jpg

Doll: This Clawdeen wears her hair loose and has purple highlights spread in the hair. She has part of her hair pulled to the back and short bangs parted to each side of her face. She wears deep purple lipstick and pale purple eyeshadow.
Clothes: She wears a graffiti stamped t-shirt and a shimmery purple sleeveless jacket.This jacket is cut in a way it looks jagged, to highlight Clawdeen's werewolf nature. She also wears some gold shorts.
Accessories: Her wedges are golden and are mostly crytal-y and geometrical. With molded fur in the top, it also features buttons in the front, with chains connectin each button. She comes with a black purse in the shape of a geometrical heart, with buckles and a chain handle. Her eyeglasses are translucent gold color and feature crystals in the arches.
Extras: This doll does not come with any extras.
Notes: TBA

Budget Basic

Doll stockphotography - Budget Basic Clawdeen I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Budget Basic Clawdeen II.jpg
Dnb78 xxx pip 16 001 4lb.jpg

Doll: This version of Clawdeen is considered the Budget Basic version of Clawdeen and therefore lacks articulation in the arms and hands. Her hair is brown with some purple streaks thrown in. Her makeup is simple, with light purple eyeshadow in the crease, dark purple on the lid and shimmery white under the brow. Her lipstick is cranberry colorful and features her fangs.
Clothes: Her dress is a simple one shoulder dress trimmed with black and with a belt buckle print on the front and plain purple cloth on the back
Accessories: Clawdeen comes with a Green Paw belt and Green open leg and toe boots. She also features a single gold colorful ear piercing
Extras: Clawdeen does not come with any extras.
Notes: TBA

Great Scarrier Reef - Glowsome Ghoulfish

Doll stockphotography - Great Scarrier Reef - Glowsome Ghoulfish Clawdeen.jpg Clawdeen Wolf - Great Scarrier Reef - Glowsome Ghoulfish.png

Doll: Clawdeen now has lavender skin with molded fins on her forearms and a long tail. The tail is textured and colored indigo with aqua designs on it. The fins at the end of her tail are green and metallic, and are articulated and move outwards.
Clothes: Clawdeen wears a long shirt that drapes over her left shoulder. It is dark indigo with bright purple and aqua cobweb designs.
Accessories: Clawdeen wears a metallic green chain belt that wraps around her arms and drapes down her waist.
Extras: Clawdeen does not come with any extras.
Notes: This doll is exclusive to Walmart.

Fierce Rockers

Doll stockphotography - Fierce Rockers 3-pack.jpg Tumblr o1fcjoLX9V1tvrqpeo2 500.jpg

Doll: This Clawdeen doll is inspired by the Glam Rock style, ready to give out a concert. With vibrant hair, that stands out from her usual brown, this doll sports curvy metallic blue hair, with light blue lowlights, styled in a comb back, with a single streak of hair falling to her face. Her makeup is very dramatic, with purple eyebrows this time around, over her golden accented eyeshadow, crossed by a thin crescent moon design around her left eye. Her lipstick is golden.
Clothes: Clawdeen is wearing what appears to be a full faux fur vest, in black and no sleeves or neckline, as a top, and simple tight leggins with a vibrant design involving various animal prints, like leopard and zebra, envolved into a pshycadelic pattern with shades of lime and violet, in stripes across the legs.
Accessories: This attire is highly accessorized, as Clawdeen wears a single ear hook earring in black and a golden statement necklace, with big beads across and a bigger one in the center with a crescent moon indent. She also sports a buckle wrist cuff, in black, and lilac stilletos, where the vamp is made of molded fur, and the heels are studded.
Extras: This Clawdeen features a golden electric guitar, with a black fabric strip to roll around the doll's body. The guitar features painted on strings and the body consists of two crescent moons back to back, with molded swirls, and a horned guitar head.
Notes: This doll is only avaible in a 3-pack with Venus McFlytrap and Jinafire Long.

Boo-riginal Creeproduction

  • Assortment number: ?
  • Model number: ?


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Room to Howl
Coffin Bean


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Party City - 'Basic'
Party City - 'School's Out'
Party City - Ghouls Rule



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  • Originally, Clawdeen Wolf (and presumably any werebeast doll that would follow) was to wear a headband her ears would be attached to. 'Basic' Clawdeen Wolf's stockphoto depicts the doll in this state, showing ears different from the released doll and all later stockphotography. Part of the black headband is also visible. Evidently, Mattel changed the design to Clawdeen having molded ears before the 'Basic' doll went into production.